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Jan 05, 2024

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Atlassian is responsible for the development of the program known as JIRA. This program is used for managing projects and tracking bugs and issues. The complete name JIRA was derived from the Japanese term "Gojira," which translates to "Godzilla." The primary function of this tool is to monitor problems and issues associated with the software and mobile applications. 

What is Jira?

JIRA is a platform for managing projects that may also be used as a tracking system for problems and defects. It is a common practice in the testing industry to utilize it as a tool for tracking issues. The agile technique was used to develop the software. The software developers can use the JIRA dashboard. It provides services which make managing problems much more accessible.

Things which Jira can do;

Features of Jira

Agile is the core feature of Jira. It allows seamless use of all the capabilities available in scrum and Kanban boards. Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid methods such as scrumban may all be implemented using this approach.

Any ongoing project may be monitored using the tracking software. One can filter problems based on various criteria by using Jira's unique query language. It is referred to as JQL (Jira Query Language)

Users can rapidly access planning, reporting, releasing, and tracking information through the sidebar. This flexible tool can generate tasks and stories from any screen. The drag-and-drop capability makes it easy to construct sprints in all the backlogs.

This application supports remote teams working from various locations on desktop computers and on-premises systems. The Jira tool also facilitates native apps that can be used on mobile devices and are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. 

Jira gives users access to the relevant information in an easily digestible manner known as reports. Jira provides access to many pieces, which users may use to improve their situational awareness. 

How To Use Jira Tool?

Software developers will be able to use the Jira program if they complete the procedure in the following order: 

Different Components of JIRA

A project is broken up into portions known as components. They break down more significant problems associated with a project into more manageable chunks. Teams may use features to combine problems describing work on specific data items, services, plug-ins, or APIs inside their assignment.

How To Create an Issue Jira?

In JIRA, one can create an issue by following the steps given below: 

The open-source JIRA dashboard will become available. Choose the project. Software developers have a selection of alternatives to choose from, some of which are Simple Issue Tracking, Project Management, Agile Kanban, and Jira Classic. 

How to assign issues to another member of the team?

Software developers will have a much easier time managing projects  if one delegates problems to the other team members;


Jira workflows are a vital component of project management activities. They regulate the rules by which projects are moved between stages. The project management template provides a straightforward workflow at its most fundamental level. 

Team members can start working on a workflow and continue until it is finished. The program allows complete workflow customisation to fulfil the business's specific needs. The Jira software comes with several pre-built workflows that could be used.

JIRA Screen

After the issue is created in JIRA, it will be sorted and marked in several fields. developers can alter and update the area with the assistance of the process. Within JIRA, the term "screen" refers to the presentation of the field. Follow the steps given below to avail screen feature;

What are reports in Jira?

Reports in Jira refer to delivering an overview of the ongoing Jira project's health, status and progress to the customer in real-time. Jira Work Management offers a range of reports that may be used to see data about a particular person. 

Advantages of JIRA

Jira comes with several advantages;


Jira offers agile work management tools that empower collaboration across all teams. JIRA serves as the primary information-gathering platform for upcoming product releases. The developers can design new features and fixes implemented in the subsequent version. The JIRA Certification will help software developers advance their careers by upgrading skills. Get a JIRA Certification Today!


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