Career Path & Future Scope of Certified Scrum Masters

During the early years of the Scrum Master career, one may opt for a smaller team to implement the knowledge of Scrum and Agile. At the initial stage of one's career, they usually help the team through sprints and ensure that the team understands and applies the scrum rules and practices to deliver values.

After a while, when the team understands the scrum methodology, they won't require a Scrum Master every time and will be taking more responsibilities themselves. A CSM career eventually involves working with multiple agile teams concurrently, and providing mentorship rather than working round the clock. 

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Reasons to do Certified Scrum Master Training


Scrum Master Career Paths

•  Agile Coach

This role facilitates the implementation of Agile and Scrum. The Agile Coach is responsible for guiding the team member in Agile adoption and reaching success. 

Business organizations are always searching for Agile Coaches to transform their way of doing work. A Scrum Master can showcase their talent to take advantage of the opportunity and take their career to the next level. To become an Agile Coach, one must be fully aware of the scrum concept. 

• Product Owner

A Certified Scrum Master can transit to the role of a Product Owner since they know how a Product Owner works on sprint backlogs and helps to build a product, and deliver value. As a Product Owner, the Scrum Master will have more responsibilities and will be fully empowered by the organization to do their job.

If the CSM certified individual enjoys tackling business challenges that come with the job, it is the right choice for them. The role of a Product Owner includes market research and analysis, dealing with project budget, scrutinizing the competition, planning product releases, and much more. 

• Mentor

A Scrum Master who has been successful in their respective field can take a step ahead to become a mentor for other Scrum Masters. The primary responsibility of a mentor is to provide knowledge and psychological support to the team and guide the team to work effectively.

This role is appropriate for scrum masters who enjoy working on the scrum procedure to develop a product independent of what the product might be. Some scrum masters love the process more than the product and work with the development team to enable creativity.

• Manager

A good manager is essential for the success of a scrum team. If the manager has a detailed knowledge of scrum, then he or she can provide proper guidance to the team and support them in the right way. Just like the Product Owner, the manager has many responsibilities and higher authorities in the job.

• Management Roles

Project Managerial role and  scrum master role are quite different. However, a scrum master can find this job interesting. It requires providing the team with proper guidance. This career option might require experience in team management.

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Salary of Scrum Master Based on Job Roles

Take a look at the different salaries that a CSM commands across industries.

Job Role
Average Salary (in USD)
Agile Coach
Certified Scrum Master
Scrum Coach
Product Owner


This certification opens the door to numerous  CSM career options. One can apply for many job roles depending on their subject of expertise, area of interest, and salary. Hence, certified professionals must realize the job profile and choose accordingly. The job role can also vary with expertise and level of Scrum integration in the organization.

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