CSPO Learning Objectives

Scrum is a simple framework that allows individuals to manage projects that are unpredictable and complex. When an individual undertakes a Scrum Product Owner certification, they have to understand the CSPO learning objectives to be able to tackle these projects successfully. No one needs to follow the CSPO learning objectives to the tee because they are open to interpretation, and every team can apply Scrum within their context. However, CSPO learning objectives provide a framework within which problems can be viewed and worked around.

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A Certified Scrum Product Owner is a person who has received training from a Certified Scrum Trainer in the practices, principles, rules, tools and techniques of the Scrum framework to allow them to play the role of a Scrum Product owner in a team. 

This training is perfect for people with an entrepreneurial mindset who wants to build superior products, collaborate with stakeholders and comes up with novel ideas for solving problems. One of the central tenets of CSPO learning objectives is the flexibility with which you should be able to deal with any challenge that comes your way.

For example, if your client changes the expectation for the outcome of the project while the project is ongoing, you should be able to use the principles of the CSPO learning objectives to accommodate this changed goal. 

Your role will be to set objectives for the team, define a vision for the project, set realistic targets for the team to achieve as well as prioritize product backlogs to accomplish the goal.

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The Scrum Product Owner has to know and embody the CSPO learning objectives in their roles and while managing their projects.

Here are the outlines of the 5 CSPO learning objectives.

1. Undertaking The Role Of A Product Owner

This one among the CSPO learning objectives also guides the product owner to understand the client's needs and requirements, strategize as well as keep the client abreast of the requirements and maintain the relationship while collaborating with your Scrum team.

With the development team, the CSPO ensures that they are embracing practices that help them maximize productivity while reducing technical debt. They also have to undertake the role of a product owner across multiple teams in some instances.

2. Advanced Purpose and Strategy

The role of a CSPO also includes developing practical product strategies that exhibit communication tactics which are simple and rich in context with both stakeholders and Scrum team members.

3. Empathizing with Customers and Users

As a CSPO, you would be responsible for creating an accessible communication and feedback loop between your teams and the customers as well as users to allow for better understanding and empathy with their needs as well as the process of development.

4. Advanced Product Assumption Testing

As one of the CSPO learning objectives, this one requires the product owner to take stock of their biases, conduct sprint review meetings to measure progress and adapt the project and also effectively test assumptions effectively.

5. Working with the Product Backlog

The goal is also to learn how to deal with product backlogs which might not have been predicted. This could be done by employing the principles of differentiating between outcome and output, defining value, ordering items and working towards advanced item refinement.


While flexibility in manifesting these CSPO learning objectives might vary based on your team and the organization that you are a part of, the framework aids in agile and seamless problem solving especially for projects that are not simplified or common in nature and has dynamic goals.

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