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Oct 16, 2023

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In the programming world, there can be no code without bugs. So, programmers need to debug the code for the successful execution of the code. The GIT Bisect is used to find the commit that has inserted a bug in the programming code. If the programmer comes across a bug and is unsure about its initiation, GIT Bisect can do the work by finding the commit where the code works properly and the commit where the code is not working properly.

The GIT Bisect has been an integral part of DevOps training, and the programmers must undertake this training to get DevOps certification. The DevOps course has been in huge demand as it is a perfect blend of people, processes, and technology. The programmers need to undergo DevOps training to work on GIT Bisect. 

GIT Bisect

The GIT Bisect divides the code into half and starts validating the code for the bug. The Bisect can be conducted manually by checking the particular commit and analyzing the code. But by using the implementation, the Bisect checks for all the possible errors in the particular code and performs all the manual labour. 

But is there a specific condition where GIT Bisect can be used? The answer is yes. The Bisect can be used when the programmer needs more confidence about the particular change that has occurred in the code. The issue can be a bug that is not easy to track or an undesirable change like code deletion that was removed by mistake. In all these exceptional cases, the Bisect can be used. The DevOps certification equips the candidates with the skill to work on GIT efficiently and provide productive results.

Steps to find the wrong commit

The programmer should follow the steps to identify and rectify the wrong commit. 

Initializing the repository 

Create a commit to showcase GIT Bisect

Identifying the log history and creating a boundary surrounding the bad commit.

Once the bug is identified, reset the entire process and continue with the code.

GIT Bisect example

So, there is a difficult bug to track and the change that has caused it, but this bug was not present in the previous week. So, with this GIT Bisect example, let's understand the nuances of GIT Bisect.

Before starting GIT Bisect Run, it is important to save the incomplete work in stash or commit.

The search starts with git bisect start.

git bisect start

After that, the programmer must put two commits - bad and good. This puts a boundary around the search. For this GIT Bisect example, let's select the bad label, as the bug can be duplicated immediately. 

git bisect bad

After setting the boundary, the programmer must identify the timeline until the code is bug-free. It can be manually checked with the SHA tag of the commit or the code.

git checkout 345678

git bisect good


git bisect good 345678

This will provide a command to GIT to drive the HEAD within the specified boundaries to verify the code for a particular time (345678). The directives are simple and are written as displayed below.

Bisecting: 191 revisions left to test after this (approximately eight steps)

[commit_345] Add new transaction endpoint 

The GIT would run the validation in detail through the entire code. The only purpose was to realise when the part of the code was 'good' and when it turned 'bad'. GIT will move to the other code once the bug has been discovered. 

git bisect good

Bisecting: 95 revisions left to test  after this (approximately seven steps)

[commit_543] Replace the User model with a new implementation

After the GIT checks the specified code, it will provide the commit with the bug with all the information. The GIT should end with a reset. The programmer can use it in the middle of checking if something goes wrong.

git bisect reset

When should one use GIT Bisect?

It is not always necessary to use Bisect to find the bug. But if the code is complicated, and the origin of the bug is unknown, using it would help find the bug in a shorter time frame.

Some bugs are not easy to detect; they blend with the code and can only be detected when the codes are introduced. In this case, it is not easy to identify the bug through the entire code. The task would get more complicated if the code did not have a clean commit log. So, in this scenario, it is always advisable to use GIT Bisect to find the bug.

GIT Bisect Run

To make searching for bugs easier, GIT Bisect Run automates the process of determining whether the commit is bad or good. Considering a code written to find the bug, where the bug is not found with the status code 0, and a number is found within the range of 1-127, then GIT Bisect Run can come into action and find the bug easily. The DevOps course can learn the details about working on GIT Bisect Run. Professional candidates looking to be experts in GIT Bisect Run should undergo DevOps training from reputed institutes.

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The GIT Bisect Run is a simple and effective process to scan large codes in a short time. The Bisect has been an important part of the DevOps course. The DevOps certification would provide the skillset to work on Bisect. The GIT Bisect example explains the concepts of GIT for a better understanding. The GIT Bisect example shows how easy it is to search in addition to identifying the bug in a code. With proper DevOps training from a reputed institute like StarAgile that provides DevOps training under experienced trainers, a programmer can work on GIT Bisect easily. 

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