The Complete Guide on How to Create Sprint in JIRA and Make the Most Out of It.

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A sprint is a timeline in a company's workflow and development cycle. At the end of the sprint, your company should ideally have a working draft of one aspect of your business that makes use of some functionality. This may include something you may have previously thought nothing of, and then you go back to base to re-evaluate how things are going if there are any areas you feel you might need looking at.

To create a perfect timeline, it is recommended to take advantage of Jira Software features to analyze your backlog and help you plan your projects almost effortlessly so that none of the deadlines or expectations involved gets missed. Jira software streamlines sprint planning and works execution in every expression of agile, from startups to enterprises.

Using sprints in Jira, the team can customize their workflow, from backlog grooming and release planning to agile development and more. Keep reading to learn how to create sprint in Jira and get the most out of this technology for your agile team.



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How to Create Sprint in Jira?

After creating a Jira software account, Scrum project, and adding backlog items to it, now with Jira, create a new sprint!

1. Create New Sprint in Jira

Go to the Backlog section of your Scrum project, and you will find a button at the top that reads Create sprint. After doing so, you will automatically be brought to a screen for creating a new sprint. It is important to remember that you can generate many sprints at once!

For example, if you are working several weeks ahead, it is a good idea to ensure several are already in progress when starting this step as it saves time later on when it comes time to start on the planning process.

2. Add Items from Your Backlog to the Sprint

Once you pick your sprint, you can start adding work from your backlog. But, before anything else, you need to organize a meeting with your team and discuss the work they will commit to in completing tasks for the upcoming sprint. Ensure that there is enough work beforehand so that everyone on your team can deliver their completed tasks by the end of the sprint since you do not wish to fall behind.

A newbie might not know how much effort is needed to estimate how many stories need to be added, but with every passing sprint, one gets better at predicting the potential scope of different project aspects like user experience, security, or performance.

Jira can help you measure your success at achieving business goals by gathering the right data. Have the team estimate the number of issues in your backlog so you can see how close they came to completing said benchmarks. With sprints in Jira give you eyes on progress and help confirm where any obstacles may be hindering progress so you can make quick decisions before things get bigger. 

3. Add Issues to the Sprint

Now it is time to navigate to the sprint pane and add issues to the sprint. Just drag and drop individual team issues from the backlog area into your selected sprint. 

4. Start the Sprint

It is time to start the sprint after all of the issues in your sprint are ready, and your team can begin working on them. A new sprint can only be started when a previous one has been completed and closed. It is possible to have more than one active sprint running simultaneously in Jira. For that, you will need to use Parallels Sprints features.

Before starting a new sprint, you first need to move the tasks lower down on your list to the top.

Starting new sprint:

  • Go to your Scrum project's backlog.
  • Select the sprint you wish to initiate and press the Start Sprint button.
  • Set the sprint's name and, if desired, add a Sprint goal, as well as the sprint's Start and End dates.

5. Keep Track of Your Team's Progress

During each sprint, teams work as a unit to complete the stories they committed to at the beginning of the sprint. These team standup meetings are crucial for keeping track of what everyone is working on if there are questions about which direction any given story is going in or specific issues about timelines and goals associated with individual tasks.

6. Close the Sprint

Go to your Scrum board's Active sprints section.

  • Choose the sprint you wish to close from the sprint drop-down.
  • If you have numerous sprints on your board's Active sprints, the 'Complete Sprint' option will not show until you choose one of them.
  • Complete the sprint by clicking the Finish button.


Jira is a digital ticketing system that stores information about the tickets you create and the workflow, changes, and projects associated with those tickets. So if your team uses Jira for Agile development, you can use it to keep track of things like Sprint backlogs and current sprints. With sprints in Jira, developers and project managers manage their teams' queues by showing them what they are working on right now and what they need to focus on next.

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