CSM Learning Objectives

The CSM certification by the renowned Scrum Alliance is a globally acknowledged certification for your skills in scrum practices, principles, and technology. The world is increasingly adopting agile methodologies. So, a CSM credential can prove that your expertise lies far beyond the contributions of a conventional project manager. But, before getting that certification, it's vital to understand CSM learning objectives. Understanding the learning objectives gives you a framework of the knowledge you're about to gain. The CSM learning objectives prepare you for the coursework and training to follow.

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The CSM learning objectives offer a perspective on the terminologies and concepts of Agile and Scrum. Core CSM learning objectives ensures the optimum outcome of the training. Besides making you theoretically ready, it helps to apply the principles in real-time. 

An Overview of CSM Learning Objectives 

Agile, Scrum, and Lean Methodology and Principles

Understand the changes in and the roots of lean methodology, along with the Kaizen method. The relation between the seven lean manufacturing wastes and product development wastes are also explained. You learn the link between Agile engineering methods and lean practices.

CSM Learning Objectives for Agile Facilitation

A facilitator conducts collaborations within an organization. It deals with concepts of conducting agile meetings to yield better outcomes. 

Get an idea of the viable options for open discussions. Also, learn about the written ideas, dialogue in group discussions or pairs along with their associated advantages. 

Agile Coaching To Meet CSM Learning Objectives 

An agile coach teaches agile methodology to the members and oversees the development and creation of agile teams. As one of the vital CSM learning objectives, it involves understanding a coaching agreement structure. 

It also includes coaching assumptions' fundamentals and psychological ideas involved in deciphering and transforming individual behaviours.

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Services towards Development Teams

This is one of the CSM learning objectives that teaches you the process of building, motivating and increasing the teams for agile development. It has three learning categories. 

• Team Effectiveness and Dynamics: 

It covers various models such as Team Performance Curve and Tuckman Model for developing the agile teams. The techniques for addressing inter-team disruptions are also discussed. You'll understand the reasons why agile teams work better than traditional ones. 

• Team Craftsmanship: 

It includes methods for increasing the talents of the agile group.

• Coaching Development Team Members: 

You will know how to set up coaching modules, enforce legalities, set goals, and successfully execute goals. 

Services towards Product Owners

Here you will understand the techniques of using your skills and information among the stakeholders and owners of the products. The product owners define the idea behind the product and its features. 

This is one of the CSM learning objectives that teaches you how to move information from the vision of the product owner to an actual workable product made by the development teams.

Services towards the Organizations

These CSM learning objectives cover two significant aspects:

• Organizational Development:

The nature of the complicated systems, such as cause-and-effect situations is defined. It also emphasizes managing disagreements and uncertainty. 

• Scaling: 

It involves learning successful enforcement of collaboration between scrum teams.


The agile framework of Scrum focuses on improving organizational productivity and creating innovation. Thus, being a member of a highly skilled and certified scrum team makes you an integral part of the success of the agile projects, and CSM learning objectives guides you towards that path.  

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