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PMI ACP Exam Questions

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Project Managers with working experience in the Agile process must know the right way to apply and practice agile methodology in their projects. To groom every individual and make a perfect agile project manager, the Program Management Institute (PMI) offers an Agile certificate called PMI-ACP, an Agile certified professional. 

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About PMI- ACP Examination 

Do not misinterpret that only a project manager should take this course but every scrum master, product owner, agile coach, agile trainers, developers with experience and IT managers gets benefited from this course.

ACP Exam Pattern

PMI- ACP Exam questions will include 120 MCQs with 20 pretest questions which will not alter the score. This online examination is conducted for 3 hours and will contain PMI- ACP Exam questions about agile tools, techniques and project management skills. 

The PMI- ACP Exam questions include three levels of questions namely level 1 (33% of 120 questions), level 2 (12%) and level 3 (5%).

The ACP PMI Exam will include questions that cover the below-mentioned areas but not in the same order as given below. Refer this to know how much focus you need to give on which domain. 
Agile mindset + principles 
Delivery – Value Driven
Engaging with the stakeholder 
Performance of the team
Adaptive planning
Detecting problem and resolution
Continuous process, people and product improvement 

ACP Exam Questions

 1. Which of the following is not a valid principle behind the Agile Manifesto?

a) Working software is the primary measure of progress.
b) Business people and developers must work independently of each other. 
c) our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
d) Simplicity is the art of maximizing the amount of work not done


Explanation:  Option B lists the wrong principle. The correct principle is - Business people and developers must work together daily during the project. 

2. Jim has shortlisted the vendor and is in the process of signing a contract. He consults Anthony to understand what type of contract he should sign so that he can terminate the project if he does not find value in the incremental shippable product?

a)Time and Materials contract
b)Fixed Price contract
c)Cost Reimbursable contract
d)Fixed Price with Incentive contract


Explanation: Time and Materials (T&M) contract is one where the contractor is paid for the actual cost of time involved, usually at specified hourly rates, and actual cost of materials and equipment usage

3. Anna is mentoring a team of young engineers and helping them understand project management. One day, she explains to them that as soon as the increment is done and ready, delivery must be done. Delivery should be continuous and should be timeboxed. The delivery of the increment should satisfy the customer and must be the highest priority of the agile team. Which of the following Agile principles is Anna referring to? 

a) Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage.
b) Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software
c) Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project
d) Working software is the primary measure of progress


Explanation:  Here, Anna is referring to the principle - Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

4. Name the pull based planning and execution method that focuses on maximizing the throughput of a team by limiting work in progress-

a) Lean
b) Kanban
c) Scrum
d) Crystal


Explanation: Kanban is a pull based planning and execution method. Rather than planning work items upfront and pushing them into the work queue of a team, the team signals when they are ready for more work and pull it into their queue.

5. Mark has recently joined ABC Inc and finds out that the teams working on projects in his department generally have 5-10 people in a team. The team takes initiatives and is focused on their work. In most cases, they don’t need a manager and they decide for themselves, perform task allocation, task estimation, story development, testing and delivery in a sprint. Also, they estimate the time they need to do their work and define targets for the sprint or iteration. They report their own status and progress regularly. Help Mark identify the type of team this is?

a) Agile teams
b) Self organizing team
c) Testing team
d) Development team


Explanation: These are self organizing teams, in specific. Self organizing teams take initiatives and are focused on their work. In most cases, they don’t need a manager and they decide for themselves, perform task allocation, task estimation, story development, testing and delivery in a sprint. Also, they estimate the time they need to do their work and define targets for the sprint or iteration. They report their own status and progress regularly. 

6. Which of the following is NOT an example of Information Radiators?

a) Work breakdown structure
b) Iteration Planning
c) Project Status
d) Automated build report


Explanation:  Iteration planning is a stage in the project and not information being displayed

7. In MoSCoW prioritization technique, C stands for ?

a) Can Do
b) Could Have
c) Couldn’t Do
d) Cancel


Explanation: MoSCoW is a prioritization technique. Skipping the O’s, the terms used for prioritization are, M, S, C, and W.  M stands for Must haves, S stands for should haves, C stands for could haves and W stands for Wont and would haves. 

