What is JIRA Tool Software ? The Complete Overview

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What is JIRA Tool Software

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Oct 17, 2023

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JIRA is a highly potent, powerful and effective tool for managing projects. JIRA is software for managing projects, but it started in 2002 as a way for software developers to keep track of bugs. 

It is presently available in the following three distinct packages

  • JIRA Core The core platform for managing projects in JIRA.
  • JIRA Software Provides all of JIRA Core's features, but with the addition of Agile features.
  • JIRA Service Desk Designed for IT experts and other service centres.

Atlassian, a company based in Australia, introduced the JIRA test automation tool. It is a platform for monitoring and reporting all software and mobile application issues. The origin of the word JIRA is the Japanese word "GoJIRA," which signifies Godzilla.

The following are the main features of this tool, classified by job position in a company

  • Project supervisors – JIRA can handle anything from planning and scheduling to workflow estimations to monitoring and customisation to activity reporting and analytics development.
  • Software engineers – JIRA is ideal for managing issues and backlogs, preparing releases, integrating CI/CD and development tools, etc. Know more about JIRA backlogs.
  • Software analysts – Testing software products are more accessible using JIRA's issue prioritisation, bug tracking features, and other features.
  • Product executives – JIRA tool is an all-in-one for product managers, allowing them to do everything from thorough product road mapping to establishing map interconnections and sharing roadmaps.

What is JIRA used for?

JIRA Board

Jira board 

Since its implementation, JIRA has developed to include many different types of work management.

JIRA software is used to

  • Performance standards and Testing control
  • Using the Agile Approach
  • Resource Management of activities
  • Building software
  • Management of the Product(s)
  • Time and Prioritisation of Work
  • Tracking of Errors

Main features of JIRA

While JIRA is being used in various jobs, it was designed as agile development software to create plans, monitor work progress, and coordinate new product lines.

The list of the essential features of JIRA

1. Agile Project Management - JIRA's Scrum boards enable organisations to develop functionality with incremental and iterative relevance. Kanban boards enable real-time task and work management accessibility. The platform gives the team access to the information to evaluate the task performance. JIRA's Portfolio feature offers an agile portfolio. It helps teams plan, define roadmaps, make decisions, and stay updated.

2. User-Friendly Layout - JIRA is highly user-friendly; every group member can manage any programming part with simplicity. The software's toolbar provides rapid access to such data organising, monitoring, and releasing. You can create tasks and storylines from any screen with the help of this tool. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for users to add jira epics and springs to the backlog.

3. Integration of Products and Accessibility – JIRA gives its users the ability to integrate a wide variety of helpful tools that improve the effectiveness and productivity of the software development process. The Atlassian Marketplace provides users with access to various software options. In addition, the JIRA app works on both iOS and Android so that users can get to their tasks from anywhere.

Valuable Aspects of JIRA

  • Projects It's a handy tool for dealing with defects.
  • Issue It's used to keep track of different tasks.
  • Workflow Issues and defects are processed via the life cycle. Assuming we have some specified requirements, we construct the software architecture and then generate test cases based on the technical design. After establishing the test scenarios, coding is conducted, followed by activity testing. JIRA makes this design workflow possible.
  • Search Easy-to-find. To put it another way, we're constantly updating and expanding our library. We can better understand what occurred in previous versions of the software, the number of defects that were present in the earlier projects, and the knowledge that was gained from those faults by using JIRA.
  • Dashboards After you log in to JIRA, you will be presented with a display known as the dashboard. Multiple dashboards can be created for different tasks. You can construct a personalised dashboard and add widgets to it to monitor the tasks and issues you are dealing with.

How does JIRA work?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using JIRA software

  1. Open JIRA and click JIRA Home.
  2. Choose Create project
  3. Select a template from available options.
  4. Configure the columns according to your needs in the Board settings
  5. Create issues
  6. Invite your teammates and get to work

What is JIRA software?

JIRA is a commercially available programme that facilitates JIRA services for the management of different planned activities. Individuals can use the trial version for a short period with a free licence.

