What is a Project Manager?

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Nov 19, 2023

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Any good project is successful because of the team and its management. While team members play a significant role in taking the project to the top, there is one role that is very pivotal in project management- the project manager. They are the backbone of the projects and they have a lot on their plate for the project. This blog is going to be your guide for all the things you need to know about what is a project manager. We are going to let you know what are project managers, the roles and responsibilities associated with this job, and how you can start a career in this field. This is a promising title and, in this blog, you will find why. Furthermore, we are going to let you know what are the skills that are needed for this role so that you can hone them. If you want to pursue your career in this field, then there are various ways and one of the promising ways is by going for pmp certification training and learning all about the terms, roles, and various methodologies needed to be a project manager.

But first, let us learn all about the project managers in the project.

What are project managers and what are their roles and responsibilities?

A project manager in any project is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project and this will include various tasks. There are six aspects to the project and the manager of the project has an important role to play in all those. The six aspects are- scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality, and resources. The project manager will have to cultivate various skills for their role and this will help them to develop trust and build clear communication with various levels in the project. They need to have a good tie with the stakeholders and should keep the interests of the team in the picture too.  In this way, they have a broad and flexible toolkit that helps them to resolve various complex and interdependent tasks and activities in the project.

Now we are going to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of project managers and what exactly they do in the team!


The project works well when it is planned concisely and perfectly and this is the main role of the project manager. There are various things that are needed to be taken into view when you are planning the project. The scope of the project needs to be clearly defined so that the team is aware of the work that is needed to be done. Also, the project managers need to make sure that resource planning is also done in the right way. Planning is one of the important phases in any project and keeping track of these things is very much important. The project manager will create the plan to execute the project. Projects sometimes do not go the way they are planned, so the role of a project manager is to find the best way in those times and provide that flexibility to the whole team as well.

Cost estimation and budgeting

Along with defining the project scope and the resources needed in the project, it falls upon the shoulder of the project manager to keep the cost of the project in check. There are many costs included when the team is working on the project and the manager should be able to handle the budget and always keep room for if the projects go over the budget. The project manager needs to meet the client’s expectations but should keep the budget constraint also in check.

Ensuring product quality

One of the major responsibilities of the project manager is to deliver the project or the product as per the client’s expectations. There could be so many hurdles when the project is going on, but keeping the scope and goals of the project in mind, the project needs to make sure that the team is giving their time and effort in the right direction and in the end, delivering the product that is expected by the client. The quality of the product should be as per the requirement and the project managers make sure of that.

Analyzing and managing the project risk

The bigger the project, the more complex its path becomes. As mentioned above, there could be some hurdles and risks that might come along the way. These risks are sometimes not discovered when the project planning phase is going on. So, the project manager should be equipped with the skills that could help him to manage these risks on time and in a way that should not hamper the deliverables at all. They should know how to minimize the risk and also lower its impact on the overall project.

Keeping the team spirit high

There is no doubt in the fact that when the whole team comes together, the project will be successful. But the project manager plays a crucial role in making that happen. Continuous monitoring is needed in the project throughout and there are so many kinds of people working in the team. It can sometimes become hard to manage everything. But with the right interpersonal skills, the manager can keep them motivated to their end goal and make sure that the whole team is giving their best. They are the inspiration for the whole team. The project manager will plan a path for the project that will help the team member to work in the right direction. He will always be available for them in the team. The team will have a sense of trust and motivation while working with them.

Well, these are some of the roles and responsibilities that come when you are going to work as a project manager. In the next section, we are going to discover the skills that are needed for the project manager so that you can gain more understanding of what is a project manager.

Skills to master the role of project manager

There are some essential skills that are needed in a project manager and if you are looking for a career in this field, give your due attention to this section.

Effective communication

This is indeed one of the most important skills that are needed in project managers. Without these skills, the life of a project manager will be very hard. The project manager needs to connect with the team and stakeholders from time to time and to make sure that he is able to understand them, make them understand him, having good communication skills are needed. Both verbal and non-verbal communication plays an important role here. The words should be eloquent and concise and the tone should be kept in check. They can approach people, have a meaningful conversation with them, and then clearly articulate the vision that wants to achieve in the project. If this skill is not present, then the project's health will hamper and will lead to various risks and issues in the team.

