Agile Coach Certification Cost in 2024

The ICP ACC certification lays a solid foundation if you wish to carve a career path for yourself as an Agile Coach. It focuses on foundational team coaching skills to enhance a team's awareness of business goals and objectives and help Agile teams achieve their maximum potential by facilitating agile thinking and improving team practices. It also helps you have seamless collaboration across Agile teams and enhances your conflict resolution skills as a coach.  

Improve your skill with this course

ICP Agile Certified Coaching

Gain the ICP ACC Certification and validate your expertise in Agile Methodology and Agile Coaching with our 3 days of online training accredited by ICAgile. 

Reasons to do ICP Agile Certified Coaching Training

Merits of the ICP ACC Certification

As an ICP ACC Certified Coach, you will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Professional Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Creating a Collaborative Environment.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Negotiation.
  • Risk management and Change management. 
  • Performance tracking.
  • Problem Solving.

This course will also help you differentiate between Coaching, mentoring, consulting, and facilitating.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

There are no hard and fast prerequisites to get ICP ACC certified, but familiarizing yourself with the Agile manifesto and the scrum guide will help you get the most out of your training. Though not mandatory, completing Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) certification prior to attempting this course may benefit you even further.

 The ICP ACC Certification Training will be especially beneficial for anyone using the SCRUM framework i.e SCRUM team members, Managers, and SCRUM Masters.

Costs Involved in Getting ICP ACC Certified

Each Member Organization of ICAgile determines how much they charge to undertake their classes. The below table will give you an approximate estimation of the ICP ACC certification cost around the world. 


There is no examination involved for this certification. Once you have completed your 24-hour training, you can log into your account and fill in the survey post-taking the classes. Your certificate will be sent to you via email as a shareable PDF. You also can download your certificate from your My Certifications page.

Regardless of your mode of training, be it online or in-person classes, your ICP ACC certification holds the same value, which is not mentioned on your certificate.

Job Prospects After Getting ICP ACC certified

The ICP ACC certificate is recognized globally, thus opening avenues around the world. The Agile Methodology is not being adopted by even more sectors such as oil & gas, telecom, banking, insurance, etc. Job listings are for Agile Coaches with handsome compensation packages are increasing steadily and will continue to do so in the years to come.

The average base salaries for mid-level Agile Coaches in India start from INR 20 lakhs per annum and steadily increase after that based on your experience. In the United States of America, the base salaries for mid-level Agile Coaches start from $127k per annum.

These salaries should be more than enough to justify the agile coach certification cost, which is a fraction of what you will be offered post getting certified. Some of the top companies hiring Agile Coaches include:

  • J.P. Morgan Chase
  • IBM
  • Citibank
  • TCS
  • Principal Financial Group


With many industries migrating to the Agile methodology, the ICP ACC course is a good choice to get you started on your journey as an Agile Coach. It just has 24 hours' worth of training to go through. Even though the cost of becoming an icagile certified professional may seem higher, the return on investment in terms of job opportunities and compensation should help take away any hesitation you may have in taking up this certification.


1.  What are the pre-requisites to undertake this course?

There are no pre-requisites to this course. Familiarization with the Agile Manifesto and some experience in an Agile environment will help you get the most out of this course.

2. What is the validity of the ICP-ACC Certification?

This certification is valid for a lifetime.

3. Who is this course for?

  • Experienced or aspiring Agile Coaches.
  • Agile Project Managers.
  • SCRUM Masters

Key Features

  • 3 Days of Online / Classroom Training
  • A certificate from “ICAgile”
  • ICAgile membership
  • 24 SEUs and 24 PDUs
  • Course completion certificate
  • Courseware accredited by ICAgile
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