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The CSPO Certification in Chennai is one of the sought-after courses emphasizing Scrum principles and implementation in every project to streamline processes in every department. The course CSPO Certification Training in Chennai focuses on identifying challenges with projects and Product Owners managing efficiently in a seamless manner. The Product Owner Certification in Chennai ensures smooth communication between stakeholders and clients with utmost customer satisfaction. The CSPO training in Chennai is globally recognized, offering a high-paying designated job.

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Key Features

  • 2 Days Online Training
  • Delivered by CSTs
  • 16 PDUs and SEUs
  • Get Certification on 2nd Day
  • Role plays, Games, & Simulations
  • Scrum Alliance Exam Fee Included
  • Join 20+ Scrum WhatsApp Groups
  • 2-year Membership with Scrum Alliance
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Reasons to do CSPO Certification Training


CSPO Certification


What You Will Learn in CSPO Certification?

Participants in the CSPO Certification Training will learn the nuances of the scrum approach. They will be given an introduction to the techniques and values of the scrum methodology, laying the groundwork for them to join scrum teams as full-fledged Product Owners.People with CSPO Certification are frequently those who are most familiar with the "business side" of the project. They have been given the responsibility of "getting the product out" by the organisation, and are expected to work hard to please all stakeholders. The management of the product backlog by certified Scrum Product Owners helps developers produce successful products by ensuring that everyone is on the same page with regard to priority.They can learn how to scale Scrum projects, schedule releases, track progress, estimate business value, lead sprint reviews, and comprehend various prioritisation techniques thanks to CSPO training in Chennai. The CSPO Certification Course will also show you how to maximise project ROI, lead scrum teams, communicate your product goals effectively, and accelerate the delivery of product features in order to boost product value.Anyone who wants to pursue a successful long-term career in any IT domain should take this course.

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Course Reviews

I Was Referred To Star Agile By My Buddy

I was referred to Star Agile by my buddy. A well-tailored program with relevant industry examples. The course content was excellent with a good balance. The coach was clear and I like his style of teaching ensuring class focus and good individual attention. Appreciate his Q &A sessions as they were well explained with examples or scenarios as appropriate.


Aparna Rajashekhar

Product Owner UI/UX

verified-logoVerified Learner

Before Joining The Training I Have Very Minimal Knowledge In Scrum, But After The Lively Training With Practical Examples, It Was Very Good Understood And Got Certified

Before Joining the training I have very minimal knowledge in Scrum, but after the Lively training with practical examples, it was very good understood and got certified.


Sushmita Chowdary

Product Owner- Digital Marketing

verified-logoVerified Learner

It's Really Too Good, Great Experience With Trainer And Instruction As Well

It's really too good, great experience with trainer and instruction as well. Looking forward in case of any training required for me in the future.



Senior Product Owner

verified-logoVerified Learner

It Was The Best Training I Ever Had

It was the best training I ever had. Though the training was not in person but trust me, thru virtual training it was very lively and interactive. Fantastic collaboration with the teammates and the trainer was a fantabulous trainer who always engages the team with the respective activities throughout the session.


Swathi Mabbu

Product Owner

verified-logoVerified Learner

I Attended CSM And CSPO Workshops Conducted By Narasimha Reddy

I attended CSM and CSPO workshops conducted by Narasimha Reddy. Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The trainer had gone through depth and breadth of areas. I highly recommend going through StarAgile. Thanks for the invaluable training and journey of agile.


Shravankumar Komandla

Product Owner

verified-logoVerified Learner

CSPO Certification and Training FAQ's

What is the Average Salary For a Product Owner in Chennai?

A Scrum Product Owner in Chennai has an average gross income of ₹19,13,425. Additionally, they occasionally get a bonus of ₹53,576 on average. The typical compensation for an entry-level scrum product owner (1-3 years of experience) is ₹14,05,360. The average annual compensation for a senior-level scrum product owner (8+ years of experience) is ₹23,89,706.

