What Is PMO? Everything You Need to Know

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Apr 06, 2022

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So, what does PMO refer to? PMO or Project Management Office is a group or department whose work is to define and keep up the project management standard across a company. There can be external or internal PMO, and it can also be referred to as a project or program portfolio management office. Nevertheless, there are different varieties of PMO, such as

  • Project Management Office: Project management teams get administrative support and standardize all project-based management procedures. They also keep documents on projects and offer key metrics and direction in project execution under its able governance. 
  • Portfolio Management Office: It takes care of all the programs and projects of a company while supporting program and project management offices.
  • Program Management Office: It manages the governance procedure and even coordinates the hard work put in by the program management teams.

PMO also helps companies get proper returns on investment while the stakeholders get added value through different programs, portfolios, and projects. However, this is possible only through proper guidance. So, now you have got the answer to what is PMO.

What Is PMO Role?

PMO does not have its sole focus on standards and project management methodologies. PMOs can also be an integral part of planned project management. They can monitor and offer reports on some active portfolios and projects to the top-tier management to further foster planned decision-making.

PMOs work as coordinated and centralized management hubs for different projects and create efficiencies between assignments. Small companies can easily do without PMOs. But companies working on countless cross-functional projects at a time need to have a PMO in place. Here, note that the companies that require PMOs should ensure they get professionals with proper PMP training as this training prepares a PMO for the responsibilities they need to serve.

Based on the scope and size of projects, successful PMOs in companies are the perfect blend of experts, methods, and various tools. Here are the different roles played by a PMO with proper PMP certification:

  • Selecting the Right Assignments: A PMO takes up the responsibility of choosing the perfect mix of projects for a company. The members working within the PMO department make certain that their chosen projects perfectly suit the company's main objectives, like making workflows, procedures, and plans.
  • Complete Project Management: PMO also communicates with the employees every day and informs them about regular training. Besides that, they maintain proper shared project culture, carry out proper work procedures and describe project KPIs and metrics.
  • Managing the Resources Effectively: A PMO has to define duties and roles properly and manage different priorities based on budgets and deadlines. PMOs also carry out the task of training and coaching employees to make sure that the project at hand is managed and completed in a uniform way across various organizations.
  • Mobilization of Different Project Tools: A PMO's task is to build software, templates, and other tools for project management to build a dependable data repository to make proper decisions.

For perfectly managing projects and serving the above roles and responsibilities genuinely, the members of a PMO department in any company should go through PMP classes or garner PMP certification online. 

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What Is PMO in Project Management?

In enterprise-sized companies and organizations, PMO is a department that enhances the project management procedure by standardizing methodologies and improving efficiency. PMOs not only maintain the documents of a project but also track key metrics while offering proper training to the professionals involved at the same time. PMOs have a vital role to play in project management. The details are available below:

PMO Offers Proper Guidance

First of all, organizations with PMOs are like companies with agencies that do the job of aligning projects, portfolios, and programs based on their plans. As such, the companies get the flexibility of working within the limits of their long-term strategies. Hence, they are more efficient in their decision-making. All this and more happens because of PMO's right kind of guidance.

PMO Helps in Keeping Projects Right on Track

A PMO also serves as an external tool that ensures the success of a project. Since PMOs offer metrics-based examinations, they are of good help in keeping the projects of an organization right on track. Not only this, but a PMO also alerts a company when budget, scheduling, and other forms of scope problems threaten to derail their projects. This way, a PMO helps companies act quickly when certain problems arise. Companies can take proper steps to curb the problems before they become project-ending problems.

Companies with PMO Get a Big Picture View of Project Portfolios

The PMO or project management office or group clearly understands the connections between various projects when companies work on a complete portfolio of projects. Companies are made aware of the varied dependencies that can take a toll on one another. Subsequently, this offers organizations a bird's eye view of tasks that are not part of their purview, thus placing their actions in play on a huge canvas. This way, companies can see how making a small move can have significant repercussions.

PMO Eases Communications

PMO serves as another win communication strategy for companies. PMOs understand the stakeholders' requirements very well; thus, they can make way for proper communications with the stakeholders. This offers individuals working within a company valuable time they need to do something else while ensuring that their message is not just delivered but also understood.

Final Thoughts

The success of a Project Management Office is entirely dependent on appointing the most appropriate individual for promoting the same. The main objective for a company should be defining the PMO properly, and only then will it start benefitting its projects. And when the right PMO is established by a company, slowly, it becomes an integral part of the company on the whole.


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