8. Who is responsible for tracking the total work remaining in the sprint backlog so as to achieve the sprint goal?

a) Scrum Master
b) Scrum Team
c) Product owner
d) Quality Manager


Explanation: The Scrum team is responsible for tracking the total work remaining in the sprint backlog so as to achieve the sprint goal

9. A leadership model actively used in Agile Project management that primarily focuses on the leader providing what the team members need, removing impediments to progress and performing supporting tasks to maximize the team’s productivity is known as,

a) Adaptive Leadership
b) Servant Leadership
c) Situational Leadership
d) Transformational Leadership


Explanation:  Servant leadership is a key to effective Agile project management. It primarily focuses the leader on providing what the team members need, removing impediments to progress and performing supporting tasks to maximize the team’s productivity. 

10. Calculate the number of iterations that will be required in your Project with a total number of 180 story points and an estimated velocity of 10 stories per 2 week iteration and the first release to be made of 30 stories?

a) 18
b) 180
c) 190
d) 30


Explanation:  Number of iterations = Total story points / Velocity = 180/10 = 18

11. Which formal document describes the project’s goals, purpose, composition and project lifecycle to be used and is created by the project sponsor?

a) Business case
b) Project charter
c) Vision statement
d) Initiation document


Explanation:  "The Project charter is a formal document that describes the project’s goals, purpose, composition and project lifecycle to be used.  It is not considered complete until we receive a formal sign off from the project sponsor. "

12. According to Kano model, which of the following are minimal requirements for customer satisfaction?

a) Exciters
b) Linear features
c) Threshold
d) Delighters


Explanation:  Threshold features are the must have features in the product. They must be present in the product to make it successful.

13. There is a conflict between the Product owner and customer over roles and responsibilities. According to you, customer is NOT responsible for -

a) Ensuring that the product does not focus on a subset of users
b) Assuming the requirements of different user profiles
c) Ensuring programmers are pair programming and have collective code ownership
d) Verifying the value of each user story delivered to them


Explanation: The customer's primary role is to ensure that he is getting the value of the product that he asked for. The practices that are followed by the team are important bur primarily the responsibility of the customer.

14. Kim and Sarah are working in the same room. Kim is a programmer working on the code while Sarah is having some discussion with Jack. Kim overhears their conversation and gets enough information to know what Jack and Sarah are talking about. What kind of communication is this referred to as?

a) Push communication
b) Pull communication
c) Active Listening
d) Osmotic communication


Explanation: Osmotic communication is useful information that is shared informally as the team members overhear each other's conversations. This happens all the time – while writing, talking, reading, we overhear other team members’ information. 

15. Which of the following is NOT an agile value?

a) Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
b) Comprehensive documentation over working software
c) Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
d) Responding to change over following a plan


Explanation:  Option B states a wrong agile value. The correct version of Agile value is 'Working software over comprehensive documentation.

16. Jack is working on Project Skywalk. Their project aims for software migration at a bank. While performing risk management activities, a major risk that has been identified is attrition of resources. As a strategy to respond to this risk, Jack, with support from Senior Management, provides good increments to his team members. What type of risk response is Jack following?

a) Accept
b) Transfer
c) Avoid
d) Mitigate


Explanation:  Jack is applying the 'Mitigation' risk response strategy. This response seeks to reduce the probability and/or impact of risk event  should it occur. 

17. Jim is working on a user story which requires some additional feature to be added to it. While coding, he discovers that the original code is not as per the coding standards used in the organization. What should he do?
a) He should not be bothered about the previous code

b) He should discuss with the Product owner and get technical debt added in the product backlog as an item 
c) He should start refactoring the module and change the time estimate for the current task
d) Discuss with the other team members and add a new story in the sprint backlog


Explanation:  He should discuss with the Product owner and get technical debt added in the product backlog as an item. Remember the product backlog is owned by the Product owner. 

