CSPO Certification Value: Is it worth doing in 2024?

The CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) is a certification for the role of the Product Owner. A CSPO knows how to improve product value by increasing the delivery of product features, coordinating with the stakeholders, and leading the Scrum team to get them excited about the product.    

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Reasons to do Certified Scrum Product Owner Training


CSPO certification can help product owners learn about sprints and backlogs. It helps certified individuals in learning the business aspects of an organization and the application of the Scrum framework. Furthermore, certified product owners learn to lead the team with their vision while talking to all parties involved. 

CSPO certified professionals help the business to keep its reputation by delivering quality products within the stipulated time. Due to their irreplaceable nature, they stand as a valued individual in an organization with an excellent salary. 


How to Get a CSPO Certification?

According to the Scrum Alliance, the organization that is directly responsible for Scrum Certification, individuals can get a CSPO certification after accomplishing the following:

• Aspirants must undergo a 2-day training session from a Certified Scrum Training Institute.

• After successful completion, they are awarded a CSPO certification, along with a two year Scrum Alliance membership. To gain a comprehensive understanding, I highly recommend exploring the CSPO certification process.

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CSPO Course Completion Outcomes

After CSPO certification, one will be able to learn the business side of an organization, along with knowledge of the Scrum framework. CSPO individuals have better management skills since they know how to use product stories and sprints. It helps them to meet deadlines while improving product quality and customer satisfaction. 

A PO creates a vision for the development team, attends scrum meetings, and also works with the customers and stakeholders. The Product Owner represents the product and has a better understanding of the product and its capabilities. The Product Owner is responsible for creating and prioritizing the product backlogs and vital features of the product. It is their decision if any changes are needed in the product backlog.

Is CSPO Certification Worth It?

Here are some benefits of the CSPO certification that will help you understand if CSPO is worth it:

• Since CSPO certified individuals can manage different groups of people, provide a goal, and direct a product to completion, they are always in high demand.

• CSPO certified individuals can not only micromanage tasks using sprints but also look at the bigger picture using scrum tools like breakdown analysis.

• CSPO certification is universally accepted, and it has proven its worth across multiple industries.

• It helps certified professionals to get a raise and a better job role.

• The CSPO certification increases the value of the certified professionals with knowledge about the scrum framework and inner working of a business.

Salary After CSPO Certification 

It is the salary after CSPO certification that proves the true worth of the course. The salary varies from country to country based on the companies. Following are the average  salary of a CSPO in various countries:

Salary(per annum)
United States (US)
86,000 - 130,000
981,000 – 3m
65,000 – 428,000
United Kingdom
40,000 – 68,000
82,000 – 185,000

Top Companies Hiring Certified Scrum Product Owner 

As companies realize how crucial the  role of a Product Owner is, they are looking out to hire CSPO professionals.  Top companies hiring in CSPO are as follows :

• Intel

• Siemens

• Amazon Inc.

• General Electric Co. (GE)

• The Walt Disney Company,

• AT&T Company

Certified Scrum

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CSPO certification is a globally acclaimed certification for the role of a Product Manager or Owner, setting certified professionals apart from the bunch in an organization. Since certified professionals can provide a vision, manage time, resources, and product features, as well as talk to stakeholders, they are highly valuable to an organization. Due to their skills, CSPO certified product owners are often handsomely rewarded with a great salary and other benefits.

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