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The Scrum framework has quickly become a favourite in the software industry, known for its effective methodologies and practices that drive impressive outcomes. It boasts a solid track record of fostering growth, enhancing quality, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Holding a certification in Scrum, particularly the globally acknowledged Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification, showcases a deep understanding of Agile development methodologies, alongside specialized knowledge in Scrum. It also highlights your capability in servant leadership, enhancing your ability to support and guide your team effectively. Let's dive into the details of the PSM 1 certification, including its cost, what it represents, and how you can prepare for the PSM Exam.

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PSM Cost: How much does this Certification Cost

Cost in Dollars (Approx.)
Assessment Fee
Fee for taking the PSM assessment. There are different levels: PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III.
$150 - $500
Training Course Fee
Fee for attending a Professional Scrum Master training course, usually 2 days long.
$995 - $1,395
Study Materials
Books, practice exams, and other study aids. Typically included with the training course fee.
Included with course fee
Trainer Fees
Fees for the Scrum trainer's expertise and time. Often included in the training course fee.
Included with course fee
Venue/Platform Costs
Costs associated with the physical or virtual venue where the training is conducted.
Included with course fee
Examination Retake Fee
Fee for retaking the PSM assessment if not passed on the first attempt.
Same as the initial exam fee

Note: Costs can vary by region, training provider, and over time. 

1. Assessment Fee: The certification process involves taking an assessment, which is divided into three levels: PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III. Each level has a corresponding assessment fee. PSM I is the entry-level assessment, and its fee is typically the lowest. PSM II and III are more advanced, with higher fees due to the increased complexity and depth of knowledge required.

2.Training Course Fee: Although not mandatory for taking the assessments, attending a Professional Scrum Master training course is highly recommended. These courses, usually spanning two days, are led by experienced Scrum trainers and cover the Scrum framework, roles, events, and artefacts, along with the principles and values that underpin the Scrum methodology. The fee for these courses varies based on the training provider, location, and format (in-person or online).

3.Study Materials: To prepare for the PSM assessments, candidates often utilize various study materials, such as the Scrum Guide, practice exams, books, and online resources. While some of these materials are freely available, others may come at a cost. However, most training courses include comprehensive study materials as part of the course fee.

4.Trainer Fees: The cost of the training course typically includes fees for the Scrum trainers. These professionals bring valuable insights and real-world experience, guiding participants through the complexities of Scrum practices and principles. Their expertise is a crucial component of the learning experience.

5.Venue/Platform Costs: For in-person training sessions, there may be costs associated with the venue where the training is conducted. For online courses, platform costs might be involved. These are usually integrated into the training course fee and cover the expenses related to hosting and facilitating the training program.

6.Examination Retake Fee: If a candidate does not pass the PSM assessment on their first attempt, they have the option to retake the exam. The retake fee is typically the same as the initial assessment fee for each level. This fee ensures that candidates can reattempt the assessment after additional study and preparation.

PSM Exam Cost - Professional Scrum Master (PSM1 and PSM 2) offers two certification levels with no training or experience requirements. The professional scrum master certification exam cost is $150 and for PSM 2 is $250. 

PSM I Details
Exam Fee
Exam Retake fee (per attempt)
Certification validity

The PSM price varies in different countries. The table below shows the PSM price in various countries. In the US, it usually ranges from USD 999 to USD 1,450. 

PSM Cost
USD 999 - USD 1,450
CAD 1400 – CAD 1600
£750 -£950
AUD 950 - AUD 1500

The Above table shows the PSM exam fees, PSM cost, and the first two attempts for the exam retake. certification, unlike other Scrum certifications that merely need class attendance, demands a minimum score on an online assessment. It is not necessary nor sufficient to take a course to get certified. This provides accreditation with some heft and ensures that it has real commercial worth.

There are also plenty of online courses on PSM Certification available. Taking up these courses can ensure that you have the fundamentals ready to clear the assessment and get your PSM Certification.


What is the format of the PSM exam?

The PSM exam is an online examination with 80 multiple-choice questions that must be completed in one hour.

What is the exam pass rate for the PSM?

To pass the PSM test and get certified, you must have a minimum score of 85% (68 out 80).

What happens if I don't pass the PSM exam?

If you fail the first time, you can try again right away without waiting a certain amount of time. You will, however, be charged $150 for each further try.

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