18. There are four stories in an iteration, with following story points viz.  Story 1 – 3, Story 2 –4, Story 3 – 2, Story 4 – 1 
If the velocity of the iteration is 8, which stories can be included in the iteration?"

a) Stories - 1,2 and 4
b) Stories - 1,2 and 3
c) Stories - 2,3 and 4
d) None of the above


Explanation:  The summation of the story points for stories 1,2 and 4 is 8, which is equal to the velocity of the iteration

19. As 3 out of 5 team members have left the team, Jack has suggested that they should cancel the current sprint. He is one of the oldest employees in the organization and has a track record of working hard towards the organization's goals. What happens when the sprint is cancelled?

a) The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a release and incomplete items are put back to the Product Backlog
b) The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a release and incomplete items are discarded
c) The complete Sprint Backlog is put back to the Product Backlog
d) The Scrum Team disbands immediately


Explanation: The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a release and incomplete items are put back to the Product Backlog

20. Your team has 400 points in the backlog and a velocity of 25 points for each two-week iteration. How many iterations are required to complete the project?

a) 16 weeks
b) 20 weeks
c) 40 weeks
d) 28 weeks


Explanation: 400/25 = 16 iterations

All aspiring individuals can enroll with us for effective training and we also provide 5 mock tests that exactly reflect the PMI- ACP Exam questions. This will provide you with confidence and knowledge to appear for the examination and get certified. 

To understand more about PMI- ACP training check out our PMI ACP Certification  or please reach us at +91 – 80502 05233

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Key Features

  • 31 Hours of training (self-paced + Live virtual trainer recorded videos)
  • 20+ years highly experienced trainers
  • 5 Case studies/2 hands on Projects
  • End-of-Chapter Quizzes
  • Application assistance with ACP application template
  • 180 days of access to high-quality, self-paced learning content designed by industry experts
  • 21 PDUs and 15 SEUs offered
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 650+ exam practice question and answers

Glimpse of our PMI ACP Training

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Key Features

  • 31 Hours of training (self-paced + Live virtual trainer recorded videos)
  • 20+ years highly experienced trainers
  • 5 Case studies/2 hands on Projects
  • End-of-Chapter Quizzes
  • Application assistance with ACP application template
  • 180 days of access to high-quality, self-paced learning content designed by industry experts
  • 21 PDUs and 15 SEUs offered
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 650+ exam practice question and answers

ACP Certificate

PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner

What is ACP Certification? What you can learn from ACP Certification?

Nowadays, due to the changing demands of the customers and needs, IT Organizations are going through the transition by shifting their focus to agile methodology to attain customer satisfaction. Agile takes care of these frequent changes in demands, requirements and priorities.PMI-ACP certification helps one learn all the frameworks of Agile which are Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD). With this certification, you will have rich knowledge of different techniques of Agile Practices, Principles and values.This PMI-ACP will teach you all the nooks and corners of the Agile using which you can set up your project, work on the estimations, cost and schedule based on the Agile Principles.

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ACP Training Advantages

PMI-ACP Certification Advantages+

  • With PMI-ACP course, one can learn how to plan, estimate, implement Agile techniques in a project
  • Not only this, PMI-ACP will teach you different frameworks of Agile like Scrum, Lean, XP, Kanban and DSDM.
  • The main advantage of PMI-ACP certification is that one can get tricks of the Agile by learning how to manage the project deadlines, cost effectiveness in the Project, Budgeting and Timelines.
  • One can learn about Scrum in detail since Scrum is the widely used frameworks of Agile. One can learn Scrum events, artifacts and Scrum Roles with PMI-ACP Certification
  • A Certified PMI-ACP Professional will be highly preferred amongst the crowd. This certification will add lot of value to your Profile as well as you will have good knowledge base about the Subject Matter
  • PMI-ACP certification will also yield you good salary package as compared to other non-certified Professionals since PMI-ACP certification is in huge demand
  • With PMI-ACP certification in hand, you can easily aim for managerial roles in the organization provided you have enough skills to support.

Who Can Attend for ACP Certification

  • Scrum Masters, Scrum Team Members and Product Owners
  • Developer and Programmer
  • Software Engineer and System Engineer
  • Co-ordinators
  • Test Manager and Test Engineer
  • Team Lead, Project Lead and Tech Lead
  • Project Manager, Delivery Manager and Technical Project Manager

ACP Certification & Exam FAQ's

1. PMI ACP training cost ?+

The training cost for PMI ACP is 6999 INR + GST.