Technical expertise

There are many soft skills that are needed when you are working as a project manager but the project manager needs to have a hold on the technical side of the project as well. There are various technical tools and software needed in the project and he should be aware of them. Furthermore, there are various methodologies and frameworks that are needed for project management in the team, having knowledge of how to use them and how to get the best benefits of those tools can be very helpful. When you are going for online pmp certification, you will learn about these frameworks and how to use them to get the best work from the team. There are various tools that will enhance the project management in the team, and learning how to use them will give an edge to the project manager and take the projects to the finish line.

Risk management and creative thinking

One of the skills that project managers cultivate is knowing risks beforehand that might hamper the projects. There are potential risks that may arise over time, but with the right resources and productive abilities, PMs can identify them at the outset of the project and try to make the plan to mitigate risk at the right time before they have a huge impact on the project. But sometimes, these risks may come unannounced and they might not be identified at the beginning of the project. So, in this case, the project managers need to wear their creative thinking caps and come up with a plan to resolve the issue. This is one more of the skills that are needed in the managers in the project.

They need to acknowledge the risk, know its impact and should follow the plan to overcome the risk. This problem-solving ability will help the team and its members to resolve the upcoming issue right on time and avoid major critical problems that will arise during the project lifecycle.


There are many aspects of the project where the manager needs to show negotiation skills. Whether it is to manage the resources, talk with the suppliers or resolve a conflict, if the manager has the negotiation skills, then he can make a good deal where everyone is happy and it is good for the project as well. Being diplomatic will go a long and finding solutions to problems in a smart way is the main job of the project manager. They should be able to choose the best option given to them and see the best outcome they can have for the project. They might need to work on their style for negotiations that might include a compromise or collaboration which can result in a win-win situation.

Time management

Scheduling and time management becomes very crucial when there are various things going on at the same time. The team has to juggle various tasks that are going on simultaneously and if the project manager is efficient in time management and knows what tools to use to make sure that things are not missed out, the team can have a great outcome of these skills. Scheduling takes time but it makes this efficient and the project manager should be able to make sure that time management is present in the team if something slips then he should be ready with the new plan that will keep the project on track.


The project manager is someone who makes sure that the team is working efficiently and is motivated too. There are many times that team will need a leader and that leader will be the project manager. So, the project managers should have leadership qualities in them, which will help them to be there for the team at every step. They should provide constructive criticisms and make sure that the team collaborated at each and every step of their project. A leader will keep them motivated towards the same goal and make sure that they are giving their best while keeping their interests and issues in mind.

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Career as a project manager

Wherever you are going, you are going to find various ongoing projects. The jobs for project managers are always in the market and if you find this job suitable for you, then there are plenty of options for you. The career as a project manager is very bright but you need to have a certain skill set in your hand which we have mentioned above. There are some ways which you can follow to have a great career in this field. Some tips are:

Master the skills: There is no job in the world that you can have without having the skills especially when it comes to managing a project. There are various technical as well as non-technical skills required. So, if you wish to become a good project manager then knowing what is needed is a must, and then trying to sharpen those skills will take you to the heights.

Earn certifications: If you want to know about what a project manager do and want to show some credibility in your profile then going for PMP certifications is the best way. There are many certifications that you can choose as per your level and expertise and these certifications are always going to help you find the best jobs for you. With pmp online training, you can learn all about the project management and tools needed and get an idea of how this field works.

Gain experience: When you are going to start your career in project management, one thing to know is that you should get whatever experience you can. This experience is going to help you a lot and will show you that you have hands-on experience while handling project management tasks. So, start from scratch and build your profile to the top.

The job is in demand in various sectors like consulting, resources, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage where you are going to get lucrative salaries and growth opportunities. Once you enter this field, there will not be any going back as you are going to climb the corporate ladder.

Final word

In this blog, you have learned about how a project manager works and what are his roles and responsibilities. The project manager role is a very respected role and if you are entering this field, then you are going to get so many options for your role. You can choose various titles which suit your acumen and give your best to your job. Project managers make sure that the team is highly motivated and centered on their shared goals. The project manager should have a certain skill in their personality to give the best to the team as well as the project. And these skills can be honed with more practice and actual use of them.

So, if you are finding this job interesting and want to know more about it, then going for the certification and its online training can open doors for you. There are many platforms which you can choose, but with the right place like StarAgile, you are going to get the best teachers with their interactive sessions. You will be able to learn and give your best in the pmp certification exam. This will increase your chance of a bright project manager career and you can work your way up from there.

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