Top 20 Maven Interview Questions For Devops In 2024

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Jan 05, 2024

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Maven Interview Questions For DevOps

Maven is the build automation tool that can be used in applications developed by software languages such as Java, C#, Scala, and other languages. There are lots of DevOps tools such as GitHub, SVN, Maven, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Nagios, Splunk, and Selenium, etc. Enroll for the DevOps Training Online at StarAgile institute.

Top 20 Maven Interview Questions in DevOps for Beginners

1) What is Maven and how does it helps in DevOps?

Maven is a build automation tool and it helps DevOps in providing automation around the Build phase of the DevOps Life Cycle Management.

2) What is a Maven Repository?

A Maven repository is the storage place for the entire library jar, project jars and plugins, and all other project artifacts. This can be used by Maven easily.

3) What are the different Maven Plugins?

There are 2 types of Maven Plugins they are as follows,

1. Build Plugins – They are executed during the build phase of the DevOps Life Cycle Management and configured through the <build/> element of the pom.xml.

2. Reporting Plugins – They are executed during the site generation and must be configured as <reporting/> element of the pom.xml

4) What are the different types of Maven repository?

There are 3 different types of Maven repository they are central, local, and remote

5) What is POM in Maven?

POM stands for Project Object Model. It is the fundamental unit of work in the Maven. It is an XML file. It consists of all the information about the projects and the build configuration details used to build the project. It resides in the base directory of the Maven as the pom.xml. 

6) What is a Maven artifact?

A Maven artifact is a file usually a jar that is stored in the Maven repository. It consists of an artifact group ID, an artifact ID, and a version string. The three uniquely form an artifact. The artifacts are called as project dependencies. A Maven build produces one or more such artifacts such as Complied jar and source jars. Explore more with DevOps Learning at StarAgile institute.

7) What is Maven Build Life Cycle?

A Maven build life cycle consists of all the defined phases required to execute the goals in the same order as represented in the Maven Build Life cycle.

8) What information does POM contain?

The Project Object Model consists of the following configuration information they are as follows,

• Build profiles

• Developers

• Goals

• Mailing list

• Plugins

• Project dependencies

• Project version

9) Name the 3 build life cycles of Maven?

The 3 build lifecycles of Maven are as follows,

a. default or build - This is used to build the application.

b. clean - This is used to clean up the artifacts of the previous builds.

c. site - This is used to generate the site documentation of the project. 

10) What are the phases of a Maven Build Life Cycle?

The phases of the Maven Build Life Cycle are as follows,

• validate - This validates the correctness of the project and ensures all the necessary information is available.

• compile - Used to compile the source code of the project

• test - Used to test the compiled source code with a unit testing framework. This does not require the code to be packaged.

• package - This is used to packaged the compiled code and package it into a distributable format such as a JAR.

• integration-test - Used to run integration test on the packaged file

• verify - run checks on the packaged file is valid and meets the required quality criteria

• install - install the package into the local repository to be used as a dependency in other projects locally

• deploy - used in release environments to deploy copies of the final package to the remote repository for sharing with other projects and developers.

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11) What command is used to quickly build the Maven site?

The command used is MVN.

12) What is Build Profile?

Using the build profile we can customize build for the different environments such as development or production. The build profile is a set of configuration values required to set or override the default Maven build.

13) What are the phases of the site life cycle?

The phases of the site life cycle are as follows,

• pre-site

• site

• post-site

• site-deploy

14) What are the different types of Build Profiles?

Build profiles are of 3 types they are as follows,

• Per project - defined in the project POM file, pom.xml

• Global - defined in Maven global settings XML file

• Per User - defined in Maven settings XML file

15) What are the phases of the clean life cycle?

The clean life cycle consists of the following phases

• pre-clean

• clean

• post-clean

16) Why are the Maven Plugins used?

The Maven plugins are used for the following things,

• compile code files.

• create a jar file.

• create project documentation.

• create project reports.

• create a war file.

• unit testing of code.

17) What is the use of the execution element in the pom file?

The execution element contains information required for the execution of the plugin.

18) List the difference between the Ant and Maven?


Ant Vs Maven

1TypesAnt is a toolbox.Maven is a framework.
2CodingAnt is procedural, you need to put in order and tell through code what to do and when to do.Maven is declarative; You define everything in the pom.xml file.
3StructureStructureIn Ant there is no information on where to place the source code, compiled code, etc in the XML file there is no structure.In the Maven there is information about where to place the source code and compiled codes, it has the structured in pom.xml file
4Preference in DevOpsIt is less preferred than Maven.It is more preferred than Ant.
5Type of ToolIt is mainly a build tool.It is mainly a project management tool.
6Usage of codesThe ant scripts are not reusable.The maven plugins are reusable.
7Life CycleThere is no life cycle in Ant.There is a life cycle in Maven.


19) What is the command to install the JAR file in the local repository?

The command to install the JAR file in the local repository is,

• MVN install

20) What are the ways to activate profiles?

A Maven build profile can be activated in the following ways,

• By environment variables (User/System variables).

• By OS Settings.

• By using command console input explicitly.

• Present/missing files.

• Through maven settings.


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