PRINCE2 Renewal

Candidates who pass the Practitioner test are perceived as a "PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner". People will stay registered for three years. To keep up their registered status, practitioners must: 

  • Retake the full Practitioner test toward the finish of the three years
  • Keep their accreditation through PRINCE2 Membership.

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PRINCE2 is a procedure based technique for successful project management and gives practitioners crucial aptitudes to become an effective project manager. PRojects IN Controlled Environments is utilized and recognized throughout the globe. 

To keep your PRINCE2 certification up to date and continue being a registered PRINCE2 Practitioner, you should re-register your PRINCE2 practitioner renewal every three years.


PRINCE2 Renewal through Re-Registration Exam 

For PRINCE2 practitioner renewal, towards the end of the third year, after you get the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, you can appear for the PRINCE2 re-registration test. The PRINCE2 re-registration test is like the PRINCE2 Practitioner test. 

The only difference between the two is that there are fewer questions and the test duration is shorter. The following is a side by side comparison of the Practitioner and the Re-registration test.

Practitioner Exam
Re-Registration Exam
8 questions are asked
3 questions are asked
Candidates need to score minimum 55% (44 out of 80 marks to pass)
Candidates need to score minimum 55% (17 out of 30 marks to pass)
Time Duration is 2.5 hours
Time Duration is 1 hour

Note that, in this PRINCE2 practitioner renewal strategy, since you need to re-appear for the test, it will be distressing and you need to prepare for the test. 

It will be difficult to recollect the PRINCE2 test topics after three years. As a result, you may need to go to a PRINCE2 Online Training to revise your knowledge, and this will create extra expenses for your PRINCE2 practitioner renewal.

Particularly, if you are a working professional, it is not advised to select this PRINCE2 practitioner renewal strategy. 

PRINCE2 Renewal through Axelos Membership 

Getting an Axelos membership is the most economical and hassle-free method to renew your PRINCE2 certification. In this PRINCE2 practitioner renewal technique, after you passed through the PRINCE2 test, you apply for Axelos membership. This allows you to keep your Axelos membership for 3 years.

Every year, you need to submit 20 CPDs (Continuing Professional Development), and toward the finish of the third year, you need to finish 60 CPDs. After this, you apply for PRINCE2 practitioner renewal. Axelos requires that PRINCE2 certified individuals must keep their knowledge about project management up to date.

To earn crucial CPD points for PRINCE2 practitioner renewal, you have to undertake the following four classifications. 

Professional Experience 

Every PRINCE2 certified individual must gain five CPD points from this classification, and this is compulsory. If you are working in a project executive's position or if you are undertaking project management activities, these will count for this classification, and you can gain five CPD points every year from this category. 


You can attend training to get the remaining 15 CPD points to meet the prerequisite for an annual year's CPD criteria for PRINCE2 practitioner renewal. You can acquire at the most, 15 CPD points every year from project management related training. 

Community Participation

There are a few project management activities, workshops, meetings and online courses etc. Attending these activities is another hotspot to gain crucial PRINCE2 CPD points to bolster your PRINCE2 practitioner renewal. One-hour activity usually equates to one CPD point. 

Maximum 15 CPD points can be gained from this classification in a year. Note that, just by going to these events as an inactive crowd member, you can gain five CPD points every year and increase the likelihood of getting PRINCE2 practitioner renewal. On the contrary, if you organize an occasion, conduct a presentation, and so on, you can gain up to 15 CPD points every year from this classification. 


Last PRINCE2 practitioner renewal technique is self-study. There are some valuable resources about project management available both online as well as offline. Reading books, articles, online journals, exploring a subject, listening to digital broadcasts, and so on are instances of the self-study classification. You can gain at the most five CPD points from this classification every year.

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