What are Prerequisites for DevOps Certification?

DevOps is revolutionising the functioning of the software industry. More and more companies are now shifting to Agile and DevOps mode of operation. There are a few things you should know beforehand to ensure you have DevOps certification eligibility. These are a basic understanding of the operations processes, knowledge of programming languages, and knowledge of automation tools. The DevOps certification prerequisites also depend on the certification agency. 

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DevOps certification can vastly improve your employment prospects and your role within the organisation. A DevOps engineer should have the skills of both a developer and an operations engineer. These include a knowledge of programming languages, automation tools, and operations processes. In addition to these, the certification agency may have some additional DevOps certification prerequisites.


DevOps is making the software development lifecycle shorter and more robust by combining the responsibility of development and operations into one role. With higher client satisfaction, this methodology is attracting more and more software companies, and it is here to stay. 

The increased adoption of DevOps has spurred an increase in the number of people seeking DevOps certification. A DevOps certification is not mandatory for becoming a DevOps engineer, but it will give you an advantage over others in the job market. 

The DevOps training prerequisites are prescribed to ensure that the person has a general understanding regarding the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer and will not find it difficult to fit into the new role. 

What Are DevOps Certification Prerequisites?

DevOps training will cover a lot of topics related to both development and operations. However, prior knowledge of some of the basics will not only make it easier to understand the course contents, but it will also ensure that you ace the certification exam. Here are the DevOps training prerequisites.    

Programming Languages

Python, Javascript, Ruby and Perl are programming languages that are included in DevOps certification prerequisites. These are some of the most widely used programming languages. They are essential for you to become an efficient DevOps engineer. Here are some of the reasons why you will benefit from knowing these programming languages.

Programming Language

Easy to Learn

Widely used in backend coding and scripting

Enables automation



Widely used in web applications

Used in server-side and client-side code



Used in web development and infrastructure management

Flexible and versatile

Active community that provides ready to go modules


Cross-platform functionality

Can be used for low-level as well as high-level tasks

Automation Tools

The ultimate aim of a DevOps engineer is to enable automation. Even though you will learn about various automation tools in your DevOps training, having basic knowledge about these tools will make it easier for you to grasp the concepts during the training. 

The automation tools used varies from company to company. However, some are used the most. Jenkin, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, etc. are some that you must be aware of.  You will use these tools for automating processes in the development, testing and operations phase.   

Operations Processes

IT operations form one half of DevOps. Therefore, DevOps certification eligibility also includes knowledge of basic operation activities such as taking backups, testing, performing maintenance, etc.

Certification Agency Specific Prerequisites

All the DevOps certification prerequisites mentioned till now applied to all certification agencies. However, certain certification institutions have specific certifications or training that must be completed before attending the DevOps certification exam or training. Here are certification institution-specific DevOps training prerequisites for some of the top certification institutions.     

Certification Exam
Microsoft AZ-400 - Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate


Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

DevOps Foundation from DevOps Institute
Should complete DevOps Foundation course from an accredited DevOps Institute Education Partner
Docker Certified Associate Certification
Minimum 6 to 12 months of Docker Experience

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