Eligibility Criteria for CSM Certification in 2022

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The Certified Scrum Master course makes an individual a professional scrum master. One can get the certificate after completing the training and clearing the examination. There are no such scrum master certification prerequisites in particular, and anyone can perceive it without any inconvenience. 

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CSM or Certified Scrum Master is a certification course that focuses on comprehending the project management process as a leader. Individuals who get the certification become a scrum master in an organisation. Most people who want to get certified with the same degree don't know its eligibility. If you are one such candidate who wants to know about the place, go through the following to learn more about the scrum master certification prerequisites precisely. 


As the benefits combined with the course is quite diverse, almost every individual wants to get the certification and become a professional scrum master. However, before starting the course, candidates need to know the eligibility criteria and the scrum master certification prerequisites.   

Things to Know Before Starting the CSM Course 

Before moving on to the course itself, candidates need to know some principles correctly. If you are one such candidate, you need to familiarise yourself with all the basics of the same. 

You will be gauged on whether you are prepared to start the training of the certification course. To crack it, you need to get an adequate idea regarding the scrum basics. This involves its theory, roles, values, and many more. Once you get to know about such aspects in detail, you can move ahead with the other process. 

CSM Certification Eligibility 

Although there are no such eligibility criteria to get a CSM Certification, it's imperative to keep yourself updated with the framework. In other terms, any person can get the certification course after proper research of the structure, course, and other related details. 

2-Steps For Scrum Master Certification 

As there are no scrum master certification prerequisites, one can start with the certification course. The entire process requires completion of two steps. This involves a 2-day training and examination, respectively. 


There is a two-day training that will prepare you for the examination so that you can clear it in one go. The scrum training is a necessary step towards the successful completion of the entire certification course. As soon as you do so, you can move to the next step i.e. Examination. After completing the examination successfully, you will become a professional scrum master. 


The examination paper involves solving 50 multiple choice questions within 1 hour. To clear the examination, one has to secure 80%. Once they click the submit button after solving all the questions, their score appears on the screen.  

CSM Certification Exam Cost 

The CSM Certification course cost differs from country to country. Here we have mentioned the cost for five countries consecutively -  

Cost Range
1,600-1,700 AUD
1195-1500 CAD
25,000-30,000 INR
950-1095 GBP
1000-1450 USD


These were the criteria or prerequisites for CSM certification that one needs to follow to become a professional scrum master. Although there are no such scrum master certification prerequisites, in particular, it is undoubtedly essential to keep yourself well-known with the scrum basics like its values and framework. It is crucial to have a clear idea regarding the scrum certification prerequisites that need to be followed before opting for the course.  

Key Features

  • 2 Days Online Training
  • Delivered by CSTs
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs
  • Get Certification on 2nd Day
  • Role plays, Games, & Simulations
  • Scrum Alliance Exam Fee Included
  • Join 20+ Scrum WhatsApp Groups
  • 2-year Membership with Scrum Alliance
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Key Features

  • 2 Days Online Training
  • Delivered by CSTs
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs
  • Get Certification on 2nd Day
  • Role plays, Games, & Simulations
  • Scrum Alliance Exam Fee Included
  • Join 20+ Scrum WhatsApp Groups
  • 2-year Membership with Scrum Alliance
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

What is Scrum? What You Will Learn in Scrum Master Training?

<ul><li>In a nutshell, Scrum is a process that allows you to go through a complete development cycle at ease. You can work at your own pace but work towards the organisation goal. Deliver the project on-time but with job satisfaction. Yes, it is a practical way to work on software development by participating in daily stand up meeting, accepting timelines for the sprint, discussing how to improve during the sprint retrospectives and closing backlogs one by one to finally deliver the product as per the customer expectation.<br></li><li>Scrum looks easy when you see other team working, but difficult when you start implementing. There are roadblocks, criticism, and much more. That’s exactly where Scrum Master training will help. This training will allow you to learn the agile practice in a practical way. You can get involved in activities and create scrum workflow on the go. Discuss a lot with all participants, make charts and estimate backlog in story points. Learn to write user stories for sample projects and also take a quiz to get deeper detail about the scrum and agile concepts.<br></li><li>In simple words, you will really become a master in implementing scrum methodology in your project. This course will focus on teaching you about how to “be agile” than doing agile. We tune your mindset to start conducting scrum ceremonies, update artifacts, plan scrum and releases.<br></li></ul>

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CSM Course Advantages

Scrum Advantages for Respective Designations+

People mentioned with the following roles can attend scrum master certification course and get CSM certified. However, it is not limited to only these individual’s and any interested person working on projects can attend this training. Let us see how these people can get benefitted by learning scrum master certification course.

