DevOps Certification Course Fees in 2024

DevOps is a relatively new concept that brings together the development team along with the operations team to function as a single DevOps unit. Unlike previous models, this method aims for quicker product releases to stay relevant to the changing world. However, one must be aware of the entire cost while undergoing a DevOps certification. 

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The world is ever-changing and organizations struggle to keep up. Hence, DevOps has grown as a vital tool, and certified professionals have become an irreplaceable asset for companies. 

However, before applying for certification, one must realize that the cost of certification does not include just the exam fee. It also consists of the DevOps course fees and the training costs, including supplementary materials. 


DevOps certification course delivers a basic knowledge of the DevOps terminology, enabling certified professionals to make sure that the organization follows the DevOps norms. 

With the increasing demand for quicker development strategies and continuous operation deployments, the need for skilled and certified DevOps professionals has skyrocketed. Today, DevOps is one of the best certifications to pursue. 

Benefits of DevOps Training Course

• Learn the terms of DevOps and the concepts for smooth communication between teams.

• Gain knowledge about all the DevOps tools from code automation, easy accessibility, log maintenance, and quick testing and implementation tools.

• Learn about improved workflows and product deployment.

Prerequisites and Eligibility 

There are no formal prerequisites for a DevOps training and certification course. However, an IT background and work experience are recommended.

DevOps Course Fees : Types of Cost it includes

Training Cost

You need to enrol in a proper DevOps partner centre to learn the DevOps framework and how it can help the organization. The DevOps training cost may be divided into the institute course fees, along with the cost of study material. The training teaches about all the aspects of DevOps, as well as how to resolve issues with testing, product releases, and code automation, and management. 

Furthermore, the training also prepares individuals for the practical scenario with lectures from experienced professors and case studies. Companies want DevOps professionals, who know how to enhance the working capabilities and produce and deploy code faster while thinking about the end-user. Hence, it is always wise to undergo training from a reputed institute that specializes in all the disciplines of DevOps.

Complete Cost of DevOps Course


Certification Cost

After training, individuals must undergo a test that proves their knowledge in the framework, with a project that highlights the DevOps knowledge. After accomplishing the certification procedure and passing the examination, individuals can immediately realize if they have passed the course. 

Examination Format

The DevOps institute maintains the norms for DevOps Foundation certification. 

• Exam format – multiple-choice questions

• Exam duration – 60 minutes

• Number of questions – 40 questions

• Passing mark – 65%

The Foundation Certification is an introduction to DevOps. People who want to go for specialization in a definite direction may also choose the following.

Certification Exam Fee
Docker Certified Associate 
195 USD
Kubernetes Certification
 300 USD
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
300 USD
Microsoft Azure DevOps certification
165 USD

Training Cost Based on Modes of Certification

The DevOps course fees depends on the different modes of training. Self-paced videos cost far lesser than guided training. 

Training Mode
Cost of Training
Self Paced Video Training
Instructor-led Training
Live Online Training (Exam Fees Included) 
Traditional Classroom Training (Exam Fees Included) 

Job roles for Certified Professionals

After certification, one can apply for various job roles demanding DevOps professionals. The leading job roles that DevOps certified professionals can apply for are as follows:

• DevOps Engineer

• Cloud DevOps Engineer

• DevOps Architect

• Release Manager

• Full-Stack Developer


While applying, one must keep in mind the DevOps course fees, as well as the exam cost. Despite being a bit costly, after completing the certification, professionals will be ideally placed into places of authority, as well as have a great payout.

Key Features

  • 4.5 Months of Intensive Online Training
  • Delivered by Industry Experts
  • Certificate from IBM
  • 100+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • Dedicated Mentor for Instant Doubt Clarification
  • 3 Months Internship Certificate
  • Hands-On Assignment for Each Module
  • Assured Minimum Package 5-25 LPA
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