Is PMP Certification Worth It in 2022?

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The PMP Certification may cost a little more than usual, but the course's primary focus is the PMP certification benefits that you receive after the completion. The average increment of salary is around 20%, and that is precisely why PMP certification worth is enormous.

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You might be wondering if securing a PMP certification is useful and valuable for your career. PMP certification is undoubtedly beneficial. The certification offers many advantages. The PMI salary survey shows that PMP project managers earn 20% more than the average salary. There are immense PMP certification benefits, and hence, PMP certification worth is a lot more.


Is PMP certification worth it? Are the PMP certification benefits huge? These questions are fundamental, and that's what would be analyzed here. It is essential to go into details when it comes to PMP certification worth and the PMP certification benefits.

In today's competitive market, project managers look for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and continue their careers. Project managers can start at the junior level, then work in an organization, gradually take on further projects, and gain valuable experience - the more projects that are carried out on time and budget, the higher their salaries. Project and program managers who have passed the PMP exam and have received formal PMP certification often see significant salary increases. Hence, that's how you know the PMP certification worth and how the PMP certification benefits are advantageous for your future career.

PMP Certification Benefits

To come to the PMP certification benefits, here are five reasons which would help you know the advantages of the course:

1. PMP certification is highly valued and accepted globally. PMP certification is trusted in more than 80 countries worldwide.

2. PMP certification has gained worldwide recognition, and over the years, the need for PMP certified professionals has increased.

3. The PMP certificate benefits offer professionals an additional advantage over your primary qualifications.

4. Your resume plays a vital role in communicating with employers. When a recruiter knows about your PMP certified resume, they can easily understand your seriousness about your career, experience, knowledge, and skills.

5. To receive a PMP certificate, you must undergo intensive training. You will be trained in five main project management processes, e.g., planning, initiation, implementation, monitoring, and control.

So, now you have some idea when it comes to PMP certification worth and what makes the certificate so valuable and needed nowadays.

The Project Management Certificate grew in value between 2018 and today. PMP certification worth has increased by 25%. The PMP certification benefits are enormous in 2022.

The PMP exam has advantages and associated costs, but the PMP certification benefits are always higher than the exam fees.

The average PMP certification salary received by employees depends on many factors and varies in different countries, industries, and project sizes. The PMP certification benefits are recognized throughout the world and in multinational companies, and research shows that people with certification tend to benefit more from it.

PMP Cost based on Country

Cost (in USD)
China, India
1,500 - 3,500 
South America 
1,200 - 2,900


The PMP certification worth is vast, and you would witness the PMP certification benefits in almost every major country in the world. Many companies train their employees for PMP certification. This information leads to an increase in the PMP certification worth and also gives you the knowledge of the PMP certification benefits. In addition to higher income, PMP certification increases the security of your work.

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