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Lean Agile Principles

People's interaction with each other is important as they are the key contributors to the successful...


15 Apr 2020

Agile Transformation

There is a revolution happening in the last 2 decades and most of the business has understood the be...


27 Mar 2020

Scaled Agile Framework Core Values

Scaled agile framework core valuesWhen you want to take agile to larger teams, then you need an effe...


26 Mar 2020

Difference Between Agile and SAFe Agile

What is the difference between Agile and SAFe Agile?Before we get into 'Agile' and 'SAFe Agile,' it ...


13 Mar 2020

SAFe Agilist Salary

A certified SAFe® Agilist’s salary differs due to several deciding factors such as country, work ...


03 Mar 2020

SAFe Agile Interview Questions

What is SAFe?SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework is the world's leading Agile framework, and it is used a...


03 Mar 2020

SAFe Agile Certification Cost

Over the years, project development methods have transformed for the better. And technology has been...


12 Dec 2019

PI Planning

What is PI Planning?PI is abbreviation of Program Increment. PI Planning is one of the most importan...


19 Nov 2019

Why Scaling Agile in Large Organisation?

My phone rang incessantly on a Monday morning and I noticed that it was a call from Mr. Ram Kumar, t...


06 May 2019

Different Layers in (SAFe) Scaled Agile F...

Software development projects found a relief when Agile methodology was implemented. It has several ...


02 Apr 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Get SAFe Agile Certific...

SAFe framework of Agile methodology is one of the most promising and useful methodologies of all. No...


26 Mar 2019