JIRA tool is a worthwhile project planning for building goods and collaborating.

Specifications of JIRA software

It is a tool for managing tasks on agile teams. The following is a list of the features that the JIRA software has

  • The use of scrum boards
  • Kanban boards
  • Functional prototypes
  • Agile report
  • Link issues to coding
  • More than a bug-tracker

How exactly does the JIRA Software make this process very much easier?

It makes work easier by keeping track of problems and bugs in software and mobile apps. JIRA solutions enable teams to organise, assign tasks, track issues, and manage work.

When an issue is raised in JIRA, the following phases of the workflow are used

  • Unresolved Issues When an issue arises, the assignee is required to resolve it.
  • Work - In - progress This level indicates that the assignee has begun working on the issue.
  • Resolved Concern After the work associated with an issue has been finished, the issue will enter this stage and wait for the reporter's confirmation. As authentication is complete, the issue will be recorded as resolved or restarted if needed.
  • Restarted Queries If an issue is continued at this level, it was either wrong or lacked specific details or modifications.
  • Close Issue The assignee will resolve the issue once you've finished working on it. It can be reopened if required in the future.

The functionality of the JIRA software

JIRA is a cross-platform solution that works on many operating systems.

The JIRA dashboard offers numerous functions and capabilities for managing issues efficiently.

  • Issue tracking and administration It outlines the project management process for keeping tabs on problems, carrying out day-to-day responsibilities, and monitoring how well a team is doing its work.
  • Product Governance It enables the creation of the project and, sprints that assist the team in fulfilling orders.
  • Customisable interface with widgets JIRA features a platform for monitoring assigned tasks, user activities, burn down charts, collaborative velocity, etc.
  • Reporting JIRA gives reports to comprehend the project's progression. Reports should contain overall time spent beyond the estimate, a budget plan, etc.
  • Scrum & Kanban Scrum boards are used to manage your board, whereas Kanban boards handle defects and epics within the system.
  • Support for Plug-ins JIRA offers an abundance of external plug-ins for managing your product.

Why would we use JIRA Software?

We ought to use the JIRA software since it is an effective tool that can be put to different uses, including project planning, tracking issues and bugs, and other similar tasks. In addition, it is beneficial for large and small businesses to monitor their growth readily.

We require JIRA since

  • It offers an excellent web-based user interface.
  • It involves effective user management.
  • It provides excellent problem search tools and query language for searching and reporting issues.
  • Issues can be edited, moved across projects, and transferred to PDF or Excel formats.
  • It offers a multitude of plug-ins to meet your various needs.
  • It's easy to host on a server, and Atlassian gives excellent assistance.

Benefits of JIRA software

The following are some benefits

  • Open-source software solution JIRA can manage task activities, track issues relating to programs and mobile applications, and much more.
  • It works with different operating systems and is platform-independent.
  • Since JIRA is a known issue tracking solution, developmental and tech support staff use it to accelerate their work.
  • JIRA permits task prioritisation and advises team members that work must be finished immediately and can be rescheduled until later.
  • It provides functionality for more than ten multi-languages and more than one hundred add-ins; these interface with various software to make the work simpler and more convenient.

How would this technology contribute to your career development?

JIRA technology will facilitate the creation of plug-ins. It's possible to find work if you have a decent grasp of JIRA's API class, layouts, and plug-in programming. In future, you might think about this option if you have a solid understanding of programming.


JIRA is a highly effective application for tracking performances. Although first designed for software development, the software is an integral part of all enterprises today. What is the JIRA tool? It is an easy-to-use tool that allows the team meets its goal. JIRA Training focuses on the skills required to utilise JIRA effectively. You will first learn fundamental JIRA principles, nomenclature, and installation, how to create issues, check their status and configure boards, among other things. The goal of the JIRA Training is to provide high-quality training that emphasises the practical application of sound underlying knowledge of core concepts. After completing this JIRA certification program, you will be prepared to pass the exam and begin using JIRA to manage projects.

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