Asana Vs JIRA: Which Tool is Better for your Team?

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Jun 23, 2022

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When you are looking for the best project management software that is available for free, then there are two big names that will pop in front of you- Asana and JIRA. While they are prominent names in this field, they are completely different approaches to managing the project. So, this is the place where you are going to find the differences between these two techniques in the project. And when you are familiar with their processes. With features, pricing and other components, you can make a better choice in choosing the right one for your project. Managing a project can be a difficult task, but with the right tool in hand, this can be made easier. Also, if you are looking for JIRA Training, then we are going to share the best platform at the end of this page where you can increase your acumen and gain the best knowledge you deserve. But we move to asana vs JIRA, we are going to briefly know about these two software so that we can understand them in a better way.

What is Asana and its features?

Asana is one of the leading project management software which is used as a SaaS (Software as a service) application. This is a very flexible tool that is used by corporations to make sure that they are tracking the important activities and projects that have various teams in it. There are various objectives defined in the team and to make sure that prominent time and effort is given to them, this tool is used to help the team of all sizes to work with those objectives.

One of the highlighting features of this tool is that it is very fast and comes with a user-friendly interface. With this tool in hand, the team is able to work efficiently and they are able to navigate and prioritize their apps according to the requirement. They can have a great work experience when they are working with Asana. These robust characteristics that come in the package with Asana make it one of the leading tools for the management of the project and that is why some big names like Deloitte, and Airbnb use this tool for their projects. With Asana, the users get paid as well as a free version that can be accessed from the web browser or the smartphone app. It is the app known for its simplicity and this enhances the productivity and work experience of the team all over the world. It is very great and fun to use. You will get customizable dashboards with this tool and not only this, then this is offered in various views which can make working with Asana very interesting. You will also get secure storage with Asana which will make sure that your confidential information is secured in this tool.

What is JIRA and its features?

JIRA is a tool that is developed by an Australian company called Atlassian. Now, this has become one of the best tools for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. There are various useful functions that can be performed by the JIRA application and the dashboards that are part of this tool. They can make the issue handling very easy. There are many features of this tool and it is loved by so many enterprises. One of the core fundamentals of working in JIRA software is Agile and it follows all the agile practices. It makes the best use of scrum and Kanban boards and various methodologies are part of this tool.

It is one of the most flexible planning tools that can help in managing the project in a smooth way. The issues can be tracked at any point and proper measures can be taken to overcome them. This app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and the mobile applications are very easy to use. With JIRA roadmaps and reports, this tool gives a high-level view of the ongoing tasks in the project and hence enables the team to have better information about the health of the project. Also, it has features of real-time notification and dashboards in JIRA that are very useful to display tasks and work in a collaborative manner. Also, with the use of JQL (a modified version of SQL used in the JIRA application), the users can browse and filter the issues and have multiple criteria. They can have the drag and drop features in this software that can help them with the hassle-free management of tasks in the project.


Now that we have an understanding of how Asana and JIRA work, we are not able to highlight the difference between this two popular software. We are going to take one feature and compare this two software for those points. Then by the end of this article, you will be able to make a decision and choose the best software as per your project requirements.


The first feature that we are going to compare is the pricing of these tools. First, if we talk about Asana, there are four plans in this tool- Free, Premium, Enterprise, and Business. These plans have different values which can range from $ 10.99 to $24.99 per month. Now if look at the prices offered by JIRA, they are quite less compared to Asana. They charge a fee of around $7-$14 per month. This comes under a lower price range. If there are fewer than 10 users then JIRA allows the free version and use of its key features. But what should you choose now that you know the price range of these two tools? Well, although the price offered by Asana seems higher than JIRA, the features offered by Asana in this price range are justified. If you wish to scale your business and just start, then going for JIRA can be useful for you. Asana's free plan is not going to help you out as much as the free plan from JIRA is going to help you. So, if you are at the startup stage, the JIRA tool can be a good option.


Now coming to the features, it can be easily said that Asana is going to win here. It is truly a feature-packed software that has some great quality like customization, security, and much more. We are going to show you how. There are tons of features like project templates, and tools that can be used to create various schedules, and production statuses as well. It can manage traditional tasks and CRMs as well. But if we talk about the tool that can be useful for developers, then we have to give one more point to JIRA. It is easy to use and user-friendly as well. This is suitable for nontech teams as well. There are various features tracking, roadmaps, agile tools along with scrum boards that make sure that the team is not behind in the project lifecycle. But if you are looking to get the full potential out of your JIRA application, then you need to make some changes and change its configurations. It is more developer-friendly.

Now if we give the verdict for difference between asana and JIRA, then Asana definitely offers more utilities than JIRA. The choice can be made based on the team that is going to use this software. For example, if the need is for IT and development teams, then going with JIRA is the best option, but if you are looking for a tool for your marketing campaigns and other designs, the Asana is the best tool.

Customer Support

The competition is neck to neck here but we need to say that Asana has better customer support as it has more documentation and the support is available for all the tiers. Because JIRA offers premium support for its paid users only. Both the tools, none of them offers phone support. When you are going to work with Asana, as everything is documented, there is less jargon when you are going to understand the system and start working with the tool. There is less agile terminology which is part of the JIRA tool a lot. This will make working with the Asana tool much easier than compared to JIRA. So, working with Asana is pretty easier than with JIRA and you will need support very less. But in case of acute problems, both the software offers ticket-based customer service. This is available for all versions of the Asana plan but only available for paid users in the case of JIRA software.

Getting Started and Integrations

Once you know what to do when things are going to sail smoothly for both the software. You can work with your teammates and set up the system as per your team's requirements. Both the software offers user-friendly set up and you will not have issues while working with them. You can use the user manual for better understanding. Now if we talk about the integration with other tools like Slack, Adobe, and Salesforce, there are 160+ software that is supported by Asana. You can also build your own custom scripts using this tool. Whereas JIRA is more flexible in this case, it offers integration with 250+ tools. JIRA clearly has an upper hand with this. But Asana has made sure that it is integrated with all the common and well-known tools. So, if there is anything specific, then you can choose the right tool for your project.

Security and Privacy

Both the software has good certifications in security and privacy and they offer encryptions to the data. The data stored in both this software is protected by In-transit Data: TLS (Transport Layer Security) and At-rest Data: AES256 encryption. As they both are using AWS as the host, the data is secured and you do not have to worry about this when you are working with these tools.

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Bottom line

It is clearly visible that both these tools are the best in their field and if you need the best tools while working on the project, they are options you can consider. They offer great features, security, and a user-friendly experience that can make fun. But there are notable differences between these two tools and we have unearthed those features in the article above. The parameters we have discussed above are prominent when you need to make a decision. So, with this discussion, you can choose the right tool that can help you increase productivity in your organization.

Also, if you need to start your training for the JIRA tool, then going for StarAgile, can be the best choice for your career. Having JIRA certification can work well for your career path and with the right guidance from the certified course at StarAgile, you can make sure that you are fully equipped for the challenges ahead. So, start your journey now and give your career a boost.

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