Scrum Master Certification Cost

by StarAgile

November 12, 2019
Category Agile and Scrum

In the digital era, there is a need for all us to constantly update and move forward in the career ladder. Agile technologists are no exception to it. On the contrary, as a fresher one might want to find the right job. In both of these situations, we look for some training programs that will help us make our dream come true.

Along with attending soft skill training focus on scrum training which is gaining focus in recent years. The benefits of working on a scrum project are enormous. Therefore today we will walk you through the certification training process and cost in detail.

What is a certified Scrum Master training?

The simplest answer to it is you get to know the scrum framework and apply for an exam for a certificate. However, the in-depth meaning includes a training program that offers participants a detailed understanding of developing agile projects using the Scrum model.

This training program starts with tuning you to obtain an agile mindset and deep dive into the detailed concepts of agile methodology. Yes, you can learn about scrum ceremonies, updating artifacts, planning scrum and executing a release on time. 

Is it classroom training or online training?

Before you know the Scrum Master certification cost, you must know if it a classroom or online training program. The cost varies based on the model of training. It is obvious for various reasons that classroom training will be costlier when compared to online training.  So let us analyze the difference to know how both are effective on their own.

Irrespective of the agile scrum master certification cost everyone who wants to be certified must appear for an exam and the cost of scrum master certification exam is the same for all those who register and apply.

Scrum Alliance offers CSM Training and one must appear for a 16-hour classroom training which is mandatory to take the test. Therefore there is no room for online training.

Certified Scrum Master

Different scrum master certifications

In the below table we have listed the scrum certification and cost for each for your reference.

CertificationTraining ContentTraining CostExam CostTotal CostRenewal Cost
CSMCovers about agile and scrum in detail from the scratch till the end to make you a real master in scrum2-day classroom training. No separate training cost but all-inclusive will range between 25000 INR to 29498 INR depending on the institute you register for training in India
24999/-100 USD with 20 SEUs. Once in 2 years
SMC 2-day training covering all scrum concepts
Scrumstudy offers the certification
Depends on the training institute450 USD450 USD + training fee40 recertification unit to be maintained for 3 years and keep updating the skills to have 40 RCU
PSM2-day classroom training offering 14 SEU explaining scrum and agile movements in detail24999 INR all-inclusive150 USD examination cost24999/ -No renewal required
Scrum Master accreditedcrum institute offers this certification and it is the cheapest amongst all
69 USD
Lifetime valid
SAFe SMScaled agile offers this certification and 2-day classroom training is mandatory. Lean agile transformation is the core focus of this training program1000 – 1300 USD including exam fee50 USD is additionally charged for retaking the examination every time
Lifetime valid
EXIN Agile SMScrum practice and agile principles are taught in combination and are offered by EXINDepends on the training institutesINR 18892
100 USD yearly

Cost for training and exam

The above table shows several scrum master certification, but the most looked for is the CSM certification offered by scrum alliance. Scrum master certification provider includes, PMI, scaled agile, EXIN, scrum alliance, etc.

Scrum alliance always insists on real learning for the participants and hence one must appear for the test through the training institute. Therefore the Scrum Master Certification fees include the exam fee and training fee. INR 24999 is the minimum price offered for training and examination in India.

One must apply for training and complete 2-day training and only if the training institute raises a request to scrum alliance they will create an account and then the test can be taken. Upon successful completion of the test by giving 37 right answers out of 50 one is eligible for a certificate.

Renewal process

You will have an account created by a scrum alliance when you applied for a test post clearing the training. Use the same account credentials and login to reach the dashboard. Click the action window and take action. Yes, renewal is the action to be taken and you need to make payment after you get prompt and you're done.

Renewal cost

Scrum Alliance has revised the rates and effective 2019 Feb it is 100 USD. The renewal is valid for 2 years.

Ways to earn SEUs for renewal

Along with renewal, there is something called SEU which is required for renewing the certification. SEU stands for Scrum Education Unit and you need 20 SEU to renew your CSM certification along with 100 USD payment done. How to earn these 20 SEU? This is simple and you must follow the steps given below to have your SEU before renewal

You can get SEU credit from 6 categories offered by scrum alliance namely A, B, C, D, E, F.

SEUs to be earned45Unlimited15

Each category has a limit and if you choose A or B then you can earn 20 SEUs easily. However, category C to F can provide you only with 15 SEUs maximum and you need to go for another category and earn the remaining 5 SEU. Each category has a different way and you accomplish that and earn SEUs. You can choose one or more categories and earn the SEUs to renew your certification.

Final suggestion

CSM certification cost on the one side we have analyzed so far but I am sure it is worth it when you think of the benefits you will reap after getting . Check the salary offered for certified professionals and feel glad that you have chosen the right course to steer clear your career path.

For more details about Scrum certification from Scrumalliance, reach us at +91 – 80502 05233