2. From which certification body I would receive ACP certification?+

You will receive your certification from which is global professional membership association for project management.

3. What is the process for ACP Certification renewal?+

One can renew the certification after completion of the mandatory PDU’s and after paying the required fees for renewal

4. PMI-ACP Certification validity?+

The certificate is valid for 3 years period after successfully completing the exam. One can renew the certificate after 3 years.

5. How to download PMI ACP Certification after completing the examination?+

Once you have your login credentials and you have successfully completed the exam, you will be able to download the certificate from your profile.

6. Can I retake the ACP Certification Exam If I fail in first attempt?+

Once you pay the exam fees, and fail in the first attempt you still have 2 more attempts left to clear the exam within a year. So one can attempt a ACP exam 3 times.

7. What is the passing score for PMI ACP certification?+

The PMI does not disclose the passing score of candidates nor do they confirm on the minimum passing marks. Since PMI is based on ‘sound psychometric analysis’ as mostly its computer based , the question set for each individual is different ,so the passing scores are always different. Howeverpm according to the trainers of PMI-ACP Agile Certification aspirants, most of them would estimate that the passing score is around 70%.

8. How much is PMI ACP certification cost /fees for PMI ACP Certification?+

The exam cost is US$435 for PMI members and US$495 for non-members for computer based test. US$335 for PMI members and US$395 for non-members in paper based test.

9. Is PMI ACP training online or classroom?+

StarAgile offers PMI ACP training in two modes 1. Live virtual session and 2. Self paced Learning

10. Can I pause the PMI ACP Certification exam for some time and resume it later?+

Yes, you can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later. Your test will resume from where you left, but the test time will be reduced by the amount of time you’ve taken in the previous attempt

11. What is the duration for ACP certification exam?+

The certification exam has 120 multiple-choice questions and you have 3 hours to complete it.

12. Is ACP certification online or paper passed exam?+

It is a 120-question, multiple-choice test. The exam is conducted throughout the year via Prometric testing centers and there is a specific application process you need to follow to take this exam.

It is also a paper based test but still there are prerequisite to be completed before attending the test

13. What is the exam pattern for ACP Certification?+

The PMI-ACP Exam comprises of 120 multiple choice questions. Out of these 120 questions 20 are considered as pre-test questions. The pre-test questions result will not be carried to your final score. The time allotted to complete the exam is 3 hours.

14. What is the weightage for PMI ACP Certification questions from each domain?+

The PMI ACP exam is basically for 3 hours with 120 MCQ questions. Also there are no negative markings for any incorrect answers.  The test focuses predominantly on 7 domains and the % weightage given to each domain is mentioned below,

Domain 1 – Agile principle and mindset (16% – max 9 questions)
Domain 2 – Value-Driven Delivery (20% – max 14 questions)
Domain 3 – Stakeholder Engagement (17% – max 9 questions)
Domain 4 – Team Performance (16% – max 9 questions)
Domain 5 – Adaptive Planning (12% – max 6 questions)
Domain 6 – Problem Detection and Resolution (10% – max 5 questions)
Domain 7 – Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People) (9% – max 6 questions)

15. What is the exam process for PMI ACP Certification?+

Following mentioned is a step-by-step guide to get your certification’s done. One has to follow the below mentioned process for the certification and also what needs to be done after you are a certified,

  • Submit your application; an individual needs to complete the application within 90 days from the date of initialization.
  • Application completeness review; will get a response within 10 days after submission
  • Payment process; one need to make the payment before appearing for the exams
  • Audit process; Once your application is selected, you have 90 days to submit your audit materials. You will be getting a feedback from PMI within 7 days
  • Multiple choice examination eligibility; once your application is shortlisted you can take an exam for a maximum of 3 times within a year.
  • Certification cycle; once you pass your exam you are confirmed with your certification
  • Certification Maintenance; each individual has to work on PDU’s within 3 years cycle.
  • Certification Renewal; one can renew the certification after completion of the mandatory PDU’s and after paying the required fees for renewal
  • Certification suspension; your certificate get expired after the 3rd year anniversary if you have not applied for a renewal certificate.
  • Certification expiration; occurs at the end of the suspension period, if you don’t fulfill the continuing certification requirements towards certification maintenance.

