CSM Certification Eligibility

The Certified Scrum Master course makes an individual a professional scrum master. One can get the certificate after completing the training and clearing the examination. There are no such scrum master certification prerequisites in particular, and anyone can perceive it without any inconvenience. 

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Certified Scrum Master

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Reasons to do Certified Scrum Master Training


CSM or Certified Scrum Master is a certification course that focuses on comprehending the project management process as a leader. Individuals who get the certification become a scrum master in an organisation. Most people who want to get certified with the same degree don't know its eligibility. If you are one such candidate who wants to know about the place, go through the following to learn more about the scrum master certification prerequisites precisely. 


As the benefits combined with the course is quite diverse, almost every individual wants to get the certification and become a professional scrum master. However, before starting the course, candidates need to know the eligibility criteria and the scrum master certification prerequisites.   

Things to Know Before Starting the CSM Course 

Before moving on to the course itself, candidates need to know some principles correctly. If you are one such candidate, you need to familiarise yourself with all the basics of the same. 

You will be gauged on whether you are prepared to start the training of the certification course. To crack it, you need to get an adequate idea regarding the scrum basics. This involves its theory, roles, values, and many more. Once you get to know about such aspects in detail, you can move ahead with the other process. 

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CSM Certification Eligibility 

Although there are no such eligibility criteria to get a CSM Certification, it's imperative to keep yourself updated with the framework. In other terms, any person can get the certification course after proper research of the structure, course, and other related details. 

2-Steps For Scrum Master Certification 

As there are no scrum master certification prerequisites, one can start with the certification course. The entire process requires completion of two steps. This involves a 2-day training and examination, respectively. 


There is a two-day training that will prepare you for the examination so that you can clear it in one go. The scrum training is a necessary step towards the successful completion of the entire certification course. As soon as you do so, you can move to the next step i.e. Examination. After completing the examination successfully, you will become a professional scrum master. 


The examination paper involves solving 50 multiple choice questions within 1 hour. To clear the examination, one has to secure 80%. Once they click the submit button after solving all the questions, their score appears on the screen.  

CSM Certification Exam Cost 

The CSM Certification course cost differs from country to country. Here we have mentioned the cost for five countries consecutively -  

Cost Range
1,600-1,700 AUD
1195-1500 CAD
25,000-30,000 INR
950-1095 GBP
1000-1450 USD


These were the criteria or prerequisites for CSM certification that one needs to follow to become a professional scrum master. Although there are no such scrum master certification prerequisites, in particular, it is undoubtedly essential to keep yourself well-known with the scrum basics like its values and framework. It is crucial to have a clear idea regarding the scrum certification prerequisites that need to be followed before opting for the course.  

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