How To Prepare For DevOps Coding Interview

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Oct 09, 2023

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How to prepare for DevOps coding interview


DevOps over the past decade has emerged as the top tech culture and a career in DevOps is a lucrative one. DevOps has many roles to suit the requirements of the DevOps phases, life cycle management, and DevOps pipeline. The top jobs in DevOps are DevOps engineers, DevOps architects, System administrators, DevOps experts, Linux admins, operations engineers, release managers, testing automation engineers, software developers, automation experts, etc. There are already 1 million DevOps roles in the market as of 2020 and is steadily increasing.


Now how to prepare for the jobs in DevOps? Do you know the fundamentals of DevOps? How to ace the job interview in DevOps? These questions may arise in your mind. The DevOps engineers are required to know more than just software development to operations, sysadmins functions, coding and scripting, Linux fundamentals, networking, algorithms, and various DevOps tools. Do not worry as we will help you to prepare for the DevOps coding interview questions in DevOps.


The first and foremost thing is to get self-motivated and try to prepare for as many questions as possible. Then get inspired by the DevOps interview and tell yourself that acing the interview will land a lucrative career in DevOps. Let us start preparing for the coding interview questions.


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Preparing for DevOps coding interview questions

Typically you need to work for the interview each day by preparing for various topics in DevOps. DevOps is a vast field and you need to prepare thoroughly on various topics to ace the interview. We know that interviews can be tough and we will help you prepare for the DevOps interview questions.

Let us start by dividing the questions into 5 categories, which are as follows. You can expect questions from these categories in your DevOps interview questions for 3 years of experience


1.     Linux Fundamentals

2.     Data Structures and Algorithms

3.     System Design

4.     Parsing

5.     DevOps tools.

As these topics may intimidate you, however, do not worry, first, you need to develop a very wide variety of topics and have a shallow depth. Do not go deep into any of the topics as of now. You need to prepare daily and also prepare to do a group study with your peers and other colleagues.


1.     Linux Fundamentals - Linux is a very important server-based operations topic that you must know. The sample questions in Linux are as follows,


  • What is the Linux command line prompt?
  • What are the steps needed when you power up the Linux server?
  • How do you check if the file systems are running out of space? How do you list the largest files in your system? How do you delete all the .mov files from your system?
  • What are the sequences of activities when you type in your web browser till it returns the page? How do you debug the problems when the page does not appear on your screen? etc


Preparations - Start reading the Linux command line book and read it thoroughly and in shallow depth.

Prepare by working on “over the wire” war games and learn until Bandit levels. Google it up for solutions and to learn new concepts. Learn the basics of vim by using the vimtutor command. For training join the Best DevOps training online at StarAgile institute. They provide excellent training for DevOps and also help you prepare for the interview. Learn from manual and other eBooks such as,, and Advanced bash scripting guide. Learn how to do shell scripting and bash.


2.     Data Structures and Algorithms - As a DevOps professional you need to know the fundamentals of coding, scripting, and programming. Start by learning python, JavaScript, etc. Then spend more time on practice. You need to know programming and popular algorithms that are available in the algorithms book. You can also Google it out for more on coding and finding the best algorithms to fit in as a solution for particular interview questions or problems. The sample questions to prepare for are as follows,

  • Find a particular IP from the file containing all the possible IPs
  • Remove all the duplicates from the list
  • Sort out all the nodes of the binary tree etc

For this topic, you can scan through the book "Definitive book on data structures and algorithms". Then LeetCode has a large repository of the problems that are helpful for the interview. Learn Python or Java and JavaScript. Learn by preparing how to answer interview questions from CodeSignal. Research the Directed Acyclic Graphs, Topological Sorts, and Dynamic Programming. Learn moderately how to use SQL commands and programming in Databases.


3.     System Design - Here you need to architect more complex system infrastructure and systems design for working with diverse systems architecture technology.

The sample questions are Design a microblogging message-based social network such as Twitter and how do you ensure high availability across regions? Design a website that is used to do e-commerce and how would you ensure high availability and user loads on the website?

Read the system design primer and Google SRE book. Also, we encourage you to read through the Top 20 DevOps interview questions and answers from StarAgile. Get the training in DevOps with DevOps online certification at StarAgile institute to further master the DevOps system design and work on complex architecture.


4.     Parsing - You need parsing for the system outputs and logs to debug issues and obtain system insights. There are various tools for command-line parsing such as sed, grep, and awk which are important for DevOps. Sample questions are Which IPs are the most frequent visitor given the Apache web server logs? How many requests are made per day? And which images and pages are most requested? etc

Again DevOps certification training from StarAgile will be an important game-changer for preparing for these types of questions.


5.     DevOps Tools - DevOps has more than 400 product tools and there are some important tools that you cannot avoid. Prepare sample questions for Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Docker, and Ansible from the StarAgile website. Try to know other best DevOps tools also. Join the DevOps certification training at StarAgile and work through the sample mock tests and ask the trainers about all the DevOps questions that may help in your interview. Read through other blogs from StarAgile that are extensively written on DevOps tools.


Final Takeaway – Do you want DevOps engineer interview questions?


Now that you have got a brief idea of how to prepare for the DevOps coding interview questions, we recommend you to take up the DevOps course at StarAgile institute. StarAgile has excellent faculties and their DevOps training course is industry-recognized with excellent Google review more than 10,000 professionals have already undergone the training with a 100% success rate. You can now get more interview questions for DevOps engineers as part of your training.

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