  • Managers: – Manager a person who must get work done from people. This being an expectation from a Manager he/she must be CSM certified. They can understand the entire process to motivate the team to work towards a goal. They will also know how to implement effective scrum meetings and thus can drive the entire team to deliver results making the best use of every individual’s talent.
  • Project Managers: – The difference between the manager and the project manager is a manager attains the level with experience and is a permanent role. On the other hand, a project manager may be selected to manage a particular project. He might pay a different role in other projects as either a scrum master or architect etc. Therefore once he/she attends the CSM training, then they will be able to efficiently to handle the project from requirement gathering till delivery. It is possible to implement all the scrum best practices with the knowledge gained from the training program.
  • Scrum Masters: – He/She is considered to play a key role in scrum projects. Once they get certified they will be able to better act as a coach and not a boss to get work done by the team. They can manage the process and the team’s health in an efficient manner. They can also provide time boxing to limit risk, releasable results and validated learning to the entire team. Scrum certified master can engage with people and lead them to execute the organisation’s vision and purpose.
  • Product Managers: – The product manager (PM) holds the responsibility of talking for the customer. They are responsible to devise a strategy, define features of the product, and create a roadmap for the entire development phase. Holding such responsibilities demand them to obtain CSM certification. With the training program, the product managers can help the team to decide on proper timelines to deliver projects. The product is released and brought to market with the help of the PM. With certification, they can efficiently collaborate the team with the process and bridges all the gaps.
  • Software Developers: – You may wonder why a developer needs to take up the certification program. It is because the CSM certification course will educate developers in detail about the scrum process. It covers with examples about sprint meetings, retrospectives, product backlog etc. The lessons will include all the terminology used in a scrum project. One can get not only familiar with the terms but also will know how to gel as a team for successful delivery. The first thing about a scrum project is, it is an iterative method and it allows everyone to speak their mind. That being the case a scrum certification program will empower each individual to take part in the project to deliver the right product on time.
  • Product Owners: – Product owner is the owner of the product who will know the specification of the product. Also, they will be the decision maker to decide on the deadline, product backlog, user story allocation etc. Without saying it is understood that the CSM certification will add of lot value for a product owner in the scrum project. They will understand that they need not push the team but set possible deadlines and deliverables to let the team complete work without backlogs. Also, the end goal can be achieved without much confusion by implementing the scrum methodology.
  • Software Development Managers: – The main responsibility of the development manager is to deliver a quality product. They are present from the beginning of code architecture until the delivery. The project initiation, plan, design, monitor, control and bring the project to closure. When this person attends CSM training and gets the certification, then the entire project implementation takes a new dimension. They can guide the team to success and make the customer happy
  • Software Architects:- The architects play an extended role in agile projects. They not only understand the requirement, identify the stakeholder, and formulate design but also communicate the architecture to the team and support the developers to understand the structure. Which means architect needs to interact with people unlike in a traditional method they are not people managers. This vast difference in agile methodology demands software architects to go through CSM certification program. They can learn the ways to manage people, make them understand and accept the architecture. If this is done clearly, then there is very less chance for project failure. They can take part in scrum meetings to help team choose and use the best tool to complete work on time.
  • Software Testers:- Usually in a traditional method of software development, the role of a testing team is separate to that of a development team. Also, these testers do not have any say about the process. But, in the agile methodology, both teams work concurrently and also the testing team can suggest during a daily stand up and sprint meetings. When you can complete the Scrum certification course, then you can add value to your project. You will know the process in detail and can tell the team upfront about what is possible and what is not. This will save a lot of time as well as eliminating bugs in the initial stage is possible.
  • Team Leads:- As a team leader you might fight between your team and the management. Yes, the team may not agree to do certain things and the PM will not be ready to hear from you. This is the right time for you to get CSM certified. This will let you understand that there is no boss in the agile projects. Every person is empowered to share their views. You can thus motivate your team to work towards results and allows them to write their concerns and ideas in post-it to discuss during sprint and retrospective meetings.
  • QA Managers:- Unlike testers who only take part in the testing phase, the QA manager must be actively involved in test plan preparation. Scrum method allows changes to be made in the test plan at any phase of the project. Therefore attend CSM training to know how better you can contribute to making a test plan that will help the entire team. You can directly talk to the product owner to explain your concern and make changes in plan across the table. This will let you handle your team effectively and save time as well.

