What are the Scrum Values?

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Dec 30, 2020

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5 Scrum Values

The scrum framework believes in cheering the core 5 scrum values. These values are needed to make the scrum process, events, and team successful. Each of the scrum values is explained and discussed below. Each of the values drives the entire projects by contributing immensely to the success of the events. Register for CSM certification online at StarAgile and learn the 5 core values of the scrum with real-world examples. 

1. Focus

One of the main values is focus. Everyone must focus on the team's efforts and sprint backlog tasks. We must focus on the key deliverables and ensure that complexity and volatility of the projects are dealt with meaningfully. When we focus on the key items we deliver the most valuable items at a faster rate. Learn scrum values by taking up the CSM certification course at StarAgile and be a Certified Scrum Master to find jobs in any industry. There few elements to look for to improve focus in scrum deliverables, they are as follows,

• The team must focus on the work done list by the end of every sprint

• Every member in the team does have an individual duty and answerability which helps individuals to know what to focus on to contribute to the team outcomes.

• The team must focus on the scrum goals which tell us what to deliver to make the projects successful.

• The events and the requirements artifacts ensure that we focus on evaluating the progress and new information so that the team can adapt to events at frequent intervals.

• The focus on the purpose of the events is necessary as we create and do the time-boxed sprint events.

• The sophistication and prioritization of the product backlog help the scrum team to focus on the chief items first as per the precedence.

2. Courage

The team members must have the audacity to do the right things in the projects by solving complex and unpredictable problems. We must show courage to support each other in the team and take informed risks so that we can learn from each other and the events and show improvement in the process. Some of the things that we can do to develop courage are as follows,

• Changes are the reality and there are no perfect product backlog items or the sprint backlogs

• We must recognize that nobody is perfect and even what we have planned is not perfect and there is a large scope for improvements in the scrum path.

• Develop the courage to share the information and feedback with a reflection on our work to all the team members and stakeholders.

• Ability to shown courage to deliver the most complex and large work and undone version of the product.

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3. Commitment

The scrum team members must show commitment towards working in a team for achieving the scrum goals by creating realistic goals and not feel satisfied with their achievements but also create team success by encouraging trust, high team standards, and productive problem-solving. The elements that encourage commitment are as follows,

• The scrum master shows the commitment by not forcing the team to get to the definition of done by creating a sustainable and flexible atmosphere and uphold the scrum framework

• The scrum master commits by solving the problems and issues of the team which they are unable to solve and removes the impediments along the scrum path.

• The product owner commits by making the best decisions to optimize the value of the product backlog items.

• The development team must show commitment by creating a product increment that meets the definition of done and remain focused on the true value.

4. Respect

We need to show respect for all the team members and cultivate and productive, human and engaging environment for all. Some of the scrum elements that promote respect are as follows,

• To make the organization make realistic investment decisions the scrum team must respect the organization's value by focusing and delivering the high-value releasable sprint and not forcing the organization for more investments.

• To gain respect the team must focus on the high-value items and features and not on low-value items so that the organization is not spending too much on the low-value items.

• The product owner must show respect to the team members by developing meaningful and realistic product backlog items

• The entire Scrum team must promote respect for each other's, roles, accountabilities, and diverse perspectives by attending the scrum review, the scrum planning, and Scrum retrospectives.

• The development team must own the sprint backlog and thus foster respect on its own by encouraging openness in doing their work and how they are doing and who will do what work etc. This provides respect to work at a sustainable pace and respect for skills and knowledge.

• The development team is cross-functional and multi-skilled to make the products that are work done Product Increment. This promotes growth and learning and with respect for everyone's diverse skills, experiences, and ideas.

• One must encourage the role of scrum master who focuses on facilitating, teaching, and coaching for the team members thus increasing the respect for them. Also, he must focus on the effective use of scrum and the health of the scrum team.

• By showing respect for the stakeholders we must review the work done items in the sprint review.

5. Openness

The practicality of the scrum requires events, team, and process to be transparent and have the openness of work, such as the progress made, learning and solve the problems. The team must be open to collaborate and communicate with a wider range of teams, across skills and disciplines, and environment to foster feedback mechanism and learn from each other. Few things promote the openness culture in the scrum they are as follows,

• The sprint review encourages openness of sharing the progress of the activities with various team members and promotes openness in collaboration and feedback mechanism.

• Openness in the product backlogs ensures that there is openness to the various stakeholders on what is planned and what is coming next.

• Limiting the sprint to less than 30 days and optimally maintain the sprint to 2 weeks will help in promoting openness in changing the direction if needed.

• By keeping the sprint goals fixed provides guidance and openness in changing what sprint activities are planned based on what the development team is learning

• By having the openness in changing the way we work, provide feedback, and our reflection the sprint retrospectives focus on continuous improvement.

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Steps to Apply Scrum Core Values in Projects

1. Respect your team members and show empathy

2. Take on difficult tasks by showing courage

3. Stick to your schedule by showing focus.

4. Have openness in communication, providing feedback, and admitting your mistakes with honesty.

5. Show commitment to doing your work and by collaborating with the team.

Conclusion – Have you understood the values of scrum

Now that you have understood the scrum values and elements of each of them for successful scrum projects, we recommend you to take up the certified scrum master online at StarAgile. StarAgile is the training partner of Scrum Alliance Inc for conducting the Certified Scrum Master Training Online.

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