DevOps Engineer Salary in 2024

As organizations continue to embrace DevOps practices to enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and deliver software more efficiently, the demand for skilled DevOps engineers remains robust. When you are on the path to becoming a DevOps Engineer, a comprehensive overview of the DevOps engineer salary, factors influencing compensation variations, geographical considerations, experience levels, and the skill sets required must be your main concerns. Whether you are an aspiring DevOps professional, a seasoned practitioner, or simply curious about the earning potential in this domain, our insights will help you navigate the rewarding intersection of technology and operations.

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DevOps Engineer Salary Overview 

Companies all over the world have for long faced the problem of streamlining development environments with production environments to keep up with the market and consumer demand. This increased delays reduced uptimes and lowered customer satisfaction.  

The onset of DevOps has done an extremely appreciable job of solving all the aforementioned problems. Hence, it is no surprise that the average DevOps salary is extremely high in a lot of places.  

DevOps brings together people from the development side and operations side of the company for better collaboration and to maximize productivity by automating infrastructure, automating workflows and continually measuring application performance to reduce delay and operational costs. It is essentially an integration of developers and operations teams for better performance.

Such features have made DevOps indispensable in companies because of which the opportunities and salaries for DevOps certified professionals are growing multifold by each passing day.  

The DevOps teams' central focus is to automate all possible aspects of a company and its business model, including: 

• Code testing.

• Workflows.

• Infrastructure.

What Does a DevOps Engineer Do?

A DevOps Engineer is a highly skilled professional who works toward aligning the development and operations teams to achieve business goals. The role includes developing, implementing, and maintaining processes for continuous integration and delivery of software products. Let us know more:  

  • Project management: In some cases, DevOps engineers are responsible for maintaining the project and seeing if everyone is clear with their objectives. He takes the responsibility of who, where, and what of an IT project. 
  • Designing and Improving IT Infrastructure: A DevOps Engineer is responsible for making changes in the infrastructure to encourage collaboration and then make the releases faster. 
  • Performance testing and benchmarking: Checking if the system is running properly is the day-to-day work of a DevOps Engineer. 
  • Automation: DevOps Engineer tasks include automating repetitive tasks to make the releases faster and out of burden from the software development team. 
  • Optimizing Release Cycle: One of the tasks of a DevOps Engineer includes optimizing the release cycles and removing any unwanted time drains and introducing new methods to simplify the release process. 
  • Monitoring and Optimizing: The DevOps Engineer also works on the feedback received from the production team. He detects the errors and tries to minimize them for faster release. 
  • Security: Another task of the DevOps Engineer is to keep up the security of the development process. This includes the automation of key processes, release schedules, and infrastructure design. 

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Factors Affecting DevOps Engineer Salary

Multiple factors affect a DevOps Engineer's Salary including: 

  • Employer: Bigger the employer, the better the DevOps engineer’s salary. 
  • Years of experience: The pay is highly based on the experience you have in DevOps. A DevOps Engineer with 2-6 years of experience earns 3.8- 13 LPA respectively. The DevOps engineer's average salary is around 5.5 LPA. 
  • Training/skills you have: The more experience you have with different technologies, the more salary you are likely to get. 
  • Domain of the company: The domain of the company also determines the DevOps engineer’s salary. The domain of the companies more in demand will pay you better. 
  • Location: The location also affects your payscale, the metropolitan cities will have better pay than the smaller cities. 

DevOps Engineer Salary : Based on Experience 

Given below is a table that will give you an idea of how much salary you can expect at different DevOps levels. 

Levels or Roles
Salary Amount or Range
Entry-Level DevOps Engineer
US Dollar
Experienced DevOps Engineer 
US Dollar
102,800 – 131,200 
Mid-Level DevOps Engineer
US Dollar
Senior DevOps Engineer
US Dollar
90,600 - 144,800 

DevOps Engineer Salary: Based on skills

Salary (INR)
4-9 LPA
3-16 LPA
2-9 LPA
11-12 LPA
4-8 LPA
3.5-14.5 LPA

DevOps Engineer Salary: Based on Location

The DevOps engineer salary is also dependent on the country of residence, so it is important to know where it could be most beneficial for you.

Below is an informative table of the DevOps certification salary that you can expect in different countries. 

Indian Rupee
United Kingdom (UK) 
Pound Sterling 
United States of America (USA)
US Dollar 
Canadian Dollar 

Why Are DevOps Engineers Highly Paid? 

Here are some reasons why DevOps certified professionals are in high demand and why they are paid more than the people who are not certified. 

• DevOps engineers function as great assets to the company that provide a high return on investment (ROI) by radically increasing annual profits.

• DevOps engineers strive to provide the organization with a competitive advantage in terms of speed, efficiency and deliverability.

• DevOps is, in a sense, a philosophical approach to solving a large magnitude of technical problems. This approach that is derived from Agile Software Development methodology sets it apart from the rest.

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Companies Hiring DevOps Engineers

DevOps is a highly demanded skill in India, as companies are looking for people who can manage the software development process efficiently. The companies that are hiring DevOps Engineers include Amazon, Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, and Tata Consultancy. 

Best Suited Candidates for DevOps Certification

If you belong to any of the categories mentioned below and you do not have a DevOps course, then you can level up your career by getting one.

• IT Professionals.

• Software Testers.

• System Admins.

• Solution Architects.

• Security Engineers.

• Application Developers.

• Integration Specialists.

In a nutshell, the DevOps certified engineers are a great package of in-demand industry-relevant skill sets which any company can use. 

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