Scrum Advantages+

Scrum methodology offers several benefits including time-saving, cost-effective, team motivation, customer satisfaction etc. Find below the top 6 advantages of using scrum in your projects.

  1. ROI – Every Sprint will have a product release that is incremental when compared to the previous one. Therefore the return on investment happens during every stage and there is no need to wait until the end release as it happens in the waterfall method.
  2. Eminence – As testing happens concurrently with development fixing bugs become easy and the quality of the product is checked iteratively.
  3. Simple Process – Scrum process is simple to understand and follow. The product owner prioritizes the product backlog during every sprint. Each team member accepts the task after understanding the importance. They can share their views in sprint retrospective to take corrective actions. Therefore all are empowered to speak their mind and hence following the process is simple.
  4. Minimal Risk – Everything happens in stages and hence risk losing focus is minimized. This will lead to the development of the right product as described by the customer.
  5. Cost-Effective – Real cost is measured at every stage and allocating budget becomes easy. Also, the cost can be effectively managed as the client will get to see the product at every sprint and once they feel satisfied further processes can be terminated.
  6. Customer Satisfaction – Needless to say, this as the client will take part in each meeting to know the development of the product and can suggest necessary changes. This will make them feel glad.

Who Can Attend CSM Training?

  • QA Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Software Testers
  • Software Architects
  • Software Development Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Software Developers
  • Product Manager
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Managers
  • Managers

CSM Certification & Exam FAQ's

CSM certification cost placeholder?+

The CSM certification cost placeholder doesn’t differ much from institute to institute. An established institution charges around INR 449-USD for a Scrum Master Certification course.

From which certification body would I receive Scrum Master certification?+

You will obtain the CSM certification from Scrum Alliance.

What is the cost for CSM certification renewal?+

The Cost of scrum master certification renewal is $100.

What is the process for Scrum Master Certification renewal?+

For renewing Scrum Master Certification, log in to your Scrum Alliance profile. Go to ‘Settings’, then click on the ‘certification dashboard.’ Once you do that, select ‘Actions’ and click on the renewal link and pay the renewal fee of USD 100 via the payment modes offered.

Scrum Master Certification validity?+

CSM certification is valid for two years from the date of completion of the exam. Post this duration, you have to request for renewal by paying USD 100 per two years

How do I download the CSM Certificate after completing the examination?+

Once you pass the exam, you will receive a mail wherein you have to accept certain terms and conditions. Post that, you have to fill relevant information that has been requested and print your certificate.

Can I retake the Scrum Master Certification Exam if I fail in the first attempt?+

Yes, you can take the CSM exam again if you don’t pass it on the first attempt. However, you will have to pay an additional fee of USD 25 in order to retake the CSM exam for third time.

What is the passing score for Scrum Master certification placeholder?+

Candidates must get a minimum of 37 questions correct from the 50 questions (74%).

How much is the exam cost/fees for CSM certification placeholder?+

There are no separate charges for exam, CSM training placeholder amount includes certification charges also and training fee is 449-usd per individual.

Is CSM Certification placeholder online and open book examination?+

CSM Certification placeholder is an open book examination that has to be completed within 60 minutes.

Can I pause the Certified Scrum Master exam for some time and resume it later?+

Yes, you can take breaks in between but your overall time allotted for the exam will be affected. You can also revisit any question and change the answer until you click the exam submit button.

What is the duration for the Certified Scrum Master Certification exam?+

You have to complete the CSM exam within 60 minutes. Additionally, you must take the exam within three months of completing the training course.

