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Aug 04, 2022

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In any organization what constitutes the biggest resource is the teams. When you have a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals, that is when the business will climb the mountains of success. The importance of having a great team is imperative and when you know this mantra, you are just going to reap all the benefits of a successful business. So, to ensure that you are having the maximum benefits from your team, there are certain measures that any organization should follow. But do not worry, we are going to explain them to you and make a list for you so that you can work towards those steps and give the team what they need to give their best to the organization. In this blog, you will learn how to motivate team and how you can go for the PMP certification if you are looking for a career in project management. Having a technical aspect is much needed, but when the project management is strong in the company, that team can achieve wonders for the organization.

So let us now see what are the measures that can help to motivate team members.

Make them feel valued and connected to the company

If you are looking to build a team that is motivated and highly dedicated to the work they are doing, then you need to first start valuing them for their skills and personality. They are a valuable asset to the team and you should never miss out on a chance to show that to them. If they feel valued and connected to the organization, then chances are that they will give their best to what they believe in. Praises can go a long way and keeping them aware of how they are very much valuable to the company will make this possible. There are many ways you can show them appreciation like vouchers, gifts, an extra day off, and much more.

Clearly define your expectations

The companies where the communication is clear, thrive the most. When the employee is going to work for you, he is going to expect clear intentions and goals that he should adhere to. So, when there is clear communication of expectations from each side, then things can be achieved in a great way. If the employee is not able to understand what is needed in the project, then it will not motivate him to get the best out of him for that project. So clearly making them understand what is needed is very crucial for their best work. Encourage an environment where they can freely ask questions and clear their doubts if any.

Pay them what they are worth

This is a brainer when you are looking for how to motivate team members. If you do not want to lose great people in your team then you need to keep this point in your mind at the top. There are many times it is seen that the projects are losing valuable resources because they are not getting the right salaries as per their work. So, when you are setting their salaries, make sure that it is consistent with their work, and with other competitors, and also do not forget to include the geographical factor. When you keep these things in your mind, then you won’t lose some valuable employees because of this factor.

Foster a healthy work environment

This goes without saying if you want to know how will you motivate your team. When the employee is not comfortable in the environment they are working in, they won’t be able to give their 100% to the project. So, if you want to have the best work come out of them then it is your job to make sure that you are providing the best and healthy environment to them. This will include positive feedback, no backtalk, and regular appreciation. Make them feel valued, celebrate occasions with them, and be a part of a big family. When they are feeling good in that environment, they will be very loyal to the company and make sure that they are reciprocating their best to the company as well. This will change the way they work and you will see some positive change in the team.

Give opportunities to grow

The team can grow when the employees are given chance to grow individually. There are many companies that are offering various programs and training for their employees to increase their acumen. If the employees are feeling like an asset to the company, they will give their best. They will feel that company is ready to invest in their growth. If you provide those opportunities to the employees then they are going to give their best to the team. The employees should feel like when they are giving their best and hard work, then the company is going to encourage them and have great options for personal and professional growth. Be a part of their achievements.

Reward creativity

As your team is your biggest resource, they will give the best ideas when you encourage them. If you create an environment where the resources not only feel safe but reward their creativity when they come up with new ideas and solutions to the problems, this will reap benefits not only for the employees but for the whole organization. Also, when they come up with new ideas and they fit best for the company, they will be more invested and dedicated to that project personally. This will be helpful in coming up with new solutions and working towards the end goal. This kind of motivation goes the long way for the whole team and the company as well.

Show you care

The employees are giving most of their day to the company and when the company is going to show they care, they will feel connected to the company. If the company simply does not care, the employees won’t feel motivated to give their best for the company that does not care. When you connect with them, you will get to know what they need and what keeps them motivated. 

Do not micromanage

There is no one working in the team who would like to work with the boss who is going to look over your shoulder with every decision that you are making. They won’t feel more comfortable when the boss is going to ask questions every time about their tasks and work. So, if you want to encourage better working conditions for your employees then you need to stop micromanaging and make sure that the team is working independently. Make sure that the team goals and objectives are clear to them so that they are able to work in that direction only. You can then trust them that they are going to give their best to achieve that goal.

Respect their time and maintain work-life balance

The employee who is not having a good work-life balance is going to collapse one day. So, it is the role of the management to make sure that employees are not going above and beyond and risking their personal life always to meet their goals. The management should respect their time and give them time for themselves as well. They should avoid unnecessary meetings and calls and let them give their best by staying focused on their tasks. Also, keeping the working hours regulated will help them to give their best in that dedicated time. They will be more productive during those hours. If they are asked to work overtime then this might get counterproductive. Make sure that they are properly compensated for the extra efforts they are putting in.

Constructive criticism

If you are not happy with how things are going then you should be able to let them know, but there should be a certain way of doing so. You should be considerate when you are going for this and make sure that you are never criticizing them in front of their colleagues and other staff members. You should let them know the problem in a clear way and also help them to overcome that issue. If you are just going to barge them and take the job from them, then it is not going to send a good message to the team. Be with them if they are facing any challenges while doing the job and try to pass that hurdle with them. This will encourage the team spirit in the team and the team will be motivated again to perform well in their tasks.

Maintain healthy competition

When there is an environment of healthy competition in the team, you are going to get great results from the team and this also motivate team members. Having no competition will not push the employees to give their best but too much competition might take the spirit out of it. So, the management should make sure that the employees are able to give their ideas and try to compete to become the best version of themselves. You should reward that behavior but condemn it when things are out of your way. People will give their best and come out with the best solution when they get a reward or other appreciation. But make sure that the process is transparent and things are going in the right direction. 

Some out-of-office activities

If you want to keep the spirit high in the team then changing the location of work or some activities that are organized outside work would help a lot. You can have some training sessions, someday out and other activities when the team will work outside of the office. Also, you can plan some get-togethers after the office so that the team is able to get to know each other in a more fun way. This way, you can have better communication in the team and they will be connected to each other as well. You should allow some social agenda in the project and make sure that the team is getting some time to celebrate the achievements they are having in the projects.

Provide other facilities

There is so much a company can offer to the employee which will show how much they care for their well-being as well. You can have various offers and schemes that can be helpful for the team. Giving vacation vouchers, offering child care, laundry services, cab services, medical services, and much more come under this discussion. You should sit with your management and come up with things and offers that can benefit the employees. They will feel rewarded and see that their company takes care of their needs and helps them increase their standard of living. With some of these activities, the employees will be able to manage their time properly and give their best to the team.

Say no tactfully

There are many times when the management has to say no to the things asked by the employees. So, in these cases, the management should be able to say no in a way that employees are not taking it personally and this is not embarrassing for them. You should be kind and should be able to give an explanation for the same. This way, they will also understand that your hands are tied and will not feel bad for coming to you in the first place.

Do not punish failure

“To err is human”, if you follow this adage in your workplace then you will be able to make things all right in the end. The human being can make errors. So instead of going harsh about and giving them a hard time about it, you should make sure that the employees are learning from their mistakes. If they make an honest mistake, do not punish them, but try to encourage and fix that issue. This will make sure that you are not degrading their self-confidence and helping them to grow as an individual.


A lot goes in when you try to build a great environment for the employees to work in. The above-mentioned things are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are able to incorporate these things on how to motivate your team in your company, then you have success for your business because the employees are dedicated and motivated to work for you. These tips are very crucial and also make sure that they are happy where they are working and that should be your topmost priority too. The biggest asset is the human resource in any organization. So, try to give them the best place to give their best.

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