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Oct 17, 2023

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Scrum is the agile methodology of producing program increments by multiple iterations of the Sprint. A sprint is nothing but a group of tasks that support a particular feature and that needs to be developed to ensure that the customer deliverables are realized as per the expectations of the customer. 

There are 3 columns in the Scrum events, those are product backlog, sprint backlog, and the work Completed. The product backlog consists of the epics and user stories that are prioritized and sequenced in the product backlog as an individual item. The sprint backlog consists of tasks that are worked upon by the development team. 

These tasks group together to form one sprint, there are multiple sprints to achieve the ultimate results of realizing the software application. The tasks once completed pass on to the work completed column on the right side. The work travels from left to right. 

A scrum master supports the team including the product owner and the development and testing to realize the products. Scrum master is not a project manager and does not play his role, but only facilitates the realization of the product. 

In this article, we will see what scrum master checklists are and how it makes the team stronger by adhering and answering the questions. The scrum master is the person who will deal with promoting the teamwork on the sprint backlogs. 

The below-mentioned diagram along with the article shows the typical scrum master checklist,

Scrum Master Self Assessment Checklist

Who is a Scrum Master?

A scrum master is the scrum leader who is responsible for supporting and encourage scrum. He helps the team understand the theory, values practices, and rules of scrum.

For the scrum team, the scrum master is the servant leader, who helps the team with which of the scrum is important and valuable to the team. To learn more take up the Scrum Master Certification at StarAgile. Keep reading the blog for more information.

The scrum master role of services to the product owner

  • Ensures that the scrum team understands the scope, product domain, and the goals
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the product backlog management
  • Supports the scrum team to understand the product backlog items
  • Make product planning as practical as much as possible
  • Help the product owner to organize the product backlog as much as possible
  • Take the team and teach the team to practice agile values
  • Help the team with the scrum events as needed

Service of the scrum master to the development team

  • Help the development team with organizing and support cross-functionality
  • Make the development team for making high-value products
  • Help the development team with solving the scrum issues
  • Help the development team with understanding the scrum values
  • Make the development team understand and promote scrum events

Scrum master service to the organization

  • Help the organization adopt Scrum
  • Coach and lead the organization with scrum implementations
  • Make the team and stakeholders understand scrum and adopt scrum with practical development
  • Ensure that scrum changes are made to increase the throughput of the scrum team
  • Measure the effectiveness of scrum and help and coordinate with the other scrum master in the organization.

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Need for a Scrum Master Checklist

The scrum master checklist is exhaustive and for brevity, only the important checklists are discussed.

The basic scrum master checklist consists of 3 questions

  • How is the delivery of the team? Is the customer happy and want to come to you for future products?
  • Are there continuous improvements among the team members? Are they happy with what they are delivering?
  • Are the stakeholders happy with the team? Is the team delivering as per the business requirements?

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If you have 'Yes' as your answer then proceed to further,

12 more checklists help the scrum master,

  • Is the definition of done being planned and executed properly?
  • Is the backlog prioritized and sequenced properly?
  • Are the user stories written properly and precisely?
  • Are the hours of planning controlled and adjusted as per the project needs?
  • Are the adjustment made for the planning hours when in need?
  • Are the tangible and intangible work needs to be agreed upon with the product owner before each sprint?
  • Are the sprint goals defined and adhered to in all the sprint events and sprint backlog
  • Are the business goals met after every sprint activities?
  • Is the definition of done communicated and known to all the team members and updated when necessary?
  • Are the risks, identified, assessed, and treated properly?
  • Whether sprint 0 to sprint N planned properly and executed to meet the goals
  • Whether the closeout sprint adhered to?

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Scrum Master Daily Checklist

Scrum Master Checklist Top 5 - Product Owner

  • As per the indication from the product, the owner is the product backlog prepared?
  • Are all the requirements captured as per the customer requirements?
  • Is the product backlog size manageable and doable?
  • Are the requirements in the product backlog are small and doable user stories?
  • Is the product backlog visible and communicated to all?

Learn about product owner roles in a scrum team 

Scrum Master Checklist Top 5 - For the team

  • Do the team members collaborate?
  • Do the team members celebrate each other's success?
  • Do the team members have an atmosphere of growing with each other?
  • Are the team members discussing the issues and opportunities without missing any?
  • Are the team consists of various skills and sufficient technical depth to do the sprints?

Scrum Master Checklist Top 5 - For the engineering practices

  • Are the tests being automated and controlled to achieve the results?
  • Do all the tests do have regression failure tests?
  • Are the tests conducts the overlap or the grey area between the unit test and system tests?
  • Do all the tests conduct the continuous integration server results?
  • Do the teams does the constant demonstration and do the continuous design?

Scrum Master Checklist Top 5 - For the organization

  • Is there a learning organization?
  • Are the teams producing features independently and across the architectural boundaries?
  • Is there communication among the team happening at all times?
  • Are there learning, communication, collaboration, and solving problems by the scrum masters among themselves?
  • Are the organizational impediments discussed and solved by the scrum masters with collaboration with others?

Finally, make a fool-proof Checklist Scrum Master 

We have seen that there are many items in the checklist are most important are discussed in this article. This article is meant only for the Top 5 checklist on all the areas if you want to know more about the scrum master checklist we recommend you to take up the Scrum Master Certification Training Online at StarAgile. 

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