Is Scrum Master Certification online or paper-based exam?+

Scrum Master Certification Bangalore is an online exam that you can attempt via a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet

What is the pattern for Scrum Master Certification exam questions?+

CSM exam is a free online test that can be taken multiples times. The exams consist of 50 multiple choice questions that the candidates have to answer in 60 minutes. Individuals cannot pause the test and are allowed to take breaks but the test time will be reduced by the amount of the break duration.

What is the weightage for Scrum Master certification questions from each domain+

The CSM exam will contain 50 questions with the percentage coverage on each domain as given below.

CSM Domain
Topics Covered
% of Questions in the test
Scrum and Agile
Manifesto values and Principles., Scrum definition and connection with agile
Scrum Theory
The empirical process, 3 Pillars, Details about iterative and incremental characteristics
Scrum Values
Five scrum values – How and Why
Scrum Team
Importance, role, characteristics of the scrum team
Scrum Events
Purpose of the sprint, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, and sprint retrospective.
Scrum Master
Scrum master role, service to the organization and the product owner
Scrum Artifacts
Purpose of scrum artifacts, Product backlog, Sprint backlog, Definition of Done

What is the exam process for Scrum Master Certification placeholder?+

To obtain Scrum Master Certification placeholder, you have to attend a two-day training course in Bangalore provided by a certified Scrum trainer. Post the training, you can take a mock test before applying for the main CSM exam.

What is the Scrum Master Certification cost placeholder?+

The overall cost for CSM certification training placeholder would be approximately USD-449  (including the exam fee as well). However, reach StarAgile team to avail discounts.

For more details Scrum Master Certification Cost

Can someone take Certified Scrum Master certification without training?+

Professionals are required to take an in-person two-day Certified Scrum Master training in Bangalore with a certified scrum trainer from Scrum Alliance in order to be eligible for the CSM exam.

Eligibility Criteria for CSM certification placeholder+

There are no specific eligibility criteria for CSM certification placeholder. However, it is recommended for applicants/professionals to have a basic knowledge of the Scrum framework and methodology.


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Google Review Rating

Success Rate
100 %

Success Rate

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CSM Certification and Training FAQ's

Why should I register CSM training placeholder with StarAgile?+

StarAgile is one of the leading CSM training institutes in the country. We have a staunch experience in offering training programs to over 10,000+ professionals with a 100% passing track record.

Who is Certified Scrum Master?+

Certified Scrum Master is basically a servant-leader for the Scrum team. A Scrum Master is responsible for supporting and promoting Scrum implementation by helping everyone understand the theory, practices, values, and rules associated with Scrum.

Why Scrum Master certification placeholder is in high demand?+

Scrum Master Certification placeholder offers professional detailed knowledge of Agile development process and garner them the skills to work efficiently with a team. Along with strengthening the skills of professionals, it also helps them obtain a better pay package. Certified Scrum Masters are in high demand as they are able to understand the process better than rest of the individuals in the team.

Career benefits by doing CSM Certification placeholder?+

Scrum certification in placeholder focuses on the prominence of ‘self-organization’ that helps professionals avail many benefits that include:- Efficient participation in team activities while ensuring a sense of ‘self-organization’ Being self-motivated in order to offer maximum productivity. Development of an organized and productive work environment that facilitate both individual and company growth. Enabling professionals to work in a streamlined and organized environment.

What skills does CSM Certification placeholder offer?+

Scrum training in placeholder programs allow professionals to understand how to efficiently work with a team. Furthermore, it allows managers to become better coaches, enhance communication skills, and mitigate risks in order to deliver a successful project.

Who should take this CSM Training placeholder?+

Anyone can take Scrum Certification training course in placeholder and strengthen their skills and career opportunities. Generally, CSM training is taken by project managers, coders, product owners, developers, testers, architects, program managers, delivery managers, QA lead, etc.

Who is eligible for Scrum Master Certification placeholder?+

There is no specific qualification experience required to obtain the Scrum Master Certification Bangalore. Professionals simply have to attend a 2-day CSM training in Bangalore from a certified Scrum trainer and clear the online CSM exam.

Does StarAgile provides Scrum Master Certification dumps?+

According to ScrumAlliance guidelines we shouldn’t share any dumps other than CSM workbook and pre-class reading material.

