Devops Sample Projects for Beginners

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Apr 15, 2024

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DevOps Projects

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations working together. DevOps is a culture and not a technology. DevOps encompasses Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Monitoring. The DevOps Life Cycle Management consists of the following blocks Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, and Monitor. Also, there are a whole lot of DevOps tools that help to execute the above blocks. The most used and popular DevOps tools are listed below,

  • Artifact Managing tools  - NPM, Nexus, JFrog Artifactory
  • Build tools - Ant, Maven, Gradle, MS Build
  • Cloud Services - Azure, AWS, OpenShift, Cloud foundry, and GCP
  • Configuration Management tools - Ansible, puppet, chef
  • Continuous integration tools-  Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, CircleCI
  • Testing Tool - Selenium, SonarQube, Pytest, Katalon
  • Database Management Tools  - MySQL, MongoDB, Liquidbase
  • Deployment tools - Juju, XLDeploy, Octopus Deploy
  • Monitoring Tools - Prometheus, Nagios, Google Analytics, Logstash
  • Orchestration tools - Kubernetes, Nomad, Docker

You must become familiar with some of these tools to start doing DevOps projects. There are a few roles which you must perform as a DevOps engineer. 

Skills required for executing DevOps projects 

The DevOps projects require you to be all in one, in technology and show good communication skills, leadership skills, collaboration skills and lead the team and also be a team player. 

  • The technology skills that you need to have is programming and scripting skill in Java, Perl, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby, etc for making automation, System admin preferably Linux/ Unix and Windows OS, for operations and other popular tools listed above. 
  • However, the most important skill areas are dedication, interest, and passion to become the DevOps engineer. 
  • You must also know networking, server management, database management, and cloud. 

It is important to do some DevOps sample projects before you get ready for an interview. Do not be discouraged as in one of the articles we have mentioned how you can transition your career to DevOps if you are a beginner or programmer or graduate in computer science or a Sysadmin. To get these skills we recommend you do a DevOps course at StarAgile. StarAgile offers an online course in DevOps. You need to understand and learn the complete DevOps Life Cycle Management.

Also, there are many benefits offered by DevOps methodology and you must feel glad to find a career in it. 

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Top 3 DevOps sample projects for Freshers in 2024

1) AWS DevOps –

One of the projects would be to develop a website or web-based application with the help of AWS DevOps. You need to understand the AWS DevOps architecture such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) consisting of 2 parallel web servers and 2 parallel Databases. This needs to be supported by Cloudfront, DynamoDB, Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon S3.

2) Web Development using DevOps –

This can be an interesting project. For this you need 2 Web servers, supported by popular database connected in parallel. You need to host the web servers in the DMZ. The database servers and other important servers such as authenticating server, anti-malware server will be in server farm behind the core firewall and IPS/IDS. You need to build an application that is hosted on the web servers and connected with the databases.

3) Container-Based –

Get the local web site which is made of word press from the windows server and convert it to container and now move the container to Azure. You can have web contents and something to do with blogs and advertisements, etc

When you look at these projects for the first time it may look daunting, but stay assured that you can easily start working on them with simple training. 

Top 3 Open Source DevOps projects and DevOps real time projects

The DevOps project names and its corresponding write up is provided below, 

1) Integrating  Testing and Monitoring –

Integrate testing and monitoring by reusing the testbeds in the monitoring systems and using the monitoring probes in the test environment to evaluate the systems and applications.

2) Sysadmin learning the development –

This is an automation project where the sysadmin use Java or Python programming to automate the tasks which in normal is manual and monotonous tasks.

3) Sysadmin using the tools –

Tools for configuration changes, mass deployment, and monitoring to do the system changes, operate, and monitor.

You can try some open source DevOps projects as they are available for free online. These will add value to your profile and will provide you with confidence.  

Other DevOps projects are provided in the diagram. Get inspired by it and also you can try some projects on your own. 

DevOps projects

8 Best Practices to manage DevOps Projects 

You must master the best practices to implement DevOps projects. From the day you work on projects, you must start practicing these to make it a habit for the successful delivery of DevOps projects to your organization. 

1) Do the automation from the start -

The DevOps focuses on the automation a lot. Thus the DevOps process relies on the continuous deployment and continuous integration that is the CI/CD pipeline. So the automation is a must to do away with repetitive, monotonous, and manual tasks.

2) Testing as a continuous process -

Make use of testing beds which is provided by DevOps engineer and not by the development team.

3) Build Collaboration with the teams and its members -

As a DevOps engineer you need to have effective collaboration between all the teams and the team members

4) DevOps Tools -

Choose the best tools from all the available tools. Do some groundwork that is to analyze the tools and decide upon what is suitable to you and your organization

5) Application Monitoring -

Things can go wrong at any time so application monitoring must use the right tool and must ensure the bugs and errors are closed at the earliest in the pipeline

6) Dashboard -

One of the examples is the Jira and you can make a good dashboard out of it. The dashboard is necessary to keep track of end to end activities

7) Reduction in time, iteration and efforts -

This is what DevOps is for, DevOps, if used efficiently, can provide a drastic reduction in time to market, without a reduction in quality of the products, and reduction in the number of iterations and efforts

8) Feedback loop -

Use feedback loop from each stage of DevOps Life Cycle Management which gives a clear picture of the SDLC and progress.

Learn DevOps Projects Earn certification

DevOps projects can be used to learn and get knowledge in DevOps. But you want to know where to start. Yes, it is a fact that you will not get a job until you gain experience. How to gain experience without working on DevOps real time projects? Yes, it is a chicken egg story. 

There is a way out!

Sign up with StarAgile for DevOps Certification and you can do DevOps sample projects similar to real-time and gain experience. You will now be ready with practical knowledge and certification. 


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