PMP Certification Salary in 2024: Career Growth in PMP

The average PMP certification salary that an employee gets depends on multiple factors and differs in different countries, industries and project sizes. PMP certification is recognized globally and across multinational companies, and research indicates that individuals with the certification tend to enjoy higher benefits. Let's take a look at why the PMP certification salary tends to be higher than non-PMP certified individuals and the factors that can impact it. 

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According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), there will be 15.7 million new project management job opportunities and a 37% increase in the output of project-intensive industries like finance, manufacturing, construction and IT. Thus, there is an increasing need for project managers, and this impacts the average PMP certification salary one can expect. 
According to 9th PMI salary survey, a PMP certified project manager gets 20% higher salary in comparison to a non-certified project manager. This survey, conducted in over 34 countries and with 26,000 project managers showcased that a PMP salary in India can be around INR 17 lakh per annum, while a non-PMP manager gets around INR 12 lakh per annum. 

Country-based  PMP Certification Salary

A candidate's country of work greatly impacts the salary that they get.

Here is a list of the average PMP certification salary for various countries: 

CountryAverage Salary
India2 Million INR
Germany82K EUR
Australia142K AUD

Company Based PMP Certification Salary

Here is an overview of the average salary paid to PMP certified employees by top companies: 

Average Salary Range
₹743k - ₹4m
InfoSys Limited
₹862k - ₹3m
₹848k - ₹3m
IBM India Private Limited
₹554k - ₹3m
HCL Technologies Ltd.
₹744k - ₹3m

Designation based PMP Certification Salary

The designation of one's work is also a big deciding factor in the salary that they get.
Here is what the average pay of a certified PMP certified employee for various positions looks like:
Average Salary
Program Manager
Information Technology
Operations Manager
Information Technology
IT Director
Information Technology
Vice President (IT)
Information Technology
Project Manager


1. How can one get a PMP certification?

PMP certification is one of the most reputed certifications for management professionals. The accreditation provides excellent exposure to the individual in strengthening communication, leadership qualities, ability to solve problems at a quicker pace and increases critical thinking and last but not the least risk management skills. Thus, the PMP certification salary bar tends to be higher.
The PMP certification is issued by PMI (Project Management Institute) founded in 1969 and is provided after the completion of the PMP certification examination. 

2. What kind of jobs are available for PMP certified employees?

The most popular job profiles for employees with PMP certification include Project Manager, IT Senior Project Manager, IT Project Manager, Software Development Project Manager, Engineering Operations Manager, Program Manager, IT Deputy General Manager and other managerial positions.
Although many of these positions do not require certification, the PMP certification salary tends to be higher for each post. 
3. Who should take the PMP Certification course? 
The PMP certification is ideal for employees who have the knowledge and expertise in their current job role to scale up. The certification provides credibility and expertise to handle projects successfully. The accreditation is ideally for:
2.Program Managers
3.QA Managers
5.Onsite coordinators
6.Off-site coordinators
7.PMO office representatives

4. What is the basic cost of the PMP certification?

For Non-members of PMI (Project Management Institute) fees is $555 and for members, it is $405. However, the PMI membership cost is $139 and a joining fee of $10. Re-examination attempt fees are also dropped from $375 to $275 for members.

5. Are there any hidden costs or fees involved? 

The PMP certification course and exam do not contain any hidden costs or fees. 

6. What is the passing score for PMP certification?

Passing percentage for PMP certification is 61%-62%, but they use a complicated system now, which is not based on a predefined passing score. However, it's said to be close to a 62% passing score.

7. What happens to my fees if I fail to meet the audit requirements for the PMP Exam? 

If one fails to meet PMI's audit requirements for the PMP certification, the institute will refund the money after deducting $100 processing fees. 

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