What is the certification process for CSM Training placeholder?+

The process starts with professionals enrolling in a 2-day training program. Training must be provided by certified Scrum trainers. Professionals can take the online CSM exam anytime within 3 months of the completion of CSM training placeholder. The results are immediately displayed on the screen and, after passing, candidates can download the certificate from their Scrum Alliance profile.

What is the average Salary for Scrum Masters?+

Per the latest survey conducted by different portals including Payscale, Glassdoor, Naukri, etc the average pay of Scrum Masters across different places are given below.

Annual Salary
2 - 4 Years
5 – 8 Yrs
INR 6.5 to 7.5 Lacs
INR 8.5 to 14.5 Lacs
USUSD 80 K to 105 K
USD 105 K to 120 K
Euro35K to 55K
Euro 60K to 75K

What is the exam pattern for Scrum Master Certification placeholder?+

It is an online exam that comes with 50 multiple choice questions that candidates have to complete in an hour. They are not allowed to pause the test or skip any question and revisit it later. To pass the exam professionals must get at least 37 answers correct (74%).

Till how long CSM Certification is valid?+

The CSM certification is valid for 2 years. Post this, professionals have to renew their certificate by paying USD 100 to Scrum Alliance.

How long does it take to become a certified Scrum Master?+

Yes, a 2-day CSM training placeholder is enough to appear in the CSM exam. Moreover, with StarAgile, professionals obtain training from experienced and qualified trainers who can thoroughly complete the entire certification process in two days.

What certification will I receive after completing the CSM training placeholder?+

You will obtain a CSM certification from Scrum Alliance after successfully completing the CSM training placeholder and clearing the test. You will also receive 2-year membership from Scrum Alliance.

Is Scrum Master Certification fee included in the course fee?+

Yes, the CSM course fee includes CSM exam fee as well as certificate fee.

Can someone take CSM certification exam without training?+

According to the mandate issued by Scrum Alliance, individuals must take 2-days CSM training in placeholder to obtain CSM certification.

What are the benefits of the 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance?+

With the 2-year membership, you can enjoy free access to the entire community of Scrum Alliance. You can share your views, get an opinion, or even share your articles on the website.

What is next after CSM certification?+

CSM certification opens many prolific career opportunities to the professionals. Individuals have the scope of becoming Scrum Master, Project Manager, Product Owner. Also, professionals can plan for advanced level certifications like A-CSM, PMI-ACP, CSPO or SAFe Agilist 4.6 training and certifications.

What is 100% Money Back Guarantee?+

StarAgile is one of the leading CSM training institutes that offer students Scrum training from certified and experienced trainers. We have a 100% passing track record and offer 100% refund if you fail to clear the test. The refund is initiated within seven working days.

How should I renew my CSM Certification?+

Visit the Scrum Alliance website and log in to your profile. Fill in the necessary details and accept the license agreement. Go to the certification dashboard and click on ‘Action’. There you can renew your certification by paying the fees.

How many attempts do I have to pass the CSM Certification exam?+

You get two attempts in a single course period. For the third attempt, you will have to pay an additional fee of USD 25. Moreover, if you fail to pass the exam on the third attempt, you will have to take the training program again

How long does it take to receive CSM exam results?+

After completing the online exam, you are shown the result on your screen immediately.

Does Scrum Alliance offer online classes for CSM certification?+

Scrum Alliance does not provide online classes. They simply recommend the professionals to take a 2-days in-person training by certified Scrum trainer.

Scrum Master Certification levels?+

There are three levels in Scrum Master certification:
First – CSM (Certified Scrum Master)
Second – A-CSM (Advance – Certified Scrum Master)
Third – CSP (Certified Scrum Professional)

What is SEUs and PDUs?+

SEU stands for Scrum Education Units which is a continued education credits required to obtain certification from Scrum Alliance as given below.

Scrum Education Unit or SEU is a continuing education credit required to get Scrum Alliance. The SEU requirements and renewal fees will go into effect on February 4th, 2019 in the following manner: -

Certification (Two-Year Term)
SEUs Required
Fee Per Term
Foundational : CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®
Advanced: A-CSMSM or A-CSPOSM
Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®
PDU stands for Professional Development Unit, which is another continuing education credit that is necessary for the renewal of the Professional Management Institute(PMI) certification.