How much do Product Owners earn in Chennai?

Salary of Product Owners its depending on experience level, the annual income of Scrum Product Owner in Chennai can range from 9 lakhs to 32 lakhs, and those with less than five years of experience can earn an average of 18.2 lakhs.

What are the Companies Hiring for Certified Product Owners in Chennai?

The following are some of Chennai's largest companies hat actively seek out Certified Scrum Product Owners:
  • Accenture
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Philips
  • Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.
  • Deloitte, and many more

What are the Career Benefits of becoming a Certified Product Owner?

A CSPO certification can be very beneficial to your job. Here is a list of all the Product Owner advantages you will get as soon as you earn your Chennai Scrum product owner certification:

  • You'll have more opportunities in all industries as a result.
  • You will be able to apply basic Scrum knowledge and show the management your abilities.
  • The principles of Scrum and the purview of the product owner job will become more familiar to you.
  • Working with Scrum practitioners who are dedicated to continuous improvement will be an opportunity for you.
  • You will be presented with a wide range of chances from nations including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia to work with. Businesses like Capgemini, Accenture, and Infosys are actively looking for people who are qualified as product owners.
  • The CSPO Certification not only equips you to be a productive product owner in a scrum team, it also grants you membership in the Scrum Alliance, which has a tonne of additional advantages.

Why is CSPO training in such high demand?

A number of sectors have demonstrated the value of the CSPO Certification. It aids professionals in obtaining more income and better employment. The CSPO certification increases the value of qualified individuals who are familiar with the scrum framework and a company's internal operations.

Along with giving team members the necessary experience, scrum specialists also keep them excited and engaged.

Businesses all across the world are embracing scrum approaches to increase work efficiency because of the many advantages of Scrum. As a result, there is a huge increase in the number of Scrum employment prospects and a strong demand for Scrum Professionals

What comes next in Chennai after CSPO certification?

After completing the CSPO Certification, the best course to go after would be Scaled Agile's SAFe Agilist certification or PMI-ACP.

What Skills Do You Gain From Scrum Product Owner Certification in Chennai?

Here is a detailed list of every ability you will acquire once you have earned your CSPO Certification.

  • Product Owner Abilities - You learn all the skills required to work in a scrum, including how to streamline product development.
  • Lead Agile Teams - Learn how to lead and manage a team with ease and inspire them to work together to execute assignments well.
  • Better Communication -You will learn some of the key communication techniques that will help you carry out a smooth delegation of work without conflicts or uncertainties, as well as help you stay transparent with stakeholders and the team.
  • Plan Better -  In order to produce the product on schedule, you will also learn how to plan the product timeline, the responsibilities of each team member, and risk management.
  • Faster Delivery - Discover how to deliver the goods precisely and at a speedy pace.

Does Scrum Alliance give any Product Owner Certification classes in Chennai?

In no city does the Scrum Alliance itself offer CSPO training. Although, the Scrum Alliance has granted permission to respectable organisations like StarAgile to train experts in Certified Scrum Product Owner roles.

Which certification will I get after finishing my CSPO training in Chennai?

Following successful completion of the CSPO Certification training by StarAgile, you will be granted the title of product owner, 16 SEUs, a course completion certification, and two years of Scrum Alliance membership.

What does CSPO certification aim to teach?

The following are the main lessons you will learn for your CSPO Certification:

  • Creating a Vision- The product owner serves as the team's point of contact and develops objectives and a vision for development projects. You learn how to take on the role of being in control of all stakeholders, business management, and customer communication and to make sure that the vision and goals are in line with each other.
  • Scrum Basics - You learn how to use scrum effectively and how to give the product development team the ideal working environment. Additionally, you learn the fundamentals of scrum and how to create a product from scratch using it.
  • Roles & Responsibilities - Additionally, you gain knowledge of the functions and primary duties of a product owner. Along with how to manage product backlogs to assess the importance of the activities and prioritise them.
  • Release Planning - You learn how to schedule the creation of a product, determine an approximate launch date, and create an appropriate release strategy. It will provide an approximation of how the product was created and designed.
  • Sprints - You also learn about the notion of sprints, which involves breaking the project up into smaller tasks in order to maximise output. Each sprint is made up of a collection of these smaller tasks. It will enable proper task division, and the result will be optimised work.

