DevOps Career Opportunities in 2022

Development Operations is a growing field in the Information Technology industry. As the demand for skilled professionals rises, there is an increasing number of DevOps job opportunities cropping up in a variety of roles. These DevOps career opportunities are very well-paid, given that the skill-level required to handle a project properly is high. Moreover, while there is significant overlap in terms of the roles available for DevOps engineers, they are still highly preferred in the IT industry.

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DevOps grew in popularity as a discipline in the IT sector since 2015. While it is still in its nascent stages, DevOps is the next hot trend in the field. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is no dearth of DevOps job opportunities in companies anywhere in the world.

DevOps, in essence, is a philosophy that combines or aims to reduce the gap between software development and infrastructure operations.

Therefore, it serves as an unprecedented boost for DevOps career opportunities for engineers who are looking to expand beyond their usual skill set as a software professional.


This is a highly strategic field with several DevOps job opportunities owing to the urgent need for professionals who will be able to lead projects from the helm.

DevOps Career Path

Organizations that implemented DevOps philosophy has been able to deploy their codes 30 times faster than their competitors.

Looking at this high success rate and growth in companies who have gone through early adoption, more and more organizations are opening up to the idea of adopting the practice leading to more DevOps job opportunities.

DevOps Salary

DevOps are one of the most highly paid individuals in the IT sector. So, not only does DevOps job opportunities come aplenty, but they are also very well-paid.

Here are the salary expectations of DevOps engineers in 5 countries:

Average Pay p.a

DevOps Roles and Responsibilities

Even though the skills, roles and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer may somewhat be similar across roles, there are still subtle nuances that set these DevOps career opportunities apart from each other.

Here are 3 of the most popular DevOps job opportunities.

1. DevOps Architect

A DevOps architect is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the DevOps philosophies in an organization as well as bringing in the tools and resources as per industry standards to enable the team to speed up software development, testing and production deployment.

In several organizations, a DevOps architect would also function as a mentor to the team.

2. Release Manager

Within a DevOps team, the release manager's role entails that they have to plan, schedule, monitor and control the software development and production deployment processes.

They are the ones who can ensure that your software is released sooner by improving the communication and collaboration between the developers and the operations team.

3. Security Engineer

In a DevOps environment, security is known as DevSecOps and is applied throughout the lifecycle of the process. A security engineer uses log and configuration management to ensure that there is security across the stages of the process.


DevOps career opportunities are many, and they provide an excellent trajectory for your career as a software engineer, promising not only growth but also attractive pay packages which would give your career a boost!

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