Top 10 Deployment Tools in DevOps and its Advantages and Cost

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Dec 12, 2023

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Top 10 Deployment tools in DevOps

The moment to hear the word deployment tools in DevOps you will think of Ansible, Chef or Docker. But the list is big and we will discuss the top 10 tools in this blog. 

DevOps is the culture that integrates operations and development in DevOps Life Cycle Management. DevOps culture consists of 2 concepts DevOps pipeline and DevOps Life Cycle Management. The DevOps pipeline consists of Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Monitoring. 

DevOps culture implementation is done by DevOps concepts, principles, and practices. The DevOps Life Cycle Management consists of a plan, code, build, test, release, deploy, operate, and monitor. Take up the DevOps training online at StarAgile for more information. The tools in the DevOps are shown in the diagram below,

DevOps Deployment tools


All these phases eliminate the drawback of the traditional SDLC cycle. The key to the successful implementation of DevOps is the CI/CD pipeline that is a continuous integration and continuous deployment. These are nothing but automated phases of the DevOps pipeline. These phases are executed by automating the pipeline with the help of various DevOps tools. The benefits are combining the operations with development, faster delivery to the customer or market, frequent updates and frequent delivery of code, fewer errors, and fewer bugs fixing of the bugs at the earliest stages possible and less costly to develop, manage, operate and monitor. 

Each phase of the DevOps Life Cycle is integrated and teams work together with accountability and shared goals. The phases are not siloed, unlike the traditional SDLC. In this article, we will discuss the most popular tools in the continuous deployment pipeline of DevOps. The continuous deployment consists of build, test, integrate, test, build test, deploy, and post-deployment. Enroll in DevOps online training at StarAgile to learn more.

1. AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy features are as follows, 

• Repeatable deployments

• Automatic Scaling

• On-Premises deployments

• Less downtime

• Health check for deployments

• Stop and Rollback

• Centralized control

• Monitoring and control

• Deployment groups management

• Deployment history management

• Easy to adopt

• Toolchain integration

• Receive notifications

• Language and architecture-independent

Advantages of AWS deployment tools in DevOps

• Faster release of features and codes

• There is no downtime when deploying the applications

• Complex deployment can be made with ease and a very simple way.


• There no additional charges to deploy code in Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda.

• To make use of Codedeploy for On-Premises there is a charge of $0.02 per on-premises instance 

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2. Octopus Deploy

Features are

• Automated deployments

• Automated runbooks

• Release management

• Deployment automation

• Operations runbooks

Advantages are as follows,

• Automate routine and emergency runtime

• Self-service operations

• Flexibility


• Build once 

• Process consistency

• Less downtime

• Cross-platform and secure

• Proxies and advanced network topologies

• Push and pull mechanism

• Faster deployment with remote delta compression


• Free for 10 targets on cloud

• Free for 10 targets on server

• $875/month for 100 targets on cloud

• $8800/year for 100 targets on server

3. Chef

Features of Chef deployment tools in DevOps

• It uses the Ruby language to create the Domain-specific language

• It is very good for deploying and managing cloud server, applications, and storage

• There are no assumptions made on the current status of the node, it uses its mechanism to get the current status


• Excellent integration and deployment tool for cloud

• Its configuration language is Ruby-like language which is easier for anyone to learn and execute.


The pricing starts at $35000/year for 100 nodes/targets/service instances.

4. Ansible

Features of Ansible

• Application deployment

• Configuration management

• Orchestration

• Security and compliance

• Cloud provisioning


• Can be used easily to set up and deploy codes

• Agentless

• Efficient

• Powerful

• Flexible

• and Free


• The commercial version is free

• Redhat Ansible consists of standard and premium versions which are charged for the Ansible towers

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5. Jenkins

Features of Jenkins

• Can be extended by 1000 plugins

• Platform independent

• Support all types of OS

• Extended trigger

• High Versatility


• Open source and free

• Effortless installation

• Easy configuration for CI and CD

• Supports all the OS

• 1000 plugins library

• Huge community support

• Rapid automation

• Plugins help in building, deploying, and automation


Free and open source

6. GoCD

Features of GoCD are as follows,

• Model complex workflow

• Trusted artifacts are promoted

• Deploy any version at any time

• End to end visualization

Cloud-native deployment

• Advanced traceability

Advantages are

• Compare builds

• Eliminate bottlenecks

• Excellent configuration management

• A good number of Plugins

• Value stream map

• Dashboard

• Agents map

• Console with timestamp


• Pricing starts at $0.01/target/month

• It is an open-source software which is free

7. JuJu

Features of Juju are,

• Quick deployment

• Scaling

• Configuration management

• Continuous Integration 

• Continuous deployment

• Cloud orchestration


• Open source code

• Solves the complexities of the software deployment

• At any scale on cloud

• Model-driven operations

• Rapid automation of deployment

Cost of Juju deployment tools in DevOps

Need to contact the Juju sales team at Ubunto website

8. Puppet

Features of Puppet are as follows,

• Infrastructure automation

• Task management

• Visualization

• Automated provisioning

• Code management

• Orchestration

• Reporting

• Discovery and insights


• Open-source tool

• Puppet transaction only if needed

• Resource abstraction

• Easy to learn

• Puppet has cron like support

• Easy manageability and productivity

• Cross-platform

• Active community support

• Has override mechanism


Need to contact the Puppet sales team for pricing

9. DeployBot

Features are as follows,

• Automated Deployment

• Automated Integration

• Multi Programming Languages

• Plugin Support

• Reporting and Visualization

• Scheduled Deployment

• VCS Integrations

Advantages are as follows,

• No manual tracking of changes and uploading files

• Share the release notes with everyone

• Excellent configuration management

• Deploy without accessing servers

• Faster rollback on problem-oriented release

• Manage permissions to team members

• Deployment in real-time can be seen


• Free for 10 servers

• Plus version for 600 servers $ 25.00/month

• Premium version for 1000 servers $50.00/month

10. CircleCI

Features are as follows,

• Auto-cancel the redundant build on GitHub

• Production Release only build feature

• Number of admin-only permissions

• Parallelism

• Use SSH for communicating with the running builds


• Reduction in build time

• Fix bugs quickly

• Secure coding

• Excellent and simple integration with GitHub


• Free availability for with the basic version

• Performance versions at $30/month

• Custom version need to talk to the sales team


We have discussed the features, advantages, and pricing of some of the popular Deployment tools in DevOps. To learn more register for the DevOps course with StarAgile institute. StarAgile conducts certification training in DevOps online which is industry recognized and taught by the excellent consultants who are having vast experience in the DevOps space. What are you waiting for? Need to learn DevOps with DevOps tools enroll for the DevOps training now and reap the benefits of learning DevOps with certification. Keep Learning!!!


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