About Scrum Product Owner Certification.

The CSPO Certification can be your best choice if you wish to work on the project's business side. In order to successfully incorporate a client's perspective, you must be a Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Scrum Product Owners are responsible for turning the client's ideas into reality, while Scrum Masters are in charge of assembling the team. To finish the work and guarantee that only the best is delivered at the end, they take care of the backlogs.

Can someone gain CSPO certification without taking the training?

No is the obvious response to this. An in-person or live CSPO Training Course with Certified Scrum Trainers is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to become a certified scrum product owner. They won't be able to get the CSPO Certification such training.

Why StarAgile?

One of the most well-known organisations in the world for certification and upskilling is StarAgile. With thousands of professionals trained and an average rating of 4.9/5, we are renowned for our Agile and Scrum training.

What does the CSPO Training in Chennai registration fee include?

A course completion certificate, study materials, real-world projects from the world's top Agile and Scrum Institute, and a two-year membership in Scrum Alliance are all included in the cost of the Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification.

Are there any benefits of Scrum Alliance’s 2-year membership?

Yes there are many advantages of Scrum Alliance membership. You gain access to a vast library of agile and scrum resources, network with many members of the Scrum Alliance community, receive discounts on international events, and much more. 

Who can attend CSPO Training in Chennai?

Professionals utilise the Scrum Agile approach to effectively manage and finish large projects or tasks on schedule while maintaining high quality standards. People working in the following roles enroll for CSPO Training the most:

  • Product Managers
  • Program Director.
  • Program Manager.
  • CTO and CIO
  • Business Analysts.
  • Design Leads
  • Lead QA.
  • Testing Managers.
  • Technical Director.
  • Customer Service Manager.
  • Lead for Release and Operations

People that manage clients, teams, or projects in general benefit from learning Scrum since it makes projects more efficient. But even those who don't fit into the aforementioned groups can study Scrum and use it in their workplace.

How should I renew or recertify as a CSPO?

The procedure to maintain yourCSPO certification renewal is as follows:

  • Gather the required PDUs and SEUs.
  • Access your profile by logging in to the Scrum Alliance website.
  • Complete the necessary fields, then agree to the licence agreement.
  • Choose the "certification dashboard" option under Settings.
  • You can pay your renewal cost by navigating to the "Actions" page and choosing the renewal option.

What are the various Job Roles after CSPO Training Available in Chennai?

As a qualified scrum product owner, you can work in the following positions:

  • Product Owners
  • Project Team Members
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Developers
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Enthusiast
  • Product Management Leads
  • Portfolio Managers

What is the validity of the CSPO Certification in Chennai?

After receiving your CSPO certification, you must maintain it because it has a two-year expiration date. It must be renewed every two years to avoid expiration.

What is meant by SEUs and PDUs?

Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Scrum Education Units (SEUs) are metrics used by regulatory bodies that award professional certifications to monitor a professional's educational advancement.

To put things in perspective, SEUs are for the Scrum Alliance and PDUs are for the Project Management Institute.

What do you mean by a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

If participants are unhappy with the training, they have the option of requesting a full refund within 7 working days with any courses offered by StarAgile.

Do I need to give any exam for CSPO Certification in Chennai?

Right now, becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner can be achieved without taking an exam. A two-day classroom or live online course delivered by a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) is more than sufficient to gain a CSPO Certification in Chennai.

What are the Payment Procedures?

Participants can make the payment using any of the given methods:

  • Credit card/Debit card
  • Net banking
  • E-wallets/UPI

What qualifications are required for CSPO training in Chennai?