Does StarAgile offers Scrum Master Certification weekend courses placeholder ?+

Yes, we offer Scrum Master Certification weekend courses placeholder and on special request we  also conduct weekday batches.

What does registration fee include?+

The registration fee covers study material, training, exam fee, certification fee and 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance.

Payment Procedure?+

Payment can be made via debit or credit card, wallet, or net banking.

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About Certified Scrum Master Certification

Why Scrum Master Certification high in demand?

Scrum Master Certification will give you the competitive edge in rapidly changing business need. Scrum training or Scrum master certification will turn out to be self-motivated and enable you to accept complex and big responsibilities. The industry is adapting Agile rapidly and Certified Scrum Master are in demand. You can take advantage of this competitive environment by certification and demonstrating your skills as a Scrum Master. By certification, you can prove that you have an agile mindset and core knowledge on agile methodology. Being a Certified Scrum Master enables you to convey yourself in an attractive way to the prospective employer. You can join expert Scrum Community and do networking with Agile coaches and experts and take their advantage to learn and grow your knowledge of best industry practices which indirectly help in applying at your organization and earn you recognition.

Why Scrum Master Certification high in demand?

The popularity of the Scrum Framework has raised demand for Certified Scrum Masters. Scrum Framework is popular for organizations willing to adopt an agile methodology. A survey says that 58-75% of teams following pure Scrum or hybrid Scrum with other agile approaches like XP or Kanban. Scrum framework is popular due to its simplicity. Though its simple, for new teams it is not still easy to adapt. Skilled Scrum Master plays an important role in team success by ensuring that the team is accepting and following the Scrum framework rules and adapting best industry practices and deliver the product in the best effective manner. A Certified ScrumMaster is earning a salary between Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000 per annum i.e. an average salary of Rs. 11,54,487 per annum. Individual’s knowledge and experience affect pay scale of Scrum Master job with skills Agile software development, Agile Project Management, Scrum and other Agile framework and methodologies.

Who can do this course and how it will advantage them?

Professionals who wish to become a professional Scrum Master, Member of Scrum team and teams who wish to adopt Scrum can take the Certified Scrum Master course. CSM Training and certification can be done by Project Managers and Product Managers

Certified ScrumMaster training will help Project Managers to understand Scrum Master role and responsibilities to Stakeholder, Product Owners, and Scrum Team as Scrum Practice requires strong coloration, work accountability among Scrum team.

Journey to scrum master certification 

An agile framework is gaining immense popularity given its advantages for businesses. To show that one has the capability and understanding to apply and use this framework in practice, one needs to have proper credentials, i.e. a valid certification as a professional.

One such highly coveted certification is that of a Scrum Master. Scrum masters are professionals in huge demand by companies and even specific teams within a company. Firstly, each agile team essentially requires a scrum expert to handle each agile project. Hence, the introduction of any new project in the agile framework requires a scrum master as a human resource. Secondly, the number of such agile projects is increasing at a fast pace, given the proven advantages of agile. Even whole organizations are transforming into the agile framework.

What is CSM scrum

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is a certification program, offered by an authorized organization. Anyone possessing a certificate of CSM in their name may thus be recognized as professionally qualified scrum masters. This is a useful recognition as the CSM certified professional may even act as a scrum team leader, may later progress to be a scrum trainer, or offer professional consultancy in this field.

This CSM certification course is just the step to become a scrum master. To actually remain to be a scrum master and effectively perform the roles, is a different ball game altogether. This is because the role of a scrum master is complex and multi-dimensional. Of the multiple dimensions, the main role or the crux of all the required tasks is that of explaining the principles and strategies of the scrum to the rest of the team members working on an agile project. In this regard, the scrum master is a trainer of the scrum for the entire scrum team, orienting them towards all basics of scrum, including its principles, norms and regulations, advantages, implementing strategies, etc. Further, the scrum master also has the important role of briefly orienting the rest of the employees too regarding scrum. This brief overview for all is essential so that all understand how the scrum team functions.

The basic requirement to be eligible to carry out these roles is to have the professional certification showing that one is a valid Certified Scrum Master.

