Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities

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Scrum Master roles and responsibilities seems to be easy. However, in reality it is not the case. Let us understand what they are. The Scrum Master is a people-leader of the Scrum Squad. The Scrum Master assures that the Scrum is been absorbed and followed by Scrum Squad. Scrum Masters do this by certifying that the Scrum Team abide to Scrum system, performs, and procedures.  The Scrum Master supports those external factors to the Scrum Team, recognize which of their dealings with the Scrum Team are supportive and which are not. He helps everyone transform these dealings to get the best out of the values formed by the Scrum Team.

The Scrum Master warrants the considerate, operation and ensures that all the members of the squad are in accord. The Scrum Master delivers agile thought management and methodology provision, discerning competitive position while certifying alignment with a client’s desires. The Scrum Master is a Team’s mentor, working with the squad, Product Owners and project stakeholders. Scrum Masters assists the thoughtfulness and functioning of the Agile Scrum framework/process, finding and eradicating team obstacles, managing project data, gathering agile metrics, and supervising the day-to-day procedures of product and delivery. They are answerable for constructing effective groups and substitute structural acceptance of being agile.

In most establishments, once the duty is been handed over to someone, they are alongside given the power necessary for success. However, in Scrum, this is not the case; Scrum Master alone is not accountable of Success. While a Scrum Master does not accept accountability for the success of the project—that rests with the team—a Scrum Master roles and responsibilities does undertake accountability of the team embracing Scrum implementation and exercise it. A Scrum Master proceeds on this obligation without supposing any of the command that might be useful in accomplishing it.

Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Master Key Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Implementing Agile Ceremonies and Principles

  • Support in evaluating the Scrum Maturity of the squad and prepare the squad to advanced stages of maturity, at a speed that is workable and easy for the team
  • Lead the team on how to accomplish Agile/Scrum practices
  • Scrum Master roles and responsibilities include to Lead and coach the team in its Scrum implementation
  • Enable process activities of Agile development/scrum by inspiring and backing the teams to self-align their repetitions
  • Scrum Master roles and responsibilities also include to support internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information
  • Program and enable consistent team retrospective meetings per the scrum framework
  • Program, design and assist team work as per the Scrum framework, daily stand-up meetings, consistent iteration reviews and sprint planning meetings amongst the team, Product Owner, and stakeholders
  • Assist sprint-planning gatherings, sprint review, and confirm that teams understand their ability (velocity) to meet sprint promises. Ensure team’s sense of responsibility to their obligations and to other team members.
  • Warrant that any blockers are identified and excluded, adhere to agile process, and that an agile has a well-run escalation process in place for the changes that impact iteration

                                                     Scrum Master Roles and Responsilities
2. Managing Agile Teams

  • Building the team – To identify a group of individual brilliant people and create a team in which they can unify their talents, not only will a remarkable amount of energy and creativity ,but their performance, loyalty and engagement will be significantly upgraded.
  • Build a trusting and safe atmosphere where problems can be raised without distress of blame, or being judged, with an importance of growing and problem solving
  • Improve people through schooling and by adopting a positive work culture
  • Offer all support to the squad using a servant leadership style every time possible, and leading by example
  • Ensure that the team is providing software within the recognized quality standards by facilitating a working “definition of done” (DoD) for Agile stories within each team is another prime Scrum Master roles and responsibilities.
  • Eradicate obstacles or guide the team to remove obstacles by finding the right personnel to remove the obstruction.
  • Enable getting the task done without pressure or dictating work assignments.
  • Simplify discussion, conclusion making, and conflict resolution
  • Remove blockades to team efficiency
  • Guard the team from external tasks, scope growth or disturbances during the sprint so that they will remain engrossed on delivering their promises.
  • Dare the self-organized team to apply team operational improvements, encourage and inculcate process developments – monitor, leads and coach
  • Support team members to develop and deliver individual obligations to their squad. Assist squad members who are struggling to meet assurances through straightforward communication and feedback, providing team with suitable support or transitioning them off the team.
  • Detect and resolve conflicts

3. Product Owner Collaboration

  • Function as communication link among the squad, Product Owner, and Stakeholders
  • Scrum master roles and responsibilities works with the Product Owner to identify that the product backlog is in place and graded/ groomed to the suitable level to start and complete development iterations.
  • Support Product Owner to find approaches for effective Product Backlog mentoring
  • Help the Product Owner in conserving a product roadmap, holding competitive and market positioning
  • Making definition of done and definition of ready clear to them
  • Help them to plan sprint releases

4. Maintaining Artifacts

  • Ensure that recognized agile software progress matrices (burndown charts, velocity, and defect metrics) are in place and that the team and Product Owner are equipped to input data for said metrics. Responsible for organizing and preparing metric data on a regular basis using repeatable methods.
  • Track team capacity and velocity metrics for planning purposes
  • Be active in the Agile Office and consult with other Scrum Masters and teams
  • Excellent communication and mentoring skills

What does a Certified Scrum Master doesn’t do?

