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Feb 22, 2023

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A Scrum Master is not a Scrum Master by themselves inside a SAFe organisation. A Scrum Master SAFe is a servant-leader for an Agile Team. Scrum Masters ensure that the agreed-upon Agile methodology is adhered to in addition to training the Agile team on various methodologies and frameworks, including Extreme Programming, Kanban, Scrum, and SAFe. Simply said, a Scrum Master in a SAFe setting should have other tools in addition to Scrum.

SAFe is a framework for extending a team's Agile processes to the enterprise level. Nevertheless, the SAFe architecture will need to support additional layers at higher levels, such as Full SAFe, Large Solution SAFe, and Essential SAFe. These diverse arrangements may be used dependent on the organization's needs. The Scrum paradigm is designed to accommodate settings of various sizes and degrees of complexity. Consequently, SAFe Scrum Masters play a significant role in a variety of organisational levels. In order to increase the enterprise-wide efficacy of SAFe, they will be required to collaborate with a larger Scrum Master Community comprised of Solution Train Engineers and Release Train Engineers.

SAFe incorporates Agile and Lean Principles, so making them accessible to anyone. In turn, a SAFe Scrum Master must embrace the concepts while working in a SAFe environment. They are responsible for facilitating the adoption of SAFe practises by Agile teams inside a business. In addition, these individuals acquire a vast array of Lean tools and approaches for enhancing the value flow in Agile teams.

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What distinguishes SAFe Scrum Master from other Scrum Masters?

When we hear the phrases Scrum Master and SAFe Scrum Master, we all have questions. Are they identical? Without Scrum, the SAFe methodology would not exist. Scrum Master motivates the team as a Change Agent and Facilitator. But there is a significant distinction between Scrum Masters and SAFe Framework Scrum Masters.

In comparison to Scrum Guidance, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) offers some fundamental rules for the job of Scrum Master in a SAFe setting. This article will examine the distinctions between SAFe Scrum Master and Scrum Master.

Scrum Master Role  in General 

Scrum Masters are accountable for ensuring that agile methods are comprehended and implemented. In addition, they must ensure that sessions are not bloated with useless material and support fruitful discussions. They are accountable for minimising and swiftly addressing any obstacles to success. As one of the most crucial jobs in an agile team, the Scrum Master ensures that all team members are doing the required tasks. 

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Simply said, it is a dependable business solution for organisations with well-balanced business agility. Safe is advancing in the increasingly competitive digital industry. It is the most widely used agile business tool for coordinating several teams working toward a single objective. Agile teams using SAFe may use Scrum, although it is not needed. SAFe promotes agile approaches, and teams may choose from various (Kanban, XP) while implementing projects.

The primary distinction between Scrum and SAFe is the ability to choose whatever aspects of Scrum are most advantageous for your team. Due to the fact that each squad is distinct, each of them need something different to achieve their objectives. Some Agile teams may eventually decide to eliminate several of the typical Scrum components. However, SAFe puts a premium on the Scrum Master position (SAFe Scrum Master).

Regarding the major tasks and responsibilities of the SAFe Scrum Master, they are responsible for ensuring that the team adheres to the agreed-upon Agile practises. When you assume the role of Scrum Master, he or she will be responsible for facilitating the team's adoption of Scrum. The distinction between these two jobs is that the former is responsible for ensuring the team adheres to SAFe practises, while the latter assists the team in adhering to Scrum standards.

A SAFe Scrum Master focuses only on the team and plays no or a minimal role in the deployment of Scrum at the organisational level. At the organisational level, assisting with SAFe deployment is increasingly crucial. A Scrum Master similarly helps the adoption of Scrum at the team level. If the organisation or employer so chooses, the SAFe Scrum Master may depart from Scrum. However, the Scrum Master's responsibility is to support the Scrum Framework as outlined in the Scrum Guide.

Let's have a look at the duties and responsibilities of a SAFe Scrum Master in a SAFe organisation:

SAFe® Scrum Master Responsibilities

A SAFe Scrum Master is an integral part of an Agile Team. The primary Safe Scrum Master Responsibilities are to foster a productive and successful work environment. In addition, they are accountable for helping people inside the business to comprehend not just SAFe, but also Scrum Values, practises, and principles. They are responsible for increasing the performance and output of teams by removing obstacles. Here is a list of the major roles of a SAFe Scrum Master:

  • The SAFe Scrum Master is accountable for providing estimating help. They should instruct the team on how to estimate features and capabilities.
  • They are responsible for enabling Agile Release Train Event preparedness and preparation. They prepare the teams for ART tasks such as Inspect and Adapt, System Demos, and PI Planning.
  • The SAFe Scrum Master assists the team in learning from their errors and instils a feeling of accountability for their activities. Through the facilitation of a team retrospective, they attempt to unearth repressed emotions and discover new, successful development strategies. In addition, they assist the team with problem-solving techniques to develop a more effective self-organizing group.
  • The SAFe Scrum Master assists the team in developing increments that not only provide value, but also enhance productivity. They aid in making the teams more predictable. With competent facilitation, the team produces favourable results at the conclusion of every ceremony. The SAFe Scrum Master helps them plan their iterations and scale them up to the level of release preparation. They aid in organising the PI activities, which need some preparatory work for improved PI outcomes.
  • A SAFe Scrum Master is responsible for collaborating with other teams and assisting teams within the company in their attempts to constantly enhance communication and relationships with other teams. They are responsible for representing the team in the Scrum of Scrum on a regular basis. This will help the team be aware of opportunities to enhance and engage programme efficacy. Scrum Masters are often tasked with assisting teams in establishing productive partnerships with shared services, architecture, user experience, and System Team. Scrum Masters are not, however, solely responsible for ensuring successful inter-team communication. Each member of the team should be held accountable for this communication.
  • They are accountable for focusing on the ever-improving performance and dynamics of the team and instructing them in self-management. Assists teams in resolving interpersonal issues and disputes and identifying development possibilities. After determining that the issue cannot be resolved via internal team methods, they escalate the problem to management, where appropriate steps are taken.
  • In general, the SAFe directs teams by continuously enhancing the quality of outputs. Scrum Masters are responsible for fostering the culture of technical mastery and discipline that distinguishes good Agile teams.
  • Numerous impediments will be beyond the control of teams. Otherwise, the teams may need assistance from other teams to overcome these obstacles. A Scrum Master's responsibility is to assist the teams in resolving these challenges to increase the likelihood of reaching the iteration's objectives.
  • Facilitation is an additional responsibility on the laundry list. Facilitation of events such as the Daily Stand-up, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective guarantees optimum team performance and timely completion of tasks. The SAFe Scrum Master devises novel approaches for making ceremonies productive and rewarding.
  • Every Agile team has its own method of group collaboration. As they are committed to following certain standards, the SAFe Scrum Master is responsible for highlighting that the work is performed in compliance with those rules. The regulations may concern rituals, quality, deadlines for deliverables, or simply communication. It may be anything that promotes team cohesion, openness, and discipline.
  • In addition, a SAFe Scrum Master facilitates SAFe Adoption. They will do this by teaching not just stakeholders but also non-Agile teams on how to communicate effectively with Agile Teams.
  • Numerous impediments will be beyond the control of teams. Otherwise, the teams may need assistance from other teams to overcome these obstacles. A Scrum Master's responsibility is to assist the teams in resolving these challenges to increase the likelihood of reaching the iteration's objectives.
  • A primary function of a SAFe Scrum Master is to assist Product Owners in their efforts to manage backlogs effectively.

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