16. What is the PMI ACP Certification fees?+

There are 2 ways to attend the exam either an online test or a paper based test. Cost for both the test varies and also the cost varies if you are a PMI member or a non-member.

So if you are attending a computer based test, the cost would be

US $435 for PMI members

US $495 for non-members

And if you are attending a paper based test, the cost would be

US $335 for PMI members

US $395 for non-members

17. Can someone take ACP Certification without training?+

Yes or no. If you do want to know the whole lot, you are very much advised to read and study all the recommended books, you will need to extract the parts that are needed for the exam on your own with reference to the exam syllabus. But this would require lot of time.

On the other hand, to save your time, some quality Agile project management education for the PMI-ACP exam (the 21 contact hours) can help you learn and understand all the contents for the examination without requiring you to read through the list of books. They have done the hard work of extracting the essences of each book and re-arrange them into a structure that’s in line with the PMI-ACP® examination content outline.

An individual can choose StarAgile to help you to study and pass the PMI-ACP exam as it is the most cost effective and comprehensive prep course for PMI-ACP you can find

18. Eligibility criteria for PMI-ACP Certification?+

An individual should have 2000 hours of general project management experience in the last 5 years.  Agile Certified Practitioner requires the holders to have at least 1,500 hours of practicing Agile methodologies in their actual work. Also 21 contact hours must be earned in agile practices.


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PMI-ACP Certification and Training FAQ's

1. Why StarAgile?+

StarAgile is one of the best training institutes for PMI-ACP certification. They have trainers who have more than 20+ years of experience in helping induvial attain their certification’s.

2. What is PMI-ACP Certification?+

Agile is one of the most important and used approach in development projects. Most of the organization looks up to this significance as project management practitioners progressively make use of agile as a method for handling successful projects. The PMI-ACP certification distinguishes a person’s knowledge in making use of agile practices in their projects, while representing their improved knowledge through agile tools and techniques Also, the PMI-ACP certification carries a advanced level of professional dependability as it needs a mixture of agile teaching, knowledge working on agile projects, and analysis on agile principles methods, tools, and techniques.

3. Career / PMI ACP Certification Benefits ?+

After completing your PMI-ACP certification one can easily move into any of the following jobs designation mentioned below

-Scrum Master
-Agile coach
-Agile consultant
-Project Manager
-Technical Business Analyst

4. What skills your will learn after PMI-ACP Certification?+

PMI Agile certification helps you understand the concepts and practices of Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Lean Agile, Kanban, TDD, Extreme Programming (XP) and implement those methodologies in your project as per the requirements of your clients. PMI-ACP provides you have deep knowledge of the Agile methods and techniques from Project management point of view. PMI-ACP certification covers following:

Agile Values and Approach
Delivery that adds value to the customer
Collaboration with Shareholder
Enhanced productivity of Team
Flexible Planning and Estimation  Techniques
Identifying Project issues and their resolutions
Unceasing Progress in terms of Project, Development and People

5. What is the average salary for PMI-ACP Certified professionals?+

The average salary of PMI-ACP certified Professionals is 20,00,000 Lakhs. However salary could be much higher when you grow up the ladder within your organization.

6. Who can do PMI-ACP Certification?+

The PMI Agile Certified Professional certification is recognized across the globe and whoever aspires to be into Project management role can take up PMI-ACP certification. Some of the roles who can do PMI ACP certification are:

  • Project managers
  • Project executives/engineers
  • Team leads/managers
  • Software developers
  • Agile team members
  • Any professional who wants take up project management

7. What are the Prerequisites for PMI-ACP Certification?+

In order to pursue PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification, one should have following pre-requisites:

  • A secondary level degree or higher than that
  • Overall project management experience of 2000 hours in the latest five years
  • Should have worked on Agile Methodology for at least 1,500 hours in the last three years

8. What is the PMI ACP Certification cost ?+

Cost of pmi acp certification is bifurcated for PMI Members and Non PMI members. The Cost for PMI member is $435 and that for non- PMI Member is $495.