There are no prerequisites for taking a CSPO course, although those who are new to Scrum should read the Scrum Guide and our pre-class reading assignments. Instructors may also need students to read specialised learning materials in order to get ready for the course. After registering for your Certified Scrum Product Owner course, you will also receive an email containing all the required reading you need to do. For better understanding read this: CSPO Certification Eligibility.

When will I get the results of the CSPO Training in Chennai?

Being certified as a scrum product owner is an easy procedure with StarAgile. You only need to take a two-day course and study part of the reading material to get the essence of what it means to be a Certified Scrum Product Owner. In summary, on the second day of training, you'll get your CSPO Certification.

CSPO Certification & Exam FAQ's

What is the CSPO Certification Cost in Chennai?

You can estimate your costs for CSPO Certification using the table below:
S. NoCSPO Certification Cost at Different Aspects
1Online CSPO Certification Cost in Chennai
₹19,999 - ₹26,999
2CSPO Certification Cost in Chennai for Classroom Training
₹22,999 - ₹26,999
3Renewal Fee for CSPO Certification in Chennai
$100 every two years

What is the procedure to get product owner certification?

You must successfully complete two days of CSPO training from a Certified Scrum Trainer and an organisation recognised by the Scrum Alliance. You will be awarded a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification once you have successfully completed the product owner training course. A complimentary two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance is also included. For better understanding go through this CSPO Certification Process.
Please note that there is no exam for CSPO Certification.

Additional FAQ's

Which Product Owner Certification is best?

The top 5 Product Owner Certifications are listed below.

  • CSPO®, or Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner Accredited CertificationTM by APMG
  • International Agile Project Management (AgilePM®)
  • Course for PMHQ Product Owner Certification
  • Product Manager PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Certified SAFe®

What are the career prospects of a Product Owner?

In any firm, product owners perform a crucial and useful function. There will never be a dull moment in your working life because there is always something new to learn and problems to solve. Because it is a leadership role, even entry-level product owners are handsomely paid. For detailed understanding read this: CSPO Career Path.

Who is a Product Owner in agile team?

The task of enhancing the team's value falls on the Product Owner. In the end, he makes sure that the Team Backlog is in line with stakeholders' and customers' needs.

Is Becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner Worth It?

Yes it is worth to Become Product Owner because of by providing practical examples and first-hand experience with the Product Backlog, developers, clients, or consumers, the CSPO certification programme aids professionals in expanding their knowledge of Scrum. As a result, those who want to advance in their careers will gain a lot from the CSPO certification.

Can the Product Owner be Scrum Master?

Does the Product Owner have the option of acting as the Scrum Master as well? The quick answer is no. The Scrum Master and Product Owner positions should always be separate in your organisation for a number of reasons. 

A Product Owner's responsibility is to manage the scrum project and guarantee the success of the finished product. He doesn't always help the scrum master build teams, coach scrum members, or improve processes.

User stories are often written by the product owner and prioritised in the backlog. Along with making sure the scrum processes are working properly and that the scrum team is set up correctly to work on agile scrum projects, the scrum master also makes sure the team's scrum developments are clearly understood. They both have separate obligations to fulfil.

Are the Product Owner and Business Analyst the same thing?

The two positions are very similar, they are also very different. Here is a major differentiation between the two, the product owner imagines the macro and micro features of the product, whilst the business analyst is in charge of managing the finer points of the product and the process.

Critical Responsibilities for Product Owner

  • Market Research
  • Business Analysis
  • Product Roadmap and Vision
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Product Features Management
  • Controlling the Product Backlog
  • Managing Iteration Progress Overall

Critical Responsibilities for Business Analysts

  • In charge of User Stories
  • Defining the requirements in accordance with the needs and expectations of the stakeholders
  • sharing with stakeholders the specifics of the requirements
  • Impact Assessment of Changes
  • collaborating closely with the PO to execute the sprint

Even so, there are several tasks and skills that these two roles frequently share. As the name suggests, a product owner works like the owner of the product, envisioning almost every aspect of the product and how to make it market-ready. On the other hand, the Business Analyst works to make it happen. The distinctions do, however, occasionally become a little hazy.

