PMP Certification Cost in 2024: Breakdown of Cost Components

PMP Certification cost depends on the training institution, mode of training, and country where the candidate wishes to train. The Project Management Professionals (PMP) training offers exposure to best practices involved in leading, managing, and directing projects. The certification provided by PMI (Project Management Institute) enjoys global recognition. However, the overall PMP certification cost involves various components, such as the country of the course, the institution offering the course and many more.

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Overview of PMP Certification Cost

Let’s take a look at the PMP certification cost in India and a few other countries:

Training and Preparation Costs

According to PMI, to complete PMP certification, the candidate must complete 35 hours of training. Hence, the first component of the PMP cost involves the PMP Training cost.

The PMP Course cost involved in PMP training depends on whether the candidates opt for online or classroom programs. It also depends on their country of residence. Here is an example of the average PMP exam prep and training costs for various countries:

Online training
             EUR1700 EUR
720 EUR
280 EUR
             AED2500 Dhs-2700Dhs
2500 Dhs-2600Dhs

The PMP certification fees range from anything between USD 50 to USD 3500 depending on the training institute, training format, and country.

Overview of the PMP Exam

The PMP Certification exam is in the multiple-choice question (MCQ) format and contains 180 questions. The exam duration is 4 hours.

According to PMI, the percentage-wise breakdown of the fundamental domain of project management in the PMP examination are as follows:

Percentage of Questions (%)
Monitoring and Controlling

Given that the exam is tough and contains a mix of situational, theoretical, calculative, and logical questions, it is recommended that the candidate practices through several PMP mock exams. Further, there is no defined pass rate as it is a psychometric test that depends on the type of question paper.

PMP Certification Exam and Re-Examination Fee

The PMP certification exam fees for members and non-members of PMI are as follows (given in USD):

PMP certification with PMI Membership
PMP certification without PMI Membership
PMI membership fee
$139 ($129 + $10 one-time application fee)
Re-examination fee for PMI members
Re-examination fee for non-PMI members

PMP Certificate Renewal Fee

The PMP renewal fee is $129 per year after earning 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in a three-year cycle.

StarAgile’s PMP Application Assistance

Several mistakes can result in the flagging of an application during an audit. Further, applications are scrutinized at random and audited. Failure to meet the requirements outlined by PMI could result in the cancellation of candidature, making them unfit to take the PMP examination.

As an expert training institute, StarAgile offers guidance and assistance at every phase of the PMP training and examination. In pursuit of the same, StarAgile also offers PMP Application Assistance, which provides a template format for filling the details in the PMI application form. 

Thus, to ensure that the application is accepted, StarAgile offers guidance on the various PMBOK(Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide process groups. The definition of project by PMI, explanation of the different sections of the exam, and how candidates can exploit these parameters to avoid flags and audits are also provided. Candidates will get an idea of the different expectations of PMI and how they can convey that they meet these requirements through their application. 

With the help of StarAgile’s Application Assistance template, candidates can efficiently complete and submit their PMP application without a single hitch.


Some frequently asked questions about the PMP certification prerequisites, course and cost, are addressed below:

1. Are there any hidden costs or fees involved?

The PMP certification course and exam do not contain any hidden costs or fees.

2. Is the PMP Certification worth the costs involved?

Significant PMP certification benefits are as follows:

PMP has emerged as a top project management course that certifies the candidate’s skills and experience as a project manager

  • Certified PMPs earn 23% more across 37 countries than their non-certified counterparts
  • Global recognition is given to the knowledge and expertise possessed by the certified professional
  • Certification grants candidates access to networking opportunities across the globe

From above, it is clear that the PMP certification justifies the investment.

3. What are the financial implications of online PMP Certification training?

Online training adds quality and convenience to the training module. Candidates gain access to 24x7 support centres, online learning communities, and flexibility. Most importantly, online training modules are more affordable than their classroom counterparts. As a result, online PMP Certification training emerges as more value for money option.

4. What happens to my fees if I fail to meet the audit requirements for the PMP Exam?

If one fails to meet PMI’s audit requirements for the PMP certification, the institute will refund the money after deducting $100 processing fees.

5. What are the financial advantages of signing up as a PMI member?

Enrolling, as a PMI member, will save $150 on the exam fee and $100 on re-examination fees.

Further, PMI membership also grants access to various study resources and commercially available textbooks on project management. It also saves up on expenses involved in PMP mock exam. Most importantly, one can get lifetime access to resources that will keep the knowledge up to date on the prevailing trends.

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