Everything You Need to Know about PSM Exam

If you want to be a Professional Scrum Master, sitting for the PSM exam is compulsory. The PSM exam is a stepping stone to explore the world of Scrum Certifications. PSM is the most deserving among all the Scrum certificates. After obtaining the PSM certification,  you can show your level of Scrum mastery in your organization.

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Professional Scrum Master

Become a Professional Scrum Master & earn up to 14 lakhs to 18 lakhs per annum. Get 2 days of live training directly from PSTs having decades of experience and earn 16 PDUs and SEUs with a lifetime membership with Scrum.Org

Reasons to do Professional Scrum Master Training

PSM Exam Overview

The Professional Scrum Master exam includes the following:

Exam Type 
Open book 
Exam Format 
Multiple choice
Number of questions 
Duration of exam 
60 minutes
Language of Exam
Passing Score
Questions to Attempt 
At least 68 out of 80 to pass the exam

Try to finish answering the questions within 50 minutes to check the answers in the last 10 minutes. That means you have only 45 seconds for each question. Also, do not waste your time solving questions that you do not know. Instead, keep them for the last 10 minutes. 

PSM Certification Exam Cost

The cost of PSM certification varies according to the location. 

United Kingdom

Proper knowledge of Scrum networks and frameworks is imperative for the PSM 1 exam. Some tips that can help you in preparing for it are as follows:

  • Familiarize yourself with different subject areas.
  • Start with the Scrum guide.
  • Practice using exam simulators
  • Undertake free practice examinations
  • Check out online articles and forum discussions

PSM Exam and Re-Examination Fee

The PSM certification exam and re-examination fee go like this:

Exam fee
Exam Fee included in the certification fee ($150)
Exam retake fee (per attempt)
you are eligible for two attempts with no additional cost; for the first attempt within 14 days and for the second attempt, you can give at any time
Certification validity

PSM Renewal Fee

PSM exam certificate does not need a renewal fee because the certificate is valid for the candidate's lifetime.

StarAgile' s PSM Application Assistance

StarAgile offers the PSM certificate after a candidate completes the PSM exam. It is a PSM training, exam, and certification agency renowned globally for providing all-inclusive training along with resources, evaluations, and proper certification to help candidates achieve their objectives and accelerate their careers.

StarAgile has a hands-on approach like role play, games, simulations to ensure the quality of its services. It works with more than 50000 companies, who appreciate the top-notch PSM certification training that this agency delivers. The trainers here are talented and highly experienced and help candidates in every possible way by addressing their concerns 24/7. They offer two days of live classes online and 16 PDUs and SEUs. Students enrolling for the PSM training program also get a lifetime membership with 


1. What are the prerequisites for taking the PSM exam?

There are no prerequisites to appear for the PSM exam. But attending proper PSM training is imperative.

2. Who can sit for the PSM exam?

People looking to build a solid Scrum career can sit for the PSM exam. Many job roles greatly benefit from the PSM certification.

3. Is it possible to pass the PSM exam by attending a two-day training program?

Yes, attending a 2-day training program from a popular training institute like StarAgile can help you pass the PSM exam.

4. How many attempts are available to pass the exam?

There are 2 attempts available. If you do not pass the PSM exam, you need to pay the fees again after 2 attempts and sit for the exam.

5. What if I fail the PSM exam?

You can make as many attempts as possible but always pay the PSM exam fee.

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Key Features

  • 2 days Live Virtual Class Program
  • Delivered by PSTs
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs
  • Role plays, Games, & Simulations
  • Scrum.Org Exam Fee Included
  • Join WhatsApp Groups
  • Life Time Membership with Scrum.Org
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