9. PMI-ACP Certification Process?+


10. Who provides the PMI-ACP certification?+ a renowned and globally recognized professional membership association for project management provides the PMI-ACP certification.

11. How many years PMI-ACP certification is valid?+

PMI-ACP certification is valid for 3 years after which one has to pay minimal certification fees to renew the certification and also professionals should earn 30 PDUs.

12. Do you provide assistance for the PMI-ACP certification exam application process?+

Yes, We will provide you complete assistance on Application process. You will be provided with an excel sheet calculator to fill actual application based on the project experience details that you will fill.
Also, In the PMI ACP trainers will educate you on the complete application process during the Live Virtual training or Online training

13. What certification do I get post PMI- ACP training?+

After you successfully complete the PMI ACP training provided by StarAgile, StarAgile provides you with the course completion certificate. Apart from this, you will be provided with the 21 hours PDU, which will make you eligible to take up PMI-ACP certification exam

14. How many questions are there in the PMI-ACP® exam?+

The PMI-ACP® certification examination consists of 100 scoring questions and 20 un-scoring (pre-test) questions. The unscored questions will not be known and will be haphazardly dispersed all through the exam.

15. Is PMI ACP certification fee is included in the course fee?+

No. PMI Agile certification fee is not included in the course fee.

16. Is the PMI-ACP training course aligned to the latest exam and course changes implemented by PMI®?+

Yes, the PMI ACP training course is aligned to the latest exam and the course changes are implemented by PMI. Bear in mind that the training is conducted by eligible a trained professionals who are in touch with latest on goings and updates by PMI-ACP

17. How does StarAgile assure me that the PMI ACP training and PMI ACP training material, PMI ACP certification dumps will help in clearing exam?+

StarAgile experienced trainers use very distinct teaching methods and make you understand the concepts very easily in the simple manner. This will help you to crack PMI-ACP exam in 45 days. We also provide 5 Mockup exams, 2 Projects, 5 Case Studies, and quizzes at the end of each chapter for your practice.

18. How many attempts do I have to pass the PMI-ACP Certification exam?+

One will have 3 attempts in total to crack PMI ACP examination, one will have to pay $495 ( non-member) and $435( member) for first attempt, $395 ( non-member) and $335( member) for second attempt  and $395 ( non-member) and $335( member) for third attempt.

19. Who delivers this PMI-ACP training?+

Training will be provided by StarAgile trainers, who are highly qualified and who owns PMI-ACP credentials. These trainers have 20+ year experience in the Industry. The trainers have experience of training more than 500+ workshops on PMI-ACP course.

20. What next after PMI-ACP training Course?+

One can go for SAFe Agilist training after successfully completing PMI-ACP as it deals with scaling Agile at enterprise level.

21. Does StarAgile offer Live Virtual and online classes for PMI-ACP?+

StarAgile offer 2 types of training, one is interactive and one is recorded videos. Both of them are helpful as the recorded videos are self-explanatory.

22. What is Live Virtual training?+

You have option to attend live virtual training via video conferencing. You also have an option to attend the training in person or join live classroom trainings through remote locations.

23. Is this live training, or will I watch pre-recorded videos?+

Trainings are conducted as interactive sessions where in participants can ask questions and get involved in discussions during the sessions. Since the trainings are conducted as live online streaming by using GOTO webinar tool. Participants can also revise the concepts as all the videos are recorded for future reference for exam preparation.

24. What infrastructure do I need to attend this session?+

The system requirements are quite basic:
OS: Windows any version above XP SP3 & Mac any version above OS X 10.6
Internet Speed: Preferably above 512 KBPS
Headset: Any decent headset and microphone which can be used to talk and hear clearly.

25. How 100% money back guarantee?+

We always try to ensure that whoever opts for our training are satisfied with the knowledge they get by attending our trainings. However we guarantee a 100% money back offer if participants are not satisfied with the kind of training given and if it’s not to their liking if the request is made within 7 days after the training enrollment.

For Self-Paced Learning:

Raise refund request within 7 days of purchase of course. Money back guarantee is void if the participant has accessed more than 25% content.

