CSPO Certification Eligibility in 2024

A CSPO certification tells your current, future and prospective employer that you fully understand Scrum methodology and can implement them to create a high-quality product. However, before getting your certification, you must complete CSPO prerequisites such as reading the Scrum guide and Agile manifesto, attend a two-day training and renew your certification every two years by earning the required number of PDUs or SEUs.       

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Reasons to do Certified Scrum Product Owner Training


The Certified Scrum Product Owner or CSPO is responsible for the product vision and maximising the value of the product for the customer. It is up to the CSPO to ensure that the timeline for product development is strictly followed while also ensuring that it has maximum value to the customer. The CSPO certification prerequisites are that he/she should have comprehensive knowledge of Scrum techniques and methods, understanding of Agile methodologies, and attend a course by a Certified Scrum Trainer. You should also renew the certification every two years.    


The majority of the software development and Information Technology (IT) companies practice Scrum methodology to deliver higher-quality product and to create a better work environment. The Certified Scrum Product Owner or CSPO is crucial for accomplishing this goal. It is the CSPO's responsibility to deliver a product that matches the customer's expectations. The CSPO takes inputs from various stakeholders to perform his/her duties. 

A CSPO has in-depth knowledge of Scrum methodologies and uses this knowledge for improving the processes within the organisation. Since more and more companies around the world are implementing Scrum to enhance their product quality, the demand for a certified CSPO is on the rise. There are some CSPO prerequisites you should satisfy before you can be awarded the certification.

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CSPO Certification Eligibility Criteria

Here is a list of CSPO prerequisites that you must satisfy to gain your certification. 

Scrum Knowledge

A CSPO certification indicates that you are well-versed in Scrum methods. It is a testament to your ability to implement Scrum techniques to ensure that the project is successful. A good starting point to learn about Scrum is the Scrum guide. 

The Scrum guide is a comprehensive and exhaustive document written by the developers of Scrum themselves. It details everything you need to know to carry out the responsibilities of CSPO, making it one of the foremost CSPO certification prerequisites.     

Agile Manifesto

Since Scrum is an Agile process, the Agile manifesto will give you a complete picture regarding the various aspects of Scrum. It gives you a more in-depth insight into the Scrum processes. The Agile manifesto is not as important a CSPO prerequisite as the Scrum guide when it comes to CSPO certification. Consider it as an additional read to get a better understanding of the context of Scrum.  


The CSPO prerequisites mentioned above are recommended and will help you with your Scrum journey. However, they are not mandatory. The mandatory CSPO certification prerequisite is the two-day training that spans 16 hours. The training can be in-person or live online session. 

You will be awarded the CSPO certification upon completion of this two-day training. The cost of training varies from country to country.    


The CSPO certification is only valid for two years after which you have to apply for renewing the certificate. The CSPO certification can be renewed by earning 20 PDUs during the two years and paying a renewal fee of USD 100. 

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