DevOps Engineer Job Description

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Oct 25, 2023

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DevOps Engineer Job Description

The business market is constantly changing. Manipulated by the variety of factors the structure of the industry is vulnerable to dramatic changes whether positive or negative. Over the last 20 years one of these biggest developments and beginning in engineering creation. Not just has that given way to increase productivity but has also paved way for ever-growing digital and productive work. 

In the above lines let us discuss about DevOps engineer profile to outline the need for Online DevOps training. It is the most trending technology in the market currently with ample job opportunities. 

Sample JD for a DevOps Engineer

Qualifications and skills

• Able to collaborate and lead the team of developers, IT staffs, and system administrators

• Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills

• Excellent process management and documentation skills

• Knowledge of best practices of development, testing, operations, production, deployment, and monitoring.

• Knowledge and certification in agile software development technologies and DevOps.

Education, Experience, and licensing requirements

• BS in computer science, IT, IS or equivalent technical area of study and

• Use of Maven and Jenkins for the CI/CD DevOps pipeline process

• Hands-on experience with Operating scripting languages such as Ruby, Pearl, etc

• Great at working in a team and have excellent collaboration and communication skills.

• Experience with algorithms, computer engineering, cloud, containerization,  etc

• Experience in the various cloud such as Azure, GCP, and AWS, etc

• Experience in DevOps tools for CI/CD pipeline and all the DevOps phases

• Experience in configuration management tools such as Ansible, Saltstack, and Puppet, etc.

• Experience in coding and scripting solutions such as bash, python and power shell, etc

• Experience in building VM's and containerization using Kubernetes and Docker etc

• Experience in automation of the tools and the DevOps phases

• Experience in agile software development such as C/C++, Java, and Python, etc.

• Excellent knowledge of Linux and Windows operating systems.

• Certification in DevOps is preferred

DevOps Engineer Job Description

This person coordinates and facilitates the work with the help of software developers, system admins, and other IT staff members. They work with collaborated efforts to merge the jobs of developments, operations, testing, and deployment. He is responsible for end to end duties and responsibilities of the DevOps pipeline and DevOps life cycle management. Some of the roles and responsibilities of DevOps engineer include the following,

• Work with the various tools for faster and multiple releases and deployment of the software.

• Integrate code, build, and test functions to smoothly function the multiple iterations of the DevOps life cycle management.

• Enable the easier function of operations and monitoring functions.

• Does continuous delivery by ensuring the release of the software in version control repository and continuous deployment.

• Do continuous integration of various functions to facilitate the release of the software.

• Do coding and scripting to customize the tools and work with the automation of code, build, test, release, deployment, operations, and monitoring.

• Automate the functions of operations, development, testing, and deployment.

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The other detailed job roles and responsibilities are as follows,

1. Planning – He is incharge of planning the entire DevOps life cycle management in the strategic project planning meetings. Provide guidance and expertise on costs, benefits, risks, impacts, and other system options. Provide the planning for the operational forecasts and development requirements for the timely and accurate planning of the DevOps pipeline.

2. Development - Manage end to end code, build, test, and release activities of the software multiple times a day and on an hourly basis to produce versioned software release with high frequency.

3. Deployment - Provide automated deployment interface and design for the configuration management and deploy the new modules in the production environment from the release environment.

4. Troubleshooting and maintenance - They facilitate the early detection of errors, bugs, and issues and make the job of the operations and maintenance of the systems easier. They also do routine troubleshooting to provide accurate and requirements specific development of software in the production.

5. Performance Management - They do the job of all the IT staff, system admins, testers, and developers easy by providing the most suitable, practical, and best recommendations for enhancing the performance of the team as well as software applications with the help of gap analysis and by providing most accurate practical solutions.

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The skills required for the DevOps engineer to perform the above duties and roles and responsibilities are as follows,

• Wide knowledge of operating systems administrations such as windows, Mac, and Linux, programming languages such as Java, Python, etc along with cloud deployments and networking protocols.

• Knowledge of various DevOps tools and tool customizations

• Knowledge of scripting languages, system and server administration, and software deployments

• Implement DevOps culture by integrating the teams and functions of coding, build, test, release, deploy, operations, and monitoring.

• Experience with various database systems, network security, and cloud systems

• Excellent knowledge of development, testing, release engineering, and performance optimization, etc.

• Do automation in every phase of the DevOps pipeline and DevOps life cycle management

• Able to lead the team, collaborate, and communicate within the team and with stakeholders.

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DevOps Engineer Responsibilities

StarAgile provides the Best DevOps training in the market which covers all the DevOps concepts, principles, and tools to scale DevOps in any software development organization.

• Use and select appropriate tools to accomplish specific work in the projects

• Provide support to development, testing, deployment, and operations teams

• Make all the functions of development, testing, deployment, operations, and monitoring work together.

• Maintain Question focused datasets by using streaming analysis algorithms

• Know to choose the best, most suitable, and scalable tools that fit the business needs

• Facilitate mission-critical analysis, extraction, and management of systems.

• Do incremental code, build, test, and deployments by streamlining execution and minimize errors.

• Develop custom workflows and use automation by coding and scripting.

• Detect early all the errors, bugs, and issues to tackle them and solve them.

• Collaborate in the team with others to tackle complex security, development, technological and infrastructure problems

• Code, build, test, design, deployment and maintain the Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery process with the help of tools such as GIT, Jenkins, and Maven, etc

• Build solutions around the various DevOps tools

• Build automation wherever possible in the DevOps end to end architecture.

• Be a troubleshooter and problem solver 

• Automate the process of operations and monitoring functions.

• Automate the process of coding, building, testing, and deployment

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Conclusion – Do you want to become a DevOps engineer 

DevOps engineers have increased accountability and responsibility towards the success of the software projects. These engineers are in high demand in the software industry because of the early adoption of the DevOps culture over the years. 

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