For Instructor Led Training:

Raise refund request within 7 days of commencement of the first batch you are eligible to attend. Money back guarantee is void if the participant has accessed more than 25% content of an e-learning course or has attended Online Classrooms for more than 1 day.

26. What are PDUs and SEUs?+

Professional Development Units (PDUs) is the term used for continuing education credit by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to renew PMI certifications. Scrum Education Units (SEUs) is the term used for continuing education units by the Scrum Alliance to earn the CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) certification.

27. How many PDUs and SEUs I will get after completing PMI-ACP training?+

After completing PMI-ACP training participant will be awarded with 21 PDUs and 21 SEUs

28. Payment Procedure?+

One can make Payment via Credit card; Debit card, Net banking, Cheque /Wallets/ NEFT. For more details you can get in touch with us.
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PMI - ACP Certification

 PMI ACP Course Manual 

Looking forward to a career in agile? Yes, it is the way the industry is trending and most of the organizations have started embracing agile techniques. It is because of the iterative processes which save time, money, and eliminate errors. For your hunger to grow, you need to understand the right career path. Having started working in agile it is a good practice to get certified with a globally recognized institute. 

We suggest you choose PMI ACP which is offered by an international organization. The course covers the basics of agile and walks you through a special project management role. It is two in bonus to learn agile principles and apply in real-time. 

What is PMI ACP course

Ignite the agile performer in you by professionally going through a certification course offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). They make you a qualified agile practitioner and that is how they have designed their certification course. In this course content, we will explain to you what is the course all about, who should attend, how to attend, and how to get a certification. 

What is PMI

They are an institute with their headquarters in Pennsylvania, US offering project management certification to people across the globe. The certificate they offer has global recognition and also they have devised a standard curriculum allowing professionals to learn project managerial concepts. 

What is ACP 

Agile practitioner certification is a certification course that helps people to learn and master the agile way of working in projects. Since most of the organizations are migrating to the agile work model this certification course will bring all in a common platform. The course covers all agile fundamentals, tools and methodologies embraced in agile projects. 

Who can apply for PMI agile certified practitioner

Well, we understood why PMI offers ACP certification. Now, we must evaluate whether we are eligible to opt for one.

  • If you are working in an agile project as a PM, team lead, or developer, then you need to go for this training at some point in time which will allow you to master the basics in the right manner. 
  • Every developer can begin their agile career by learning the agile methodology from scratch 
  • As a team member, you will know how to gel with your team and tune your mindset in an agile way. 
  • As a PM you are expected to practice agile in your projects and that becomes easy after attending this course. Set an example for your team.

Why PMI-ACP certification training

You will be molded as a perfect agile professional as the course covers the following topics. Certification is given only after the training and in the training, you will go through a practical explanation about each agile concept which you can acquire in life after many years of experience. In short, the PMI-ACP class will offer the required experience during the course duration itself. 

  • Understand agile principles and tune your mindset to embrace agile methodology as it is the way the product development will happen in the coming years. 
  • Know how to carry out delivery in a value-driven manner. Delivery time matters and so the value too. The training will educate an ACP to handle delivery giving importance to the value. 
  • Stay engaged with the stakeholder and they are the key people for successful project delivery.
  • Master the art of managing team and embrace adaptive planning
  • Work towards continuous improvement by detecting and resolving problems periodically. 

How to apply for the certification 

Check for your job experience and then make up your mind to attend a PMI agile course
  • Complete the training to collect your PDU
  • Fill the exam form and become a PMI member 
  • Pay the fees 
  • Schedule a date for examination and take the test 
  • Pass the test to get qualified for a certificate. 
Let us see how do we move forward from each step to reach the destination of becoming a PMI agile certified practitioner

PMI ACP certification requirements

If you want to apply for the certification course, then you need to apply. Yes, it is a straight answer. However, the institute has set some requirements and only if you meet them you can start with your application process. 

The prerequisites to apply for PMI certification includes 

  • A minimum of 2000 hours of work experience in projects.
  • Along with that, you need 1500 hours of work exp in agile projects.
  • Attended a minimum of 21 hours PMI agile certified practitioner training course.
From the above it is clear that training is mandatory as the experience you will gain as part of your career. This training is required to collect 21 PDU to apply for certification.