CSPO certification is rolled out by which governing body?

The CSPO certification is provided by the Scrum Alliance. Professional certificates are offered by this nonprofit organisation to software developers that are a part of agile Scrum teams. 

Is it possible for a Scrum Master to become a product owner?

A Scrum Master cannot become a product owner since the jobs are too different from one another. To get success, the Scrum Master must safeguard and encourage the team. On the other side, a product owner's top priority is to eliminate the backlog and make sure that the final product comes out succesfully.

Can someone become a Certified Scrum Product Owner without having CSM?

The CSPO certification is highly valued within the agile community. To acquire your CSPO certification, you do not have to be a Certified Scrum Master (CSM). A CSM is not always required before receiving a CSPO.

It is crucial to realise that the CSPO and CSM do not conflict with one another. Indeed, to improve your value on any Scrum team and to obtain a deeper understanding of the Scrum process, we strongly advise attending both courses.

What is the significance of CSPO Certification in Chennai?

 A number of customer-facing approaches are provided by the CSPO certification, along with the Agile expertise needed to recognise customer objectives. A good understanding of Agile Methodology will elevate the discourse because the client occasionally works as an Agile specialist. With CSPO certification in Chennai, you may employ Agile technologies across a range of sectors, which can improve your work prospects.

Which Certification should I go for after CSPO?

Enroll in the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) course after earning your CSPO certification to show that you are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Do I receive any SEUs After completing the CSPO Training Course?

You will receive a certificate of completion for the CSPO course as well as 16 SEUs after passing your product owner training.

Do product owners need to have some level of technical knowledge?

This query is asked by almost every ambitious product owner. Well, the simple answer is NO! Technical expertise is not absolutely necessary for a product owner, but he still has to know everything about the product he is responsible for.

What Certification Do I Require to Become a Product Owner?

The following certifications are available for those who want to become product owners:

  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager;
  •  Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO);
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO).

How to become a certified product owner?

You must familiarise yourself with Scrum before you can become a Certified Scrum Product Owner. The Agile Manifesto and Scrum Guide, as well as the Scrum Foundations eLearning Series, are the best places to start.

Additionally, you need to enrol in a live CSPO course from a reputable organisation with certified scrum trainers. Talking about the CSPO Training in Chennai always starts with a quiz to make sure that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of scrum and are ready to take on the course's challenges.

Do you provide CSPO training materials?

Being familiar with Scrum is a prerequisite for becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner. The Agile Manifesto and Scrum Guide should be read first, followed by the Scrum Foundations eLearning Series.

You should also enrol in an on-site CSPO course from a reputable organisation that employs Certified Scrum Trainers. The CSPO Training in Chennai always starts with a quiz to make sure that everyone has a basic understanding of scrum concepts and is ready to take on the challenges that will be provided.

Is CSPO and Professional Scrum Product Owner the same?

The PSPO training is certified by Scrum.org and focuses primarily on software development, whereas the CSPO programme is certified by Scrum Alliance and adopts a slightly broader approach, looking at Scrum applications other than software development.

Understanding the scrum working methodology and the role of the product owner in the scrum team are the main objectives of the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification. On the other hand, PSPO concentrates on maximising the value of the product or application through comprehending the function of the Product Owner.

Also, read: Difference Between CSPO and PSPO Certification.

Is it possible for the Product Owner and Scrum Master to be the same person?

The simple response is no. The Scrum Master and Product Owner roles in a company should always be separate for a number of reasons. For instance, Scrum Masters who double as product owners do not have the same access to client feedback.

User stories are often written by the product owner and prioritised in the backlog. The scrum master makes sure that the scrum processes are working properly and that the scrum team is set up properly to work on agile scrum projects, but they also make sure that the team's scrum developments are well understood.

