CSM Certification Process

CSM certification is a certified course for project management after completing which one can become a professional scrum master. It is divided into two steps which involve a 2-day training and clearing the examination respectively.         

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Reasons to do Certified Scrum Master Training


CSM or Certified Scrum Master Certification is a certified course that is arranged for the candidates to get proficient knowledge regarding project management. The entire certification process concentrates on leadership, teamwork, scrum values, and it's progression, respectively. 

After completing the CSM Certification course, the future scope in career is absolutely diverse. Also, it is likely to teach some of the essential Certification, which is going to be helpful in almost every aspect. All this will make you think about the process for how to get scrum master certification. Let's discuss the process to get a brief idea.  

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How to Get CSM Certification? 

Now that you know what CSM certification is, you must be thinking how to get scrum master certification. Certified Scrum Master course completion involves specific steps that need to be followed to acquire the certification successfully. 

The steps are sequentially mentioned to render you a definite idea regarding its process. Keep note that the examination is arranged officially by Scrum.org and before appearing for it, you need to take a 2-day training. Now, let's move on to know the entire process of how to get CSM certification. 

Eligibility: There is no such particular eligibility to get the certification course. Anyone can become a certified scrum master. However, make sure to have proficient knowledge regarding the principles and process of the course, before opting for the sane. This will further help you to grasp the certification course precisely and efficiently comprehend the aspects of it. 

Process: As mentioned earlier, the Candidate needs to attend a CSM course in person. This course is held by a Certified Scrum Trainer. Thereafter, the candidate goes through the following simple process to become a CSM in the process -  

  • Attend the course and get familiarized with the concepts of CSM.
  • Understand and learn all the subjects to prepare for the examination.
  • Finally, pass the examination by answering minimum 35-50 questions correctly.

Examination Pattern: After successful completion of training, you need to appear for an examination.  

Total Number of Questions
Question Type
Multiple Choice
Minimum Exam Score
60 minutes

Other details - You may get a warning message in case you forgot any questions as such. After doing so, your marks or exam score will appear on the screen. 

Cost: The cost for the CSM Certification course varies from country to country. Let's know it in detail for better information.

Exam Cost
1000-1450 USD
1195-1500 CAD
25,000-35,000 INR
1600-1700 AUD
950-1095 GBP

Future Scope/Job Opportunities: Once a candidate completes the course, they can bag the job position of Scrum Master or Iteration manager as a fresher. As soon as one gains a 1-year experience, they can become Senior ScrumMaster. Besides, they can further train others for the same. The candidate can also give coaching to other individuals who are interested in getting certified as a Scrum Master. In simpler terms, the job opportunities and scope after the course completion is excellent.  

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So this was the complete CSM certification process after completing which one can become a certified scrum master. In sequence, one needs to get proper training and then appear for the examination. The future scope after completing the CSM certification process is quite diverse, and one can bag a decent job with excellent packages. 

Besides, getting a CSM Certificate would further render an advanced outlook to your resume in particular. 

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