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Staragile proudly presents training in data Science which is the topic of the future. Data Science is the subject that deals with working with data sets and various types of data such as structured data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data. In this SAS certification training you will learn about Data Life Cycle Management to work with data sets to identify, store, access, classify, process, use and finally purge the data using the SAS data science tool. SAS certification course will teach you how to play with data sets to solve real-world problems with both theory and practical knowledge.

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What is SAS? What will you learn from the SAS training

The data science topics consist of concepts such as data mining, data identification, data scraping, data exploration, data wrangling, and data visualization techniques. Data science can be learned with many tools such as R programming, Python, SAS, etc. Here we will teach SAS Macros and PROC SQL giving importance to all SAS concepts in the Data Science. SAS certification training deals with analytics techniques of the SAS data science tool. In this course, you will learn the data optimization, data manipulation techniques required to become data science experts. It also trains you in advanced statistical techniques such as linear regressions, forecasting, clustering, decision trees, and other analytics problems. StarAgile's data science with the SAS certification course enables one to solve the data science real-world problems using the SAS tool and do predictive modeling on the data sets and use advanced data analytics. SAS certification at StarAgile is meant to learn to make complete solutions in data science with advanced level knowledge to use the SAS tool.

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SAS Certification and Training FAQ's

Who provides SAS certification?

You will receive the certificate from StarAgile on satisfactorily completing the course and its requirements such as 1 project completed and 1 exam passed with 60% out of 100 questions.

What are the modes of training provided by Staragile for the SAS online course

  • Live virtual or Online Classroom training - This training can be taken at the convenience of office or home and can be attended remotely in video conferencing mode from the desktop.
  • Online Self-paced training - In this training mode you can anytime and anywhere go through the recorded videos. 

What is the system configuration to attend SAS online course

Recommended configurations are

  • Minimum of 4 GB of RAM,
  • I3 Core 1.6 GHz Processor speed
  • Able to install and run the SAS university edition
  • 200 GB of Hard Disk space

List the companies that offer SAS associated data science jobs

  • AxionConnect Info Solutions Private Limited
  • Mazars India LLP
  • Lexicon Informatics Private Limited
  • Sun HR consultancy
  • Hiring Street
  • Black Turtle India Private Ltd
  • Mastermind Network
  • SAS Institute
  • Keirin Software Technologies Private Limited
  • Golden Opportunities Private Limited
  • Info-Base Analytics

What are the job titles and jobs available for SAS certified professionals in Bangalore

There are multiple jobs available for SAS certified professionals in Bangalore they are

  • SAS Programmer
  • SAS Consultants
  • SAS Data Engineer
  • SAS admin
  • ETL + SAS developer
  • Informatica + SAS developer
  • SAS developer
  • SAS Trainer
  • SAS Associate

How much Data Scientist earn on an average?

The average annual salary for a Data scientist is about Rupees 6,53,150 as per popular job site

SAS Certification & Exam FAQ's

Do you give mock test as part of the SAS certification training course

We do give 1 mock test to prepare for the exam. This test can be taken multiple times. This SAS mock test covers accurately all the exam portions and what has been taught in the online course. With this, you can adequately prepare for the final exam.

We provide 50 MCQs for you to complete in 1.5 hours. Thus you can practice in a time-bound manner for the actual examination 

Where to get more details about SAS online training

You can visit StarAgile’s website and chat with our support team. You can also make the call on our hotline number to know more details on the SAS online training.

Is the money-back guarantee given by StarAgile

Yes, we provide a refund under certain circumstances. You can reach out to help and support of StarAgile institute to understand the details and make a refund.

What is the validity of Data Science with SAS certification

Data Science with SAS certification offered by Staragile is valid for a lifetime. There is no expiry date.

How soon will I receive SAS certification

Once you complete the training and training requirements that include both completion of the project and passing the exam you will get the SAS certificate.

How many attempts can I take to clear the SAS certification examination

There are 2 chances provided to you to clear the exam. In case you fail to make it up in the first attempt then you can take the test a second time provided you are confident. If not you can practice for some more time before appearing for the exam.

What is the duration of the SAS online course

You are expected to spend a minimum of 100 hours with us by either attending the live virtual training or watching the pre-recorded video. Completing the project is with you to plan for the time. Pass the exam and that will complete your entire SAS certification training.

How to crack Data science with SAS examination

Register for our course, attend the training, ask doubts, appear for the exam and pass  the exam with 60% out of 100 questions, complete the project and you qualify for a SAS certification

Is the SAS course accredited?

SAS course is not accredited by anybody. At Staragile we train and provide you with a certificate that is valid for a lifetime and is industry-recognized.

What is the cost of SAS Online course

The cost for SAS training would be approximately USD-209. However, reach StarAgile team to avail discounts.

What are the SAS online training prerequisites?

There are no pre-requisites required. No prior knowledge of statistics or programming or SAS tool is required for this course. You can join us and learn all details from the scratch and master data science using SAS tools. 

How to unlock the Staragile SAS certification training course

Online course

• Attend end to end the complete course

• Complete 1 project and 1 simulation exam with a minimum score of 60%

Online Self-paced learning

• Complete 85% of the course material

• Complete 1 project and 1 simulation exam with a minimum score of 60%

How to get SAS certification?

To get the Certified Data Scientist with SAS the following criteria’s must be met

  • Complete 1 project out of the 2 projects provided during the course
  • Pass the online examination with a minimum of 60% in any one of the simulation exams
  • You will get 3 months of experience certificate upon completing the project in SAS only if you complete the project and pass at least one exam that we conduct.

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