Each of them has a unique set of responsibilities.

Which Product Owner Certification Is the Most Recognized?

The Certified Scrum Product Owner credential is the one that is most widely recognised in the sector. In order to get the product out and satisfy stakeholders, this certification helps with skill development and the application of practical, agile technological expertise.

What are the different Product Owner certifications available?

The top product owner certifications that are currently on the market include.

  • Certified Scrum Product Owner from Scrum Alliance
  • Certified Product Owner by Product Manager HQ
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner from Scrum.Org
  • SAFe Product Owner from Scaled Agile Inc
  • Scrum Product Owner accredited certification from International Scrum Institute
  • EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner from EXIN

When and where can PDUs and SEUs be used?

The Project Management Institute awards PDUs, and the Scrum Alliance awards SEUs. These are the points you've accrued through your participation in Agile education. Members of the Scrum Alliance who hold Scrum Alliance credentials must renew their certification every two years by obtaining SEUs. To keep your certifications, such as the PMP, you must obtain certain PDUs every three years.

Can I become a product owner if I have no prior experience?

While anyone can earn a Certified Scrum Product Owner certification, those with prior industry knowledge will always have an advantage in understanding the concepts.

Is this a live CSPO training or will I watch pre-recorded videos?

It takes two days to complete the live online Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification course (conducted online). But because the training is so dynamic, both students and instructors can ask questions and get answers from one another.

 Additionally, you will have access to recorded sessions that you can watch if a problem arises.

Can the Product Owner make changes to the Sprint Backlog?

Changing a sprint backlog in the middle of a sprint is generally not a smart idea. Both teams are free to finish everything and submit a fresh user story. In an emergency, the product owner must stop working on the current sprint and start again with the newsprint in the backlog. Such sprints should also have sprint planning meetings.

Mention some major roles and responsibilities of a Certified Product Owner.

The product owner is in charge of the project's success in Scrum. To optimise the value of the product, the product owner is in charge of managing and optimising the product backlog. Agile methodologies like the Scrum framework encourage team collaboration and self-management.

The following are the principal duties and roles that a product owner does in an organisation:

  • All items must be specifically mentioned in the product backlog, which must be well-defined.
  • Sort and prioritise the product backlog such that the most crucial tasks come first.
  • Set priorities for work items and the product backlog based on the objectives and vision of the client.
  • Using the client's goals and vision as a guide, prioritise work items and the product backlog.
  • All team members must be aware of the product backlog, according to the product owner.
  • The Scrum Team must comprehend the demands placed on the product and user expectations.

Also, read: Roles and responsibilities of Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Product Owner or Business Analyst? Which one is better for me?

The former will represent the viewpoint of the member of the development team, whereas the latter will do so for the viewpoint of the client. While the business analyst is focused on the project and values the developer's input, the product owner is more concerned with the consumer. If a business analyst has acquired a CSPO certification, they can assume the position of a PO. Also read: Product Owner vs Business Analyst- How Are They Different

How senior is the Product Owner role?

A capable mid-level manager, a product owner contributes fresh and practical tools and methods in addition to high-level skills to project management.

Scrum Tools, what exactly are they?

Project managers utilise software programmes called "Scrum tools" to handle scrum projects. Jira is one of several Scrum Tools on the market from which to choose the one that best suits your projects and provides the most advantages. Learn which tool is best for your project and how to utilise it effectively by attending training.

How does the Product Owner prioritize the backlog?

Prioritizing the backlog at the start of the project is the responsibility of the product owner, who does not change it as feedback from stakeholders and developers is received. The team assigns priority to backlog items that will affect customers.

What exactly is the distinction between a product owner and a scrum master?

On behalf of the Product Owner, a Scrum Master directs the Agile development team and communicates updates to the necessary personnel. A product owner manages the product backlog and makes sure the product meets the requirements of the business.  To understand more read this product owner and scrum master can be the same person.

