PMI-ACP Learning Objectives

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner or PMI-ACP is one of the most popular Certification courses for Agile project management. The PMI in the mentioned term stands for the Project Management Institute. They are known to organise the entire Certification course for the candidates.     

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PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner

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Reasons to do PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner Training


PMI ACP Certification courses cover all the technologies, tools, and methods to provide an agile work environment. Not only do these methodologies enhance the future of the organisation but it also intensifies their productivity for better work outcomes. Getting this Certification course would undoubtedly help a candidate understand the agile framework. They can further implement the same during any project management. Discussed below is the PMI-ACP learning objectives and the benefits combined with it in brief. 


PMI-ACP Certification is a course that covers relevant topics related to the agile framework, techniques, processes, methodologies, and tools, respectively. An individual getting certified with the course can help in a better progression of the organisation by utilising agile modes of team management rather than the traditional ones. Given below is the syllabus, exam format and much more information related to PMI-ACP Certification.

What Does PMI-ACP Certification Cover? 

The curriculum of the course is well researched with seven domain practices and methodologies. Here is a quick outline of the PMI-ACP learning objectives -  

Agile Principles and Mindset 
Value-driven delivery 
Stakeholder engagement 
Team performance 
Adaptive planning 
Problem detection and Resolution 
Continuous Improvement 

What Will You Learn In PMI-ACP Certification Course? 

It is quite well known that the PMI-ACP Certification course would certainly help an individual grasp diverse information regarding the agile framework. Also, here are some of the other things included in PMI-ACP learning objectives:

  • Utilising the best agile methods to complete the assigned projects within the cost and before the mentioned deadline.
  • Acknowledging different facts, responsibilities, and framework related to benefit the organisation with the Scrum Framework.
  • Getting knowledge of the tools and techniques to acquire better transparency and limit the problems within a well-recognised organisation.
  • Comprehending the knowledge and skills for various scenarios like conflict relationships, collabs, emotional intelligence, etc.
  • Be actively competitive with enhanced problem-solving skills while knowing the risks and the outcomes of any decision made.


Certification Training

2 Days of live virtual training

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Benefits of PMI-ACP Certification Courses 

A PMI-ACP Certification course conjugates numerous benefits with itself. A few of them are given below:

  • By getting certified with PMI-ACP, one can surely enhance their career through various means. That's because every organisation at present prefers an agile environment. Thus, a professional in the same field would benefit the organisation profoundly.
  • The Certification course is popular and well recognised on a global level. Thus, after completing the course, one can utilise their skills almost anywhere in the entire world.
  • It will give a positive remark to all the future recruiters and enhance the abilities related to agile methodologies and framework.

Exam Details 

Now that you know the objectives of the course let's comprehend some of the necessary exam details.  

Total Number of Questions
Exam Type 
Multiple Choice Questions 
Standard Method 
Computer-based (Paper-based is Available during some case scenarios)
Exam Time
3 hours 


So these are all the objectives of the PMI-ACP Certification course with all other necessary details. It is quite clear from the above context that the PMI-ACP learning objectives focus on agile methodology and framework for the efficient growth of any particular organisation. Not only does it enhance one's career but also benefits their future organisation with agile project management and work environment. 

Key Features

  • 16 Hours of Instructor-led Live Virtual Training
  • 21 Hours of training (Live Virtual Training + Self-Paced)
  • 20+ years highly experienced trainers
  • 5 Case studies/2 hands on Projects
  • Application assistance with ACP application template
  • LMS Access for Self-Paced Learning content designed by Industry Expert...
  • 21 PDUs & SEUs offered
  • Course Completion Certificate
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