What is scrum certification

Scrum Alliance is the authorized body offering one of the best scrum master certifications for a scrum master. This body offers other best scrum certifications too and has a recognized reputation in the business world for the quality and authenticity of its courses. The Scrum Master Certification training is carried out by Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) only. This ensures the quality of the training program, maintaining the brand image of the Scrum Alliance. The Scrum certification in turn is also a detailed process with quality control mechanisms and evaluation processes in-built in the program.

The accreditation procedure incorporates two sections, to be specific; they are the preparation and then assessment. At the point, after completing the preparation you gain certainty as you have aced Scrum system, working technique, and all ideas related to it. With this certainty, you show up for the test to show success and get certified. 

The scrum certification training centers on characterizing the observational procedure and a nitty-gritty prologue to a nimble approach. The philosophy clarification begins with its history, framework, principles, and manifesto. At that point, it includes a complete framework that gives insights about sprint, backlog, standup meetings, products, retrospective, burndown chart, and refinement. It explains about all scrum way of SDLC and portrays appropriated scrum's accepted procedures.

Reasons to get scrum master certificate

Each group needs a pioneer; in any case, there's no association or responsibility. Scrum groups are no special case to the standard. Scrum Masters serve the team, PO, and all the stakeholders. 

Here's a rundown of jobs and capacities that a Certified Scrum Master satisfies: 

  • Can understand how to plan for the product development in an experimental situation 
  • Coaches and leads the entire team and stakeholders to accept Scrum 
  • Ensures that everybody in the group has a strong comprehension of the objectives, extension, and product scope.
  • Facilitates Scrum occasions 
  • Finds strategies to oversee the backlog management 
  • Helps explore the Scrum group through conditions where Scrum is neither completely actualized nor comprehended 
  • Helps the group convey the high-esteem project 
  • Introduces changes that improve group profitability 
  • Provides an idea to the team for handling the work and themselves to work towards delivery 
  • Removes obstacles to the group's advancement 
  • Understands and practices the skills acquired 
  • Works with other SMs in the association to improve generally Scrum adequacy 

As should be obvious by that rundown (and it's not finished!), any able Certified Scrum Master has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead. That is the reason a certificate is such a basic component for any Certified Scrum Master. Just a CSM who has been prepared and affirmed by a licensed organization can effectively deal with the entirety of the requests put on them.

Steps involved in scrum master certification course

There may be several portals offering this certification, but it is essential to choose only an authentic institution so that the final certificate received is valid and accepted by companies. Hence, the first step is to select a service provider. Next, the mandatory two-day training has to be attended and all its requirements, including readings and assignments, need to be satisfactorily carried out. Based, on this training, the participant then has to clear a qualifying examination to become a certified scrum master. This is an online test for which one has to register on the portal of Scrum Alliance. The registration process is simple enough, requiring a few details and setting of own login details. The test performance is considered successful of one score at least 74% in it. On achievement of this score or above, one is awarded the certificate.

Prerequisites for CSM exam

There is no particular qualification or experience required to get certified. Be that as it may, it is essential to have information about the scrum procedure. Likewise, a strong urge for learning and implementing is mandatory. One ought to have essential information about how the scrum team works. These can be acquired by perusing through the web or going to a preparation program with recognized organizations.

CSM course

The scrum training must be given by a CST - Certified Scrum Trainer. The preparation is finished with an example of an online assessment. 

Scrum Alliance CSM certificate is given to make you an SM and confirm that you are a pro in that. The goal of the preparation is to walk each participant through the system of Scrum. It covers all topics in basic agile methodology and Scrum framework making the participant execute scrum. One can comprehend the scrum life cycle and thus can compose a powerful scrum group. Start to finish subtleties is shrouded in the 2-day preparation.

Certified scrum master training online curriculum

The goal of the CSM® course is to show you the basics of Scrum procedures and give you the scholarly instruments expected to execute Scrum. The CSM course educational plan is intended for both growing and experienced undertaking supervisors. The Certified ScrumMaster Syllabus covers the nuts and bolts and paves the way to cutting edge Scrum ideas. 

1. Scrum Basics 

The Certified Scrum Master training acquaints you with the fundamental ideas of Agile and Scrum. It covers the four qualities and twelve standards contained in the Agile Manifesto, and the 5 scrum values. Then it walks you through the 7 agile and scrum objectives as mentioned below 

  1. Introduction to Lean
  2. Facilitation
  3. Coaching
  4. Development Team and how to serve them 
  5. How to serve the PO
  6. How to fulfill company goal 
  7. Scrum Mastery. 

