Top 10 Reasons to Get SAFe Agile Certification

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Mar 26, 2019

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SAFe framework of Agile methodology is one of the most promising and useful methodologies of all. Now that most of the companies are adopting Agile- Scrum methodology, they are slowly transiting into SAFe as SAFe has more benefits over Scrum. SAFe helps work with multiple scrum teams in building the large systems whereas Scrum caters to simple and not so complex projects to be worked with single team. So to have thorough knowledge on SAFe, one must go for SAFe Training or SAFe Agile Certification. In this article, you will learn top 10 reasons to pursue SAFe Agilist Certification. Here we go..


1. Globally recognized certification

SAFe Agilist is listed in one of the globally recognized certifications. SAFe Agilist certification holds value globally. It is accepted internationally as well. So with SAFe Agilist Certification, you can aim or dream of working anywhere in the world since you have valid and eligible credentials, skills and knowledge to support your dream

2. Good amount of Hike in the salary

One of the strong and promising reasons to pursue SAFe Agilist Certification along with SAFe Agilist Training is salary package. If you are a certified SAFe Agilist then you will notice good amount of hike in your salary. Statistics say that Professionals who hold SAFe Agilist Certification are paid about 25% more than professionals who do not hold SAFe Agilist Certification.

3. Increases the scope and helps to grow in the market

SAFe Agilist professionals are very less in number and professionals who are certified with SAFe Agilist Certification get access to the SAFe populace and forum for one year. Here, all the certified SAFe Agilist Professionals can disucss and share their knowledge, practices and techniques of SAFe which are taught in the SAFe Agilist Training program. Doing this will not only increase your scope but also helps you grow and showcase your visibility in the global market.

4. SAFe caters to changing Organizational needs in a better way

Nowadays, Companies demands are changing with the client. Companies want to adopt the methodology that will cater to client’s demands. WIth SAFe Agilist Certification and SAFe Agilist Training, you will learn to implement the Lean Startup Cycle and Lean User Experience (Lean UX)  for testing the notions, innovations and creativity quickly.

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5. Continuous delivery

With SAFe Agile certification and training, one can learn to implement and integrate with Devops where in there is a continuous delivery given to the client with the large team set up.SAFE Agile certification and SAFe Training trains professionals  to work with Devops team to  manage the growing amount of work by achieving Continuous Delivery with which frequent releases becomes possible.

6. Improve the decision making capabilities at Enterprise level

Decision making capability is one of the most important reasons to go for SAFe certification and SAFe Training. Decision making is the most critical aspect for any organization because based on the decision entire enterprise will be dependent and affected. SAFe training helps to apply Lean Portfolio Management and Lean finance to ease the maintenance and execution and thus improve economic and estimation based decision making capacity.

7. Aids enhanced speedy Release Value

SAFe principles support Agile Release Train where in Product gets incremented to Agile Release Train at the end of the sprint. This Product increment is something which is valuable. In short, SAFe Agilist Certification and  SAFe Agilist Training enhances the speedy release of the functionalities which add value to the customer. With the certification and training, you will be enabled to achieve this.

8. SAFe Certification resolves project complexities

SAFe methodology is used generally for the large and complex projects. SAFe makes possible multiple scrum team work together to build a complex product. SAFe methodology is very transparent, simple and straightforward one which works on set of principles and help build large solution. So, to benefit this methodology and apply it in your projects, you need to have thorough knowledge of the same. SAFe certification and training will help you know about SAFe in detail

9. SAFe certification squeezes Lean Agile approach

Lean Agile works on Agile Manifesto which is nothing but set of standards, theory, techniques that are embraced by the SAFe leadership and SAFe in turn works on basis of Lean Agile approach. Lean-Agile approach is all about accommodating, allowing and put into practice the Agile main beliefs, standards and process. The baselines of SAFe are three main streams or paths of information or facts: Agile development, Lean product development, and system idea. With Safe certification and training, professionals will learn how to implement and execute the Lean Agile Approach.

10. Value Addition to your profile and career

SAFe certification adds lot of value and weightage to your profile and enhances your career for sure. This certification is in very high demand in the global market. Since everyone nowadays claims to be Agile Professional, it is really difficult to gauge and differentiate between certified and non certified professionals. SAFe certification lets you stand out in the crowd and validates your knowledge base in SAFe methodology. Not only this, with SAFe training and Certification, you will be definitely picked up by the top companies who actually care and respect for the professionals and who implement Agile in their organization genuinely and swiftly.


People who were not clear and convinced on as to why to go for SAFe certification and training must have got convinced now with above top 10 reasons to pursue SAFe Certification and SAFe training. Please be noted that this article focuses only on top 10 reasons and that there are more reasons to pursue SAFe certification and SAFe training. Also, I being CSM certified professional, I would suggest those individuals who are interested in pursuing SAFe certification and SAFe training is that, before going for SAFe certification, one should complete CSM certification to understand Scrum and SAFe processes and practices thoroughly since SAFe is the next level to Scrum. The only difference in Scrum and SAFe is that Scrum is used for simple and straightforward projects whereas SAFe is used for large and complex projects at enterprise level. So understand SAFe, CSM certification will help you get foundation. And best part is, both CSM and SAFe certification consists of just 2- day training program for each followed by Certification exam which you can take up on your own. SAFe Agilist Certification Cost would be 50,000 + GST this includes certification fee and one-year membership with Scaled Agile.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and enroll for SAFe Certification and Training with StarAgile. StarAgile is one of the leading training institutes. StarAgile has got well trained and experienced trainers with more than 20 years of Industry experience. StarAgile is renowned and eligible institute to conduct agile training and has got tie up with all Agile related certifying bodies who issue certifications. So, rush in your entries today to StarAgile and become top-notch Certified SAFe Agilist today!!

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