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Overview Of CSM Exam

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CSM certification helps gauge a candidate's  understanding of the artifacts, events, and roles of a scrum master. CSM certified professionals will be in a better position to engage with their team of Agile practitioners. The CSM exam questions are framed in such a way that candidates who are proficient in these aspects will be successful in demonstrating their core Scrum knowledge in their day-to-day work.

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Overview of CSM Exam

The CSM examination is an industry-accepted benchmark that is used to gauge one’s understanding of the foundations of Scrum.

CSM Exam Fee

The certified scrum master exam fee will vary from country to country. The CSM exam fee in India stands at Rs. 24,000 to Rs 26,000. This includes certified training from a coach. On completion of the training, the candidate will get a link to the test. Here is a look at the CSM exam fee in other countries.

Approximate Cost

Re-take CSM Exam Fee

The exam can be re-taken if it is not cleared on the first attempt. For the second attempt no additional exam fee is taken. For third or more attempts, an additional fee of 25 USD is taken.

CSM Exam Pattern

The examination pattern is pretty simple, and the test needs to be completed within 60 minutes from the time of commencement. There will be a total of 50 CSM exam questions, with 74% being the passing score. The CSM Exam limit is a maximum of two attempts which can be taken within 90 days. In case one fails to qualify even after the second attempt, there is the provision of retaking the exam by paying an extra amount.

Getting the CSM Certification

On successful completion of the CSM Certification Online exam, a candidate will be directed to the CSM Licence Agreement page. The certificate is valid for 2 years during which one will be expected to maintain their Scrum Educational Credits.

Renewing CSM Certification

The CSM certification is only valid for 24 months from the date it is issued. Post that, one has to log in with their original credentials and pay an administrative fee to renew the certification. Here is the breakup of the fee that needs to be paid in case of the various CSM certification exams.

Certification Name
SEU required
Fee per term


Some frequently asked questions about CSM exam fee, benefits of the certification and prerequisites for the exam are addressed below.

 1. What are the benefits of CSM certification?

CSM certification is an industry benchmark for identifying candidates with knowledge of Agile concepts. Having an Agile mindset not only makes you marketable, but it also accelerates one’s career growth. With MNCs like IBM, Wipro, Cognizant and TCS investing in Scrum, CSM certified candidates have bright career prospects.

2. What type of a job role can one expect after CSM certification?

A scrum team member, Scrum Coach, Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, and Agile Coach are some of the job roles that one can expect after the certification.

3. How can one gain the Scrum Educational Credits that are needed to keep the certification valid?

The central idea behind the educational credits system is to encourage scrum masters to keep up with the latest scrum frameworks even after they have answered the CSM exam questions correctly. The credits can be obtained by reading blogs, attending webinars, Agile events, watching Scrum videos and several other ways. One hour's worth of effort in knowledge transfer on Scrum is seen as one education credit.

4. What are the prerequisites for taking the CSM examination?

The CSM certification does not have any eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled. Having a background in Scrum gives one an edge in the examination. However, many software developers, testers, delivery managers, IT managers and project managers have given their career a boost with this certification. These days, non-IT fields such as operations and marketing are looking at implementing Scrum in their work model. In such a situation, people from all domains and backgrounds are encouraged to take up the certification.

5. What is the training fee for the CSM examination?

The cost of the scrum certificate is $100. This includes the cost of attending the training workshop as well as that of taking the test. Scrum Alliance is the certifying body for the CSM examination. As per the guidelines set by them, a candidate must attend a classroom workshop before the certification exam.

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