2. Terms used 

The Certified ScrumMaster course educational program will at that point spread the essential ideas and normally utilized wordings. Scrum terms like Burndown, Backlog, Velocity, Poker Planning, Kanban, and daily stand up which are used across the globe is introduced and explained in detail. 

3. Roles and Ceremonies 

You will be acquainted with the ceremonies and 3 key roles of the Scrum framework. The 3 key roles are 

  • PO
  • SM
  • Team 

The artifacts include backlog (product and sprint) and increment.  At last, it likewise comprises of four significant exercises: the everyday standup meeting, sprint retrospective meeting, planning meeting, and review meeting. You will be taken through all other Scrum concepts.

4. Scrum Core Competencies 

The Certified Scrum Master training program will include the subtleties and abilities expected to oversee and inspire a group as the Scrum Master. Further, insights about Agile Practices, rules enforcing, distractions removal, forecasting methods will be taught. 

5. SM Responsibilities 

A Scrum Master can embrace numerous jobs inside an association namely 

  • Team manager 
  • Servant-Leader
  • Motivator
  • Mentor
  • Facilitator
  • Coach
  • Advisor

The strategies for overseeing the work and people could change dependent on duty, and you will be instructed on how to encourage every obligation inside the association. 

The application process to get a scrum certificate

Access to the test is available only after completing the training. Once that is done, one has to register on the portal and create own profile and login details.

Scrum master certification cost

For Indians, the CSM certification cost, on average, is about 25,000 INR. This may vary slightly from institute to institute. This certified scrum master training cost is inclusive of the two-day training, the first attempt of the test as well as the virtual certificate.

Scrum master certification exam

Online test with 50 MCQs to be finished in an hour. 

The scrum master certification online will contain 50 MCQs distributed in the following topics. 

Agile and Scrum 

You need to complete the test in 60 minutes. Post the training you have time for 90 days to prepare. On the off chance that the test window is shut unintentionally, it very well may be revived. If connectivity is lost, then you now need to contact the admin of scrum alliance inc. 

It is possible to take breaks, attend to unforeseen delays, etc. as these get registered on the portal and are not included in the test duration. Skip questions and attend later. You can move back and forth between questions. Regardless of whether you press the submit button by mistake, still it will show you an alert message and provide an opportunity to continue back to the test.


At least 74% marks are required to successfully clear the test. Since the test has 50 questions of equal marks and weightage, a minimum of 37 of these need to be answered correctly.

Fortunately, it is possible to make a second or even third attempt, if one is unable to successfully pass the exam in one go. These additional attempts are made possible at an additional cost of $25 each, payable on the portal within one’s login page.

Scrum certification online

Being an online and objective test, the scores are available right after the exam for the examinee to see. Hence, one knows the outcome right there. Having cleared the test, one can receive the virtual certificate on the portal itself. For this, one has to login and access their profile, then acknowledge the acceptance of the license agreement. Once this is done, the certificate will be available to the professional.

CSM certificate renewal 

Until 2 years the certificate validity holds good. 

  • Enter in your login using the user name, password that you created in the beginning and arrive at the dashboard. Then reach the action window to restore the confirmation. Check for the payment prompt. 
  • SEU earned must be entered and it should be done after you get the certificate for the first time. Every point you earn will be accumulated within those 2 years. 
  • You can renew even before 180 days before your certificate expiry. 
  • However, you have 3 months given from the date when your certificate expires.

From Feb 2019 onwards, $100 fee charged for renewal and extension of validity. 

CSM certification online training 

In a nutshell, the Certified Scrum Master certification from Scrum Alliance is a professionally advantageous deal, especially due to the following reasons – 

  • Continuous updating of knowledge and skills is a virtue for employees or business professionals, and this is a very relevant and contemporary course.
  • Scrum Alliance promises the highest quality and reliability and chance for interaction with certified Scrum trainers.

You choose us 

We would like to reiterate that at Staragile we can provide you with all guidance and walk you through the CSM certification process. Make a career in agile today by choosing us to train you. 

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