What is the difference between Product Owner and Product Manager?

The major difference between Product Owner and Product Manager is by establishing and managing product backlogs, the product owner aims to increase the product's value. In contrast, a product manager will be able to prioritise what needs to be produced next by comprehending consumer expectations, leading to a suitable product roadmap. On the other hand, a product manager who comprehends the backlogs and receives the appropriate training can quickly advance to the position of product owner. Learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a product owner by attending product owner training in Chennai.

What are the 5 Scrum values?

There are 5 Scrum values:
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Openness
  • Honor and bravery.
Only when the individuals are sufficiently skilled in these five values can Scrum be properly applied.

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CSPO Certification

CSPO Certification Training in Chennai

According to the most recent predictions from payscale.com, professionals with CSPO certification Certification in Chennai may anticipate earning about Rs 12,000,00 year. According to the most recent market trends, Fortune 500 companies frequently hire individuals who have completed CSPO certification training in Chennai.

Agile teams place a special and rigorous emphasis on the Product Owner job. In order to give the consumer more value, the product owner must decide what the team will build next. In a Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training, you'll study the scrum framework, concepts, and values, as well as crucial skills and tools. Learn how to create a product vision firsthand and find innovative approaches to understand your target market in order to choose the next valuable product to introduce to the market.

With the most coveted product owner credential in the business, you can join the ranks of those in great demand. As a member of the Scrum Alliance, you will have access to a network of people that goes well beyond the classroom and includes events, tools, and education.

Why is the CSPO Course Important?

A Certified Scrum Product Owner certification might be useful for anyone who appreciates project management or who wants to learn more about it. The team is led by CSPOs, who make sure that the most valuable, effective items frequently reach clients.

Jobs for product owners are growing, as are the demand for the requisite interpersonal abilities. It has a 24% yearly growth rate, and according to LinkedIn, it will be the #15 emerging employment in 2020. The World Economic Forum even went so far as to call it the most crucial position for the future of the global labour force.

Why become a Product Owner?

A Certified Scrum Product Owner certification might be helpful for anyone who appreciates project management or who wants to learn more about it. The most useful, impactful goods must consistently reach customers, and CSPOs oversee the team's work to make this happen.

Jobs for product owners are expanding, as are the required interpersonal abilities. With a 24% annual growth rate, LinkedIn placed it as the #15 emerging job in 2020. It was even deemed the most crucial position for the burgeoning global workforce by the World Economic Forum.

The Product Owner Role:

The CSPO Training in Chennai is the first step in becoming certified and starting your career as a Certified Scrum Product Owner®. The crucial Scrum Team job of the Product Owner is representing the project's "business side." In essence, the role represents the client's product vision, and each member of the team is accountable for "getting the product out" using the Scrum concepts, vocabulary, and practises. They are the go-to for all product visions and serve as a buffer between the client and all team members, stakeholders, and stakeholders.

One's responsibilities as a CSPO would include handling, prioritising, and managing product backlogs using industry- and Agile-best practises to prioritise business value and releases, track, estimate, and lead progress, and budgets, as well as preparing, scaling, and taking part in all planning of Sprints and Scrum projects. You therefore require CSPO training!

The CSPO course Plan:

The CSPO Certification in Chennai is a two-day training course that teaches you how to accelerate releases, deliver product features, improve relationships between Scrum team members and stakeholders, and increase business, ROI, and product value using current and useful tools and methodologies. You can obtain the CSPO Certification in Chennai without taking an exam. It is mandatory to attend and receive training from a CST-certified scrum trainer who is certified by the Scrum Alliance.

The renowned and well-known Scrum Alliance will issue you the CSPO- Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate once you successfully complete the CSPO Chennai course. Additionally, you receive a two-year membership with a webpage on the Scrum Alliance website showcasing your qualifications.