Agile certified practitioner training

Many institutes offer training and these days online PMI ACP training has become a trend that is at par with the classroom training. Therefore you need not worry about the mode of training. But choose wisely the best PMI ACP online training institute that has the following edge over others.  Get answers to the following questions and validate them. 

  • Check for their experience in training offered and how many have been successful 
  • Know if they offer PDUs and SEUs. 
  • Ask them if their trainer has the required professional experience 
  • Do they provide you with recorded videos that will let you prepare for the examination? 
  • Will case studies be part of the training? This is important because those will help you go through a practical experience during training. 
  • Know if they conduct projects to test your skills at the end of the training 
  • What kind of materials they give matters as you need to refer them and get ready for the examination 
  • Do they assist with application assistance?
  • How many practice exam questions they provide? 

Application process 

Let us assume that you chose the right institute and got trained. Now, its time to apply for the certification examination. 
  • Create a login with the PMI website and fill an application form. You have 90 days to complete the form from the date you created an account. 
  • After the application process, you will get a reply in 10 days about your application status. 
  • Then you need to submit documents within 90 days and PMI will take 1 week to check your documents.
  • Make payment and schedule your exam. You can fix a date within 1 year period from the date your application got approved. 
  • Also, you are allowed with 3 attempts to pass the exam. 

PMI ACP certification cost and PMI ACP exam fee

The training cost is INR 6999 + GST with StarAgile. You need to make USD 495 with PMI for appearing to the exam and getting certified. In case you are a member of PMI then you can pay USD 435 only. These costs are applicable for PMI online test. 

PMI ACP exam pattern 

Having paid the fees we are sure you are seriously preparing. Understand the exam pattern and other details to clear the exam in one attempt. 

  • The examination is online with 120 MCQs and you need to complete them in 180 minutes. 
  • 120 questions will include 20 pretest questions. However, you will not know which pretest questions are and you need to give equal importance to all questions. 
  • The 7 domains on which the questions will revolve include 
Number of questions
Agile principles
Delivery – Value Driven 
Engaging with stakeholders
Team performance
Adaptive planning
Detecting and resolving problems
Continuous improvement 
  • You can resume the test after pausing and you will retake the test from the place you left. But remember that the test time will continue from the time where you left. 
  • It is possible to make 3 attempts to clear the examination beyond which you need to make payment of USD 335 and USD 395 for members and nonmembers respectively. 
  • There is no passing score and no marks awarded for the examination. It is based on the number of questions you wrote right and each question has different weightage. Therefore you need to prepare well and marks do not matter in this examination. 

PMI ACP cost and renewal process 

  • Your certificate is valid for 3 years from the day you passed your examination. 
  • You need to collect 30 PDU to renew your certification after 3 years
  • Login to the PMI site with your credentials and submit your earned PDUs make payment to renew the certificate.  Members need to pay USD 60 whereas nonmembers will pay USD 150 for renewal. 
  • There are several options to earn PDUs which is a separate topic by itself. 

Benefits of attending PMI agile training 

We have briefed you about what is PMI ACP and all details pertaining to PMI ACP exam fees etc. We will also throw some light on how to prepare for the exam.

Make up your mind as to why you have chosen PMI ACP. Only then preparation becomes easy. 
21 contact hour PDU is a must for applying with PMI for certification. This you can attain in self-study, attending seminars, etc. But training will offer the following advantages. 

  • Hearing from a learned professional will help in easing grasping. It also allows getting doubts clarified. 
  • Connecting with other participants will provide room for discussions and hence teamwork culture is inhibited. 
  • Case studies will pave the way for practical experience and projects will make the participant work hands-on. 
  • Finally, the mock examination will provide the necessary idea about how the actual will be conducted and what kind of questions will be asked. 

One last fool-proof suggestion – Why StarAgile 

Experience and self-study are important. However, we suggest you to register with StarAgile PMI ACP training online to reap the benefits easily. The study material, case study, mock examination, and the training will get you ready mentally to attend the examination and pass in the first attempt. 

Wishing you good luck!  

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