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When you look for CSM certifications prices in the market you will find that there are many platforms that offer this course at very reasonable and affordable prices. However, before you enrol in any of the courses you should first choose the exact program you want to join based on your requirements and the goals you want to achieve. If you are aspiring to become a scrum master, then a Certified Scrum Master is an ideal choice for you. Before you even plan to take the certification you need to know and analyze the cost of the Scrum master certification. There are multiple costs involved in the certification such as exam fees, training costs, the cost involved, retake and the cost involved in the maintenance of the certification.

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What is the Cost of CSM Certification?

To increase your business productivity, you must register for the top certification course. The CSM certification online is globally valued by the world's most prominent businesses for lead management and business improvement. Therefore, if you are willing to join CSM certification training, you have to be well informed about the CSM cost of certification, cost of training renewal or any other costs involved in the whole process.




Cost at StarAgile


22000 - 28000


INR 19999


1195 - 1500


$ 820


1000 - 2000


$ 599


1200 - 1600


$ 960


The Certified Scrum Master Certification cost varies by country/region. The table gives you a better idea of CSM certification costs, including the exam fees, training charges, and fees for membership with the Scrum Alliance. Scrum is guided by Scrum Masters and they must adopt a range of methodologies.

Cost Summary

Cost Category

Cost breakup

Cost for the exam

This is included in the course fee

Cost for the succeeding attempts 

- If you are taking the second attempt within 60 days of completion of the training it is free. 

-  USD $25 after the first two attempts.

Certification Renewal Fee

USD $100 and 20 Scrum Educational Units, every two years 



Retake Cost Breakup

  • If you fail in the first attempt and if you take the second attempt within 60 days of the completion of the training, there is no cost for the second attempt.
  • If you fail on the second attempt as well there is $25/- for every succeeding attempt. The table below shows the breakup in a simple way.




First attempt

Included in the course fee


Second attempt within 60 days of the training

No fee


Second attempt after 60 days of training

There is a cost associated with this retake of the exam

USD $25/-

Third attempt and thereafter

Standard retake cost applies

USD $25/Attempt


What is the CSM Certification Renewal Cost?

In order to maintain or renew the CSM certification, you need two things. One is the $100/- fee and 20 SEUs. SEUs are nothing but Scrum educational units that can be obtained in the following ways.

  • Volunteer Contributions 
  • Self-Learning
  • Providing Coaching on Scrum Methodology 
  • Other Team Learning Activity
  • Attending Scrum Events

The below table shows the CSM certification maintenance requirements in a simple way, please remember that both the fee and SEUs are mandatory.

Certification Name




USD $100/-



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There are many organizations offering CSM Certification training, but only a few offer genuine certifications. Therefore, the decision must be based on the objectives you wish to achieve and make the most effective use of the Scrum Framework methodology. A Certified Training Provider, like StarAgile assists industry specialists in developing their expertise and knowledge to advance their careers in the corporate world. Although various companies offer training on the scrum technique, what counts more is how you apply it and its usefulness. Therefore, before going on the wonderful path of learning the Scrum Methodology, prepare yourself with as much essential information as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much CSM exam Cost?

The Cost of the CSM exam ranges from Rs 22000 to 28000, which includes 2 days of formal training, 16 PDU required to clear the exam and a membership with the Scrum Alliance. However, the price range and entities included may vary from institute to institute.

Is CSM exam free?

NO the exam is not free, but usually, the cost of the exam is covered in the training course fees but may vary depending on which institution you choose to train from.

How Difficult is it to crack the CSM Exam?

The CSM exam is considered easy to pass as it is an open-book exam which contains 50 questions, candidate needs to attempt 37 correct in 1 Hour to pass the test. The success ratio of the exam is around 74 per cent.

Is the CSM Worth it?

The CSM certification is definitely worth it, it's globally accepted, has an application in a wide range of industries where Scrum and Agile principles are used, has a handsome pay scale and has a huge demand worldwide.

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