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Jan 05, 2024

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Risk management is now becoming a priority for every organisation. Especially in this dynamic world, managing and handling risks is essential. That is why many organisations are investing in risk management application and preparing for a potential crisis. Therefore, the need for risk management software is constantly rising.

Hence, it is essential to choose and pick the right risk assessment software. Here is the list of leading risk management software:


As a risk management application, Resolver IT Risk Management is a cloud-based service catering to the demands of companies of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors. In addition to serving banking, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and education, Resolver also works with a wide range of other businesses.

In addition, the platform's ease of use increases acceptance across in-house teams, leading to more efficient information exchange throughout the enterprise. Moreover, it assists firms in thriving while safeguarding their employees and assets through grade security applications.


Ensures that the company is protected from security issues so one can concentrate on expanding.

Constantly keep an eye on potential dangers and the money needed to comply with regulations.

Respond quickly to threats and ensures user security.

Compliance reporting on security threats makes it possible to track users' progress. 

Provides a methodical approach to controlling enterprise-wide risk.

Offers gap analysis compared to conventional practices, allowing users to plan and focus their efforts.


 nTask is popular among business owners that place a high value on risk management software and use it as their primary project management tool. It helps groups to coordinate their day-to-day activities by facilitating improved communication, organisation, analysis, and command. As a result, one may streamline the processes and ensure everyone knows their part in reducing risk.


Using Kanban boards, one can efficiently manage the workload. It tracks and gives insights about what must be done, who is accountable for what, and where things stand in the process.

Use eye-catching charts to do thorough data analysis, uncovering bottlenecks and making forecasts with ease.

Enables a user to determine the risk impact and assess its severity.

Generates a risk matrix and provides a summary of each risk. 

Gives a cross-reference and frequency of the risks which have occurred in the past.


When it comes to cyber security, Qualys is the most reliable risk management software. It simplifies the process of connecting, running, and securely managing infrastructure across several cloud providers.

No matter where the company is or what region the business operates in, the proprietary scanning technology will immediately reveal any security flaws in any of the systems. Moreover, Qualys provides a comprehensive view of a company's digital footprint, allowing users to pinpoint areas needing improvement in the fight against hackers, viruses, and data breaches.


Keeping tabs on any threats by identifying vulnerabilities and major misconfigurations

Perform automated, continuous scans of any global hybrid environment for security flaws and critical infrastructure issues.

Receive immediate alerts on new vulnerabilities, missing property, and network oddities.

Concentrate on what matters for the company by using cutting-edge techniques like real-time threat intelligence, complex correlation, and machine learning.


 The Integrum risk assessment software suite is widely recognised as the best in the industry for enterprise-level optimisation and administration. Integrum's award-winning product suite has been changing the world by helping companies realise their full potential through the intelligent use of data.

Automating and enhancing processes, increasing visibility, and establishing centralised control over the flow of information across an organisation are just a few mentions of how Integrum's solutions facilitate more rapid and sustainable business expansion. Moreover, it gives users a leg up in operations research by making it easier for them to deal with dynamic corporate environments.

In terms of risk management, it's also a scalable, versatile, and potent option.


Create a profile of the risks posed by each client so that customers can anticipate and prevent any issues.

With everything users need to be shown in one convenient location, one can ensure that the data is always up-to-date and that the user is working with the most recent information available.

Adjustable SMARTForms simplify risk management. It allows users to create forms that are unique to their business and can adapt to changing circumstances.

Easily digestible dashboards highlight the key metrics for real-time monitoring of data fluctuations.


When it comes to managing risk and being compliant, 6clicks is the go-to operating system. It streamlines the process of being audit-ready and makes it simple to maintain risk registers, execute risk assessments, assign owners, create treatment programs, and more.

The program covers all aspects of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) in one location. Moreover, the user-friendly interface ensures that the user stays on top of the data security requirements. 6clicks also facilitates conformity with industry standards by making it easy to build an ISMS (Information Security Management System), which is essential for meeting legal requirements.


Incorporates all of the hazards required by law into the risk register and makes access to several reputable risk libraries easier.

The 6clicks interface allows for complete customisation of the whole risk identification, assessment, and management procedure.

By delegating the evaluation of common business risks to 6clicks, users can have more workforce available for strategic initiatives.

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