  • Scrum Master roles and responsibilities do not include guiding the squad by telling them what to do. Instead, he or she should assist the team to self-organize and do what it takes to advance their development.
  • A Scrum Master should simply guarantee that the standup happens and is conducted properly.
  • Approximate the team’s work. If team is using estimations in their planning, they must be liable for them. The Scrum Master will judge if wanted.
  • A good Scrum Master will always preserve an consciousness of where the team is in relation to its goals
  • Encourage a team in doing a task in a specific way.

Event-specific Scrum Master roles and responsibilities 

Till now we looked at the Scrum Master roles and responsibilities in general and in this section let us see the roles a scrum master plays in each event. 

Daily standup – The meeting needs to be facilitated and bring all people together. Remind them and get to know the status update. Be present in the meeting to make sure the meeting starts on time and ends in not more than 10 minutes.

Sprint planning – Making sure that the team makes the right commitment and also helping in estimation. To create the sub-tasks and make a better plan for every 2-week sprint. 

Sprint review – Be a part of the meeting to understand the progress and make note of all the feedback to brainstorm with the team for improvement. 

Sprint retrospectives – Allow the team to participate, communicate and finally take note of the corrective actions to get them done in the upcoming sprints. 

Table representing Scrum Master roles and responsibilities

Daily ScrumSprint planningSprint reviewSprint Retrospective

1. Facilitation 

2. Ensuring that everyone answers all the 3 questions 

 what did you accept yesterday

 did you deliver today

 any impediments.

3. Prevent unnecessary talks but encourage healthy discussion after standup

1. Facilitate client discussion to know about stories 

2. Teach team poker planning

3. Help team breakdown stories and work

4. Front end and commit to the client 


1. Talk to the client and explain about delivered items

2. Sit the team to discuss client feedback

3. Decide on items to work upon for the next sprint based on clients input


1. Facilitate the meeting

2. Making the team make SMART goals to finish the backlog items 

3. Making sure to take corrective actions with the consent of the team.

Interpersonal skills 

1. Influential
A scrum master is typically tasked with leading several project sets to achieve specific project milestones and deliverables. This means that a scrum master must be able to strategically motivate various teams and stakeholders at an organizational level.

2. Observant
The scrum master is not a boss, but a team member and facilitator. He should be good spectators and pay attention to the challenges faced by the team. The scrum master should also be sharp-eyed and immerse in the team’s daily doings, gain a clear view of members’ roles and contributions in the sprint sessions.

3. Knowledgeable
He should have clear knowledge about product. He should possess information on numerous work set-ups based on prior experience and reflection. Besides scrum, the scrum masters should be knowledgeable on agile methodologies such as XP, Lean and Kanban, their strong point, weaknesses and how they can be used together with scrum.

A summary of daily Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities

  • Eradicate the chunks amongst the scrum team and the Product Owner so that the Product Owner and scrum squad are in pace of development activity is the chief responsibility of the scrum master in daily scrum meetings. 
  • He should work on how to maximize ROI and meet the purposes over Scrum by collaborating with the Product owner.
  • Improve the lives of the development team by enabling creativity and empowerment.
  • He should ensure the productivity of scrum team is an continuous improvement process over multiple sprints
  • He brings upon the practices and tools so that each iteration of functionality is possibly shippable.
  • He also preserve data about the team’s advancement so that it is visible to everyone.

The scrum master has various portfolio of roles, qualities, and accountabilities. A successful scrum master must assume all these above features, and apply them to safeguard timely and high-quality project deliveries. Often when the above task is accomplished, the project usually stays on track. All the mentioned tasks should be enough to keep the Scrum Master busy. A Scrum Master who actions like a program manager/project manager perhaps would not be fulfilling all of his responsibilities as a Scrum Master. Therefore, in general a Scrum Master should not have any time left over to perform like a manager. At times some struggle to recognize Scrum and occasionally make errors as they pick up. However, even an effective Scrum Master needs numerous Sprints to get going. To get more idea on scrum master roles and responsibilities attend StarAgile Scrum Master certification that helps you gain and improve upon these necessary skills to become a scrum master.

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