How to Get PMP Certification? Guide to PMP Certification Process in 2024

The PMP certification process includes the candidate fulfilling the eligibility or the required criteria before appearing for the examination. It further comprises three steps viz, filling up the application form, preparing, and sitting for the exam sequentially.  

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PMP or Project Management Profession certification implies your role as a project manager. Now, it is not necessarily crucial for you to be a project manager to obtain a PMP certification. Anyone who helps in finishing a project successfully can get certified with the same. The main agenda behind the course is to showcase your skills in managing a project and the outcomes related to it. To get a definite idea regarding the PMP certification process, let’s comprehend the steps involved briefly. 

How to Get PMP Certification: Requirements and Process 

Before starting with the PMP Certification process, it is essential to grasp the requirements for PMP certification. These meet the eligibility criteria, training process, and examination, following which one would be able to meet the PMP requirements efficiently. So, let’s discuss it in detail. 

Eligibility Criteria For PMP Certification 

To start with the Certification course, the candidates have to meet the eligibility criteria precisely. Here are the points in brief:
• Candidates should hold 4500 hours of project management experience or a relevant bachelor’s degree of 4 years. Alternatively, a candidate with an academic of 16 years is also eligible.
• If a candidate does not have a 4-year bachelors degree but possesses experience in project leading and management with a secondary or higher secondary degree, then they meet the requirements of PMP.
• The candidate also needs to have PMP training that involves 35 hours of project management education.

PMP Certification Process 

Once you meet the PMP requirements stated above, you can proceed further with the PMP certification process. So, how to get PMP certification? Here we have divided the process into three steps.

1. Application 

You have to start by applying for the examination by filling the application form online. It will include all the relevant information regarding your academics, qualifications, and other details. Also, your experience should be mentioned serially according to the Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. In the end, you need to mention the 35-hour PMP certification course. After applying, your application will be reviewed, and the payment process will be executed. Once done, you can schedule your examination as per the practice test scores.

2. Preparation 

In the second step of the PMP certification process, you have to meet all the requirements as mentioned above before giving the examination. Once done, you can start preparing for the exam. The entire certification process should consist of both PMBOK and PMP Study plans respectively. Besides, it is also imperative to study thoroughly and then appear for practice tests. Once done, you can revise and retake the test. Make sure to follow this regime precisely.  

3. PMP Certificate Examination 

The last step for the PMP certification process is the examination, and it constitutes around 200 questions that need to be solved within 4 hours. Make sure to keep a decent approach towards it. This would help you to answer the questions with efficient time management. For instance, where a question is taking more than a minute to get solved, ignore it for the time being and keep it for later. 

4. Cost of PMP Certification Exam

PMP certification fees with PMI Membership
PMP certification fees without PMI Membership
PMI membership fee
$139 ($129 + $10 one-time application fee)
Re-examination fee for PMI members
Re-examination fee for non-PMI members
This is how to get PMP certification efficiently. Summing up the PMP certification process, it involves filling up an application form, preparing for it, and giving the examination respectively. With proper planning and following of the PMP certification process, you can surely become a PMP certified successfully.   

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