Gamify Your Work,
Achieve Your Goals
Simplify the Upskilling Journey for You and Your Organization Through the Power of Gamification.
What is Gamification?
As organizational tasks grow increasingly complex, employees often face challenges in comprehending and efficiently executing their responsibilities. This is where gamification comes into the picture wherein game mechanics like leaderboards, badges, rewards and quizzes are included in the non-game environment like a website, online community, learning management systems (LMS) and educational courses. The core objective of gamification is to foster engagement among consumers, partners, employees, and diverse audiences, encouraging interaction, sharing, and collaboration.
Employees became more productive
with gamification
Workers are more likely to stay in a
company for 3+ years using gamification
People believe that gamification
inspires them to work harder
Employees enjoy the experience
of gamification
Why Gamification?
Gamification presents a straightforward yet highly effective method for boosting employee engagement. It can infuse your daily tasks with an element of enjoyment with fun challenges and rewards, and we've witnessed a demonstrable increase in employee engagement and participation as a result. Let's delve deeper into how it affects your workplace.
Elevates Engagement,
Motivation, and Productivity:
Through gamification, routine tasks are transformed into enjoyable activities, significantly enhancing employee engagement.
Fosters a Positive Work
Gamification ensures that all employees have an equal platform to showcase their skills, creating a more equitable and harmonious work environment.
Promotes Team
Gamification encourages employees with similar perspectives to collaborate, leading to improved teamwork and heightened productivity.
Real-Time Performance
Gamification provides employees with real-time feedback, allowing them to focus on measurable goals and strategize their tasks more effectively.

Enhances Job
By leveraging rewards, gamification taps into the brain's natural inclinations, making work more enjoyable for employees and increasing their likelihood of long-term retention.
Products we use to foster Gamification
1. The Challenge of Egypt
This simulation offered by GamingWorks is based on Project Management which immerses participants in a collaborative team environment, enabling them to tackle complex challenges within a simulated setting.
  • Improved project performance
  • Successfully translate project management theory into practice
  • Improved teamwork in projects
2. Fly4you
This simulation is based on Leading SAFe which helps the participants to work in teams by translating strategy into execution to achieve the business goals as set out by the CEO. It is an 8-round simulation by teams of 8 members each.
  • Faster deployment of new services
  • Minimized errors and reworking
  • Improved business and customer value
3. The Phoenix Project
This Business Simulation by Gaming Works is based on DevOps and is a valuable resource primarily used by employees well-versed in Lean, Agile, and ITSM principles to enhance the value of their IT services. This versatile simulation finds ideal applications in raising awareness, conducting assessment sessions, and fostering team-building endeavors.
  • New collaborative culture
  • Better collaboration between DEV and OPS
  • Seamless software deployment