The Eligibility Essentials:

The CSPO Certification in Chennai can further your career if you are a software developer, stakeholder, software tester, or any other member of a Scrum team who is responsible for outlining the product vision. There are no set qualifications or conditions for eligibility. To be a better candidate for the CSPO course, you should have a basic understanding of the entire scrum process, Agile concepts, and the operation of a Scrum team. For this certification, candidates must complete a 16-hour in-person course delivered by a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) of the Scrum Alliance Inc. 

The Course Curriculum:

The empirical method, Agile principles, and the scrum culture framework are all covered in the two-day training course. In project management of lean teams, it also contains the Scrum Product Owner position outlining how and why they can effectively contribute to the work scope of an SM, Scrum team, and CSPO. Product vision is essential to maximising return on investment, and you learn about roadmaps, various techniques for precision and accuracy-based estimates, managing product backlogs, prioritising wisely, managing those quick releases, and the strategy behind them, in addition to sprints and why they are important to progress.

If you are on the lookout for a big leap forward in your IT career, the Product Owner role is a highly lucrative post that is in high demand at the moment, and the StarAgile’s CSPO Certification in Chennai can help you get there. The average salary of a CSPO is 20 LPA in India. This position will bring to you al the authority in your workplace and will allow you to interact with key individuals that can help you build your contacts in your respective field. The intensive Product Owner Training in Chennai will enable you to understand the key responsibilities of a Product Owner in a fun and interactive way.

With digital transformations, cloud computing, IoT and data-analytics making leaps and bounds of revolutionary progress, the need for a Product Owner who can handle an immense amount of changes in the workplace is highly lucrative. The Certified Scrum Product Owner in Chennai allows you to shoulder a new job role with ease. With global recognition as a Product Owner, you will be eligible for a world of opportunities. Becoming a Certified Product Owner in Chennai does not require clearing any examination. 

The Product Owner certification in Chennai helps you acquire critical skills like risk assessment, speaking to key stakeholders, handling client requests and more in a smooth manner, that follow the principles of Lean, Agile and Scrum. The CSPO Training in Chennai is ideal for mid-career professionals, including project and product managers, who want to take on more in the IT realm and beat the competition. 

The Scrum Product Owner in Chennai is taught using fun tools like games, role-playing and simulations that help you put yourself in the shoes of your employees, stakeholders, management and clientele. This can help you understand the nuances of a streamlined workflow process that can take on the very best of Lean, Agile and Scrum and managing multichannel assignments. 

The Scrum Product Owner Certification in Chennai can help you handle complex roles successfully and climb to the top of the management ladder. Obtaining the CSPO certification is very easy as there is no exam. Simply attend the two-day workshop, and you will receive 16 PDUs, SEUs and a digital badge that can help you up to your CV points. Apart from gaining important skillsets, the CSPO certification also allows you access to the Scrum Alliance. The lucrative membership allows you to look deeply through the Scrum lens in the form of white papers, case studies and technical papers. A vast community of individuals across the globe, Scrum Alliance members are at the top of every innovation and form the heads of several large corporations. Take the course and be a part of this community now!

What happens after CSPO-Certification:

You can get jobs paying between 14 and 16 lakhs per year, according to Glassdoor and PayScale estimates, provided you have the professional CSPO certification. Salaries over $2 million are not unheard of with expertise! You can either advance vertically to become a multiple project CSPO or you can advance laterally to earn additional certifications like the CSM, PMI-ACP, or SAFe Agilist.

Why StarAgile is an excellent training institute:

The Scrum Alliance Inc. has recognised StarAgile's several certified centres throughout India and beyond for their exceptional quality consciousness, capable and competent training methodology, and use of distinctive CSTs for all of their training modules. To begin a career as a CSPO, one requires a wonderful training partner who genuinely trains and accredits internationally, has a fair charge, can demonstrate their amazing track record, and also guarantees a 100% refund, if you are dissatisfied or do not meet the requirements. To apply to be a CSPO right away, call or go to the website.

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