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A significant rise in salary can be expected when you're a CSPO. With more and more organisations shifting to Agile technologies, there is a vast market demand for certified people in roles like an agile coach, product owner, project manager, and many others. The high demand has led organisations to offer competitive salaries to professionals who have a CSPO Certification.

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Reasons to do Certified Scrum Product Owner Training

Overview of CSPO Salary

Clearing the CSPO exam opens the doors to a much higher salary. There are a lot of factors affecting the pay of a CSPO such as the country one is working in, the work experience they have, the designation and the company. 

CSPO Salary based on Country

An individual's country of residence plays a crucial role in the salary that they get as a CSPO. The table below shows the CSPO salary in India as well as other countries:

996,000 - 2,500,000
80,000 - 192,503
United States
86,000 - 130,000
United Kingdom
48,000 - 68,500
76,000 - 129,000

CSPO Salary based on experience

The salary of a CSPO has a direct relationship with the years of experience of an individual. A detailed breakdown of experience-based salary is given below:

Salary in USD
76,000 - 90,000
91,000 - 104,000
104,000 - 108,000

CSPO Salary based on Designation

The designation of the CSPO is one of the deciding factors in the salary range that they get for the job. A detailed breakdown has been given below:

Salary in USD
Product Owner
Senior Product Manager
Agile Coach
Senior Product Manager (Software)
Product manager (Software)

StarAgile's CSPO Certification 

StarAgile provides a well-rounded CSPO certification training. This training lasts for two days, and students are exposed to the best faculty and have access to many informational books. There are no educational criterias to be able to take the training except for basic higher education. It is also preferred if there is a basic knowledge of Scrum. Scrum Alliance, which is the certifying authority, mandates that a candidate has to attend a 16-hour classroom training session. StarAgile stays updated with the latest changes announced by Scrum Alliance and gives the students the best possible knowledge. This program is curated by experts who understand the demands of the market. This CSPO Certification training provided by StarAgile gives students access to  a high-paying job with just a short training.

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1. Which companies in the USA provide good salaries to CSPO?

There are many companies in the USA with the requirement for CSPO. A few of them are given below:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Capital One Financial Corp
  • Amazon.com
  • General Electric Co (GE) 

Is the increase in salary post - CSPO certification worth the monetary investment that is required in taking the test? 

The CSPO certification goes a long way in improving the pay package of a working individual. This certification issued by Scrum Alliance enjoys global recognition. In India, the salary of a certified scrum product owner increases by 9% for CSPOs with an experience of 1 to 4 years. A similar salary hike is seen among people with varied experiences, making this certification a total value-for-money investment. 

2. Is there a growing demand for CSPO's and is the salary paid accordingly? 

The demand for CSPO's has increased considerably over the years. Today several organisations (both MNCs and startups) are switching to Agile technology. They are ready to invest in paying handsome salaries to deserving CSPO professionals. If a candidate wants to make a switch from one industry to another to increase his salary, product owner certification will form the bridge. For people already in Agile projects, wanting to switch to a product owner, the CSPO certification is crucial. The salary of a product owner in the US stands at $94,442. 

3. Which companies offer the best salaries to CSPO professionals in India?

Amdocs, Capgemini, CGI, TESCO, SAP, and IBM are some of the top companies hiring CSPO professionals in India. In each of the cases, the average base salary of certified professionals stands at Rs. 1300k and above annually.

4. Which CSPO designation pays the most?

All the designations pay higher than average, but the top three designations are:

  • Senior Product Manager
  • Senior Product Manager (Software)
  • Agile Coach

To understand more about the CSPO Training check out our CSPO Certification.

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