Difference Between Six Sigma and Lean

The team must operate in a highly conducive and collaborative atmosphere to achieve success in any p...

Six Sigma

07 Sep 2020

Process Capability Formula with Examples

The development of any product or service must follow a well-structured process and the ability of t...

Six Sigma

02 Sep 2020

Lean Six Sigma principles

Typically one must choose the appropriate methodologies applicable for the projects based on the nee...

Six Sigma

25 Aug 2020

Top 7 lean Six Sigma concepts

The project management methodologies evolved from the middle of the 20th century and there are now m...

Six Sigma

24 Aug 2020

A Complete Guide to a SIPOC Lean Six Sigm...

SIPOC – Lean Six Sigma Tool SIPOC diagram is a six sigma tool used to document or map overall...

Six Sigma

18 Aug 2020

DMAIC: The 5 Stages of Lean Six Sigma

There are various project management methodologies and six sigma is one of them. Project management ...

Six Sigma

13 Aug 2020

5 Key Lean Principles

In the fast-paced environment, there is a fierce competition among the companies to do better, to br...

Six Sigma

07 Aug 2020

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)

Introduction to Design for six sigma (DFSS) Design for six sigma is the design thinking for ach...

Six Sigma

04 Aug 2020

Affinity Diagram

What is an Affinity Diagram?An Affinity Diagram is a process of segregating the ideas, facts, proces...

Six Sigma

29 Jul 2020

Top 10 Leans Tools

Six Sigma came in to being in the year 1989. The Six Sigma principles are data-driven, fact-based, a...

Six Sigma

27 Jul 2020