JIRA Certification Cost: Get Certified as a JIRA Professional

Get your skills in order! This JIRA Certification training is a primer for the skill development required to manage both projects and tasks in JIRA. People who purchase this course on JIRA will get hands-on experience with the software. They can use its features to manage projects and tasks and learn how to organize their work. Overall, this training course helps people understand how to set up and organize their working environment.

Moreover, learners have access to advanced JIRA dashboards, alert projects they can set up themselves, project board settings, etc. For those who want to master JIRA, there are a lot of opportunities at hand to learn more and grow. The possibilities are almost endless, from formalized education to self-reflection and peer learning. Brush up on skills within your organization or spend time learning on the fly with your peers, either way, you'll quickly become a MASTER of Jira!

Improve your skill with this course


Give a boost to your project management career with Jira certification with no cost EMI and get up to a 20-30% hike in your salary. Get trained by JIRA experts with lifetime access to eLearning content at No-cost EMI.

Reasons to do JIRA Training

Why Do Agile Teams Choose JIRA?

Atlassian's JIRA application is the godfather of all project tracking tools for agile development. This was once a tool used exclusively for dev teams but has evolved to be much more. With the help of this flexible software, companies can track issues rapidly, make performance improvements on the fly, and boost communication between teams working independently on different projects at any given point in time.

It allows the users to maintain an interconnected workflow which will prove helpful as companies grow beyond just a single team. And the whole app is designed to improve on one key principle — that of collaboration amongst employees who are far away from each other or have their eyes on separate projects but are all just as vital in making a business succeed long term!

JIRA allows you to easily tailor your toolsets because it represents and works with teams' entire backlogs. As a result, software development has become more democratic. This is because managers can reflect on previously proposed solutions to effectively collaborate with cross-functional team members and arrive at viable solutions through rigorous discussion instead of dictating what people must do based on their knowledge alone.

What Will You Learn in JIRA Certification?

  • Grasp the Scrum framework, Scrum procedures, events, and assets, and how they may be used in the real world.
  • To use JIRA to generate Scrum projects.
  • How to set up a Scrum board using JIRA Agile boards.
  • Build and deal with backlogs, epics, and sprints on a Scrum board.
  • In JIRA, constructing a Kanban board setup.

Certificate Courses for JIRA

  • Training courses in JIRA courses are available both online and offline. This JIRA certification course may be of length ranging from a few days to several months.
  • Certificate programs in JIRA courses are specifically designed to provide competitors with additional skills.
  • They are excellent for individuals who need to advance in their careers while also gaining new skills that will help them deal with more complicated problems.
  • Since many of these JIRA courses are self-contained, they do not need a large number of daily hours from you.
  • Participants do not need to have any previous experience.

PMP Certification

JIRA Certification Cost

Take a look at the table below to learn more about the JIRA certification exam cost. The following are the JIRA certification cost of online courses:

Name of the course
JIRA certification cost
Demonstrating JIRA with real-life case studies
INR 3,200(approx)
JIRA Basics for Users, Managers, and Administrators
INR 7,020(approx)
JIRA Crash Course
INR 6,400(approx)
Atlassian JIRA
INR 3,616(approx)
JIRA Certification
INR 20,000(approx)
Self-paced JIRA Learning
INR 10,000(approx)

Admission to the JIRA Courses

  • Admission to JIRA certification courses is not performed the same way as other courses.
  • For admission to these courses, no specific selection examinations are administered.
  • Online certification courses are mostly accomplished by filling out an application on the course provider's website.
  • Universities may grant you admission if offline certification courses occur based on your validity. In this instance, your intermediate or matriculation score will be considered.


JIRA is a project management solution that makes monitoring, managing, and controlling big and complicated projects straightforward. StarAgile will cover JIRA nomenclature, installation, fundamental concepts of JIRA, tool, and best practices for customizing JIRA instances. 


Q1. What is the JIRA course?

The JIRA course focuses on agile and lean concepts and the kanban and scrum agile processes. Atlassian JIRA Software Cloud serves as the primary software platform for hands-on learning.

Q2. How difficult is JIRA?

JIRA's kanban methodology is straightforward and concise to understand and operate.

Q3. How do I become an expert in JIRA?

StarAgile's Online training is available at an affordable cost. Take the JIRA Certification course to push yourself to learn and develop. 

Key Features

  • 2 Days of Instructor Led Training
  • Certification & Job Assistance
  • 14 hrs of Lab Sessions
  • 16 PDUs Offered